Friday, November 2, 2012


  • Berkeley audience embraces author's evolutionary view to life's questions

    Arriving in Berkeley on the wings of a double-version paperback release of "The Magic of Reality," (Free Press, 2012) Dawkins was given a rousing warm-up intro from Sean Faircloth, director of strategy and policy at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for ...

  • Shouldn't there be a 'three strikes you're out rule' for liberal pundits?

    It's clear that Mr. Dionne resides within the Capitol Beltway's reality-free zone (just a short jog from other Bethesda-dwelling pundits such as The New York Time's Thomas Friedman, and a short drive to Chris Matthew's Chevy Chase abode).

  • '30 Rock' begins to say goodbye

    Tags: 30 Rock , NBC , Reality-Free , Video , 30 Rock Ending , 30 Rock Final Season , 30 Rock Season 7 , Fall TV 2012 , Jane Krakowski , Television , TV Spoilers , TV News , judah friedlander , liz lemon , tina fey , tracy morgan , tracy jordan , jack ...

  • What should you believe about feral cats?

    In reality, free-roaming toms are constantly looking for females in estrus and will not hang around a colony more than three days if none are available.

  • Putin's ads today are those of America's future

    The banality of the 2012 slogans - Romney's "Believe in America" and Obama's "Forward" - cannot be exceeded, and the reality-free nature of this campaign will prove difficult to top. The news media expect little (rightly so), and cover the election ...

  • Exclusive: FTC moving closer to Google antitrust case - sources

    We hear about how it was union wages, the EPA, OSHA, etc., but in reality, free trade agreements and changing the way with import duties are charged probably had a lot more to do with it.

  • Bad press: a new play gives journalists a voice

    As the inquiry unfolded in real time around us, we saw how the play might set reality free from the constraints of the news agenda.

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