Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Renard and juliette

  • Sasha Roiz On This Week's 'Grimm' Episode: "Huge" Reveals, Everything Unravels

    This season, we've already discovered that Renard is the bastard son of a royal -- and half Hexenbiest! To top it all off, he's become obsessed with Nick's girlfriend, Juliette, and apparently coaxed her out of her coma with a kiss. We can't imagine ...

  • Grimm Season 2 Chat – Renard and Juliet? Whoa

    Right now Juliette is attempting to get her memory back and trying to remember Nick and everything that she shared before she caught catch scratch fever.

  • 'Grimm': 'To Protect and Serve Man' and Juliette's endless dilemma (recap)

    Instead, it felt like it was treading water, slooooowly inching toward some action -- beyond a couple of kisses -- on the Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch)-Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) mutual obsession front. And while it's good to see more of Hank (Russell ...

  • 'Grimm': Juliette and Renard lock lips; is Nick about to crack? (recap)

    3) Captain Renard and Juliette Get Up Close and Personal: OK, how weird was the Renard (Sasha Roiz)/Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) dynamic this week?

  • Grimm "To Protect and Serve Man" Review: With Some Fava Beans and a Nice ...

    In the Adalind-spell B-plot, being obsessed with Juliette apparently made Renard very bad at his job, and he slept in and began making personal calls (I guess more personal calls is more accurate) at work.

  • GRIMM 2.11 'To Protect and Serve Man'

    This week's case a good one but the real meat, if you'll pardon the pun, of this episode was in the Juliette/Renard side story. Poor Sean (Sasha Roiz) woke up with a hangover, next to a bottle of booze which he was probably dreaming was his beloved ...

  • 'Grimm': Renard's obsessing, and Adalind's scheming (recap)

    That's not what Renard wants to hear, but if it makes for more deliciously awkward encounters between Renard and Juliette, and a Renard return visit to the spice shop, I'm all for it. Friday's episode, "The Other Side," had a Monster of the Week case ...

  • Grimm 2.08 Preview: Renard's Obsession with Juliette Grows

    On the next episode of Grimm, airing Friday, the mutual obsession that has been engulfing Renard and Juliette may be reaching a fever pitch, as the preview suggests that things might be getting sexual.

  • 'Grimm: The Hour of Death' – Recap

    The attraction between Renard and Juliette is getting harder for them to resist and we get a history lesson (albeit a dark one) on Grimms.

  • Grimm's Juliette to Unleash "Mad Bedroom Skills" - But with Whom?

    Despite that chemistry, Juliette is inexplicably drawn to another man: the precinct's Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz).

  • 'Grimm' Recap: To Protect and Serve Man

    The episode concludes with Renard bringing Juliette to see Monroe with him at Rosalee's shop. Monroe knew Renard was bringing the person he is obsessing over, but it never crossed his mind that it was Juliette.

  • Grimm 2.08 Sneak Peek: Renard Looks to Cure His Obsession

    grimm renard At this point, Captain Renard is getting desperate. Ever since he purified his heart and kissed Juliette, waking her up from the coma that Adalind's cat put her in, his mind has been obsessing over her. The powerful prince thought that he ...

  • A love triangle anchors the new season of "Grimm"

    Renard had to take a potion and kiss Juliette in order to get her out of a coma. Now there's a nearly uncontrollable attraction between the two characters.

  • 'Grimm' 2.11 photos and spoilers: Juliette makes a confession

    On the last episode, things began to heat up between Juliette and Captain Renard. The pair shared a kiss, and this triggered Juliette's memory of the night she woke up. On the next episode, Juliette will make a confession. Screen Spy shared the ...

  • 'Grimm: The Bottle Imp' – Recap

    While examining Bill's laptop at the station, Juliette decides to drop by the precinct in hopes that seeing Nick in his work environment would help her remember.

  • The Detective Dublin Files: A View to a Keister

    which will last til mid-January, we're all left wondering what's going to happen with the Nick-Juliette-Renard Bizarre Love Triangle. The background extras are gathering this Friday to watch the Fall Finale at the same place where we celebrated the ...

  • 'Grimm' 2×12 'Season of the Hexenbiest' synopsis released

    In order to get revenge, Adalind uses a potion on her cat to poison Juliette with a scratch in 1×22, "Woman in Black." The poisoning causes Juliette to fall into a coma. Captain Renard uses a potion made by Adalind's mother to wake her with a kiss in 2 ...

  • 'Grimm' photos: 2x12 'Season of the Hexenbiest' stills released

    The cat is out of the bag now that Monroe has seen Juliette and Renard's obsession with one another first hand. The stills show Juliette and Monroe having a talk over tea and we're sure they have plenty to talk about. Later Juliette will come clean to ...


    BOWIE, Md. - Second-year head coach Renard Smith , his coaching staff and players are eager and ready to get the 2012-2013 campaign underway.

  • 'Grimm' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap: 'To Serve and Protect Man'

    While all of this is going on Renard is having issues with his obsession over Juliette. She is having problems as well and agrees to meet him to try to get the problem resolved.

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