Monday, November 26, 2012

Republican party

  • The Once and Future Republican Party

    From the Republican Party's inception, it dominated politics in New England, controlling virtually all offices for long periods of time.

  • Contract for campaign materials at center of dispute within Alabama Republican ...

    In 2010, the Alabama Republican Party negotiated a deal with a Florida company to design hundreds of glossy and colorful campaign flyers for GOP candidates seeking seats in the Legislature.

  • Analysis: Election spurs new push within GOP, business community for ...

    Gutierrez's conversion to immigration activist is a sign of a major post-election shift within the Republican Party on one of the most controversial issues in modern American politics.

  • The Republican Party isn't dead

    With Barack Obama's successful bid for a second term, the conventional wisdom is the Republican Party is dead. Don't believe it.

  • Tom Ricks to Fox News: The network operates 'as a wing of the Republican Party'

    During a Monday interview on Fox News, author Tom Ricks blasted the network as "operating as a wing of the Republican Party" and accused it of hyping the Benghazi attack for political purposes. Ricks - who writes a blog for Foreign Policy magazine and ...

  • The Party of Stupid: A Scientific and Religious Perspective

    As Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal opened his 2016 Republican presidential run he recently argued forcefully that Republicans had to "stop being the stupid party.

  • Republican Party: Bringing African Americans back to the GOP's big tent

    It seems like to me that any story or analysis on television, online and in our newspapers about rebranding and rebuilding the Republican Party should include the top black or Hispanic political operatives. To do a story about shifting demographics and ...

  • Gilstrap to lead Wyandotte County Republican Party

    The former state senator was elected at a reorganization meeting of the party at the Eisenhower Community Center, Kansas City, Kan.

  • Branstad keeps up straw poll critique

    Governor Terry Branstad says the Iowa Republican Party's "straw poll" has had a diminishing impact on the presidential race and it's time for the party to create new events to take its place.

  • Republican Party 2.0: 4 GOP leaders share ideas for political upgrade

    After President Obama captured a majority of the minority vote on Nov. 6, Republicans began searching for ways to recalibrate their image as the party for old, white men. Strategists say it is less an issue of philosophy and more about articulating the ...

  • McManus: For Norquist, these are taxing times

    It once seemed as if Washington's most powerful anti-tax crusader had the Republican Party firmly in hand. Signing Norquist's public pledge not to raise taxes was almost mandatory in GOP politics.

  • Sandoval team could bypass Nevada GOP

    Republican insiders in Nevada are so frustrated with the state party and GOP infighting that serious discussion is under way about creating a separate nonprofit entity to collect big-money donations to help GOP candidates, in effect permanently going ...

  • Republican and Lesbian, and Fighting for Acceptance of Both Identities

    In interviews, these Republicans said they often feel like the odd women out, in their party and among other lesbians.

  • Kansas Diversity Shows What's the Matter With Republican Future

    Liberal illustrates how, in even some of the most reliably Republican states, shifting demographics hold peril for the party because of its inability to attract more support from the nation's 52 million Hispanics. The largest minority group gave ...

  • Will a third generation Bush save the Republican Party?

    In the wake of a terrible defeat with Hispanic voters, a new hope is emerging from the Republican Party. According to The New York Times , it is rumored that former Florida governor Jeb Bush, the son of former president George H.W.

  • Does The GOP Have A 'Blackface' Problem?

    The Republicans are talking a good game about the need to diversify their Party with the Black and Brown faces who overwhelming supported President Barack Obama in November.

  • 2012 election post-mortem: Part 2

    This is the second in a series of Daily Republic columns designed to help the struggling Republican Party return to mainstream American values.

  • Tea Party Activists vs Republican Party Operatives in California

    A contingent of Republican Party operatives snuck in 5 minutes before the end of the Tea Party and shanghaied all the film crews at the event, in order to give the impression that a "new" GOP was somehow directly involved with this non-partisan effort.

  • Party switch puts Brooklyn senator in line to aid religious schools

    When newly elected Democratic State Senator Simcha Felder announced last week that he would align with the Republican Party in the State Senate, it boosted the GOP toward possible majority control even if it does not end up with a majority of members, ...

  • John McCain: Abortion Issue Should Be Left Alone By Republicans (VIDEO)

    on Sunday urged members of his party to leave abortion discussions "alone," warning that focusing on the issue puts the Republican Party at risk of alienating young and female voters. "As far as young women are concerned, absolutely, I don't think ...

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