Sunday, November 25, 2012


  • Possum stew poses a sticky problem

    EVER since one ate all the blossoms on our massive plum tree, I've been collecting possum stories. A neighbour showed me her poor, denuded nectarine.

  • Opossum Facts: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Marsupial

    Possums include any of several species (from the family Phalangeridae) of nocturnal, arboreal marsupials of Australia and New Guinea, and were mistakenly named in the 18th century when the naturalist from Capt.

  • Susan Reinhardt on the Brasstown possum scandal

    Everybody has a sex scandal but me. Even good old Waffle House is brewing much more than coffee. Not to feel left out, I've started my own pond scum - a possum scandal. After reading the story in the paper about a ruling that ends a two-decade ...

  • No dropping possums, judge says

    RALEIGH - A possum drop that attracts thousands of people to a tiny town in western North Carolina each New Year's Eve may have had its last hurrah after a judge ruled Tuesday that a state agency didn't have the authority to issue a permit for the event.

  • Ruling in PETA's possum drop case against NC town expected next week

    Over 90 minutes Thursday, PETA attorney Martina Bernstein stressed that Clay Logan had every right to shoot and kill a 'possum last December, when the squabble first arose. His hunting license allowed him to "take" the animal, which was in season, but ...

  • Chris Holden plays 'possum' as he ignores constituents questions on 710 ...

    LOS ANGELES, October 31, 2012 - City Councilman Chris Holden is playing "the possum game" on the residents of Pasadena, San Rafael and in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California.

  • Scaly-tailed possum re-discovered in Kimberley

    "This left either the scaly tailed possum or the rock ringtail, and the amount of hair on the base of the tail, easily seen in the photos, confirmed it was the scaly tailed possum." Three of the cameras set up at Emma Gorge produced 20 photographs of ...

  • Possum Merino Stripe Socks

    Possum Merino is a wonderful blend of possum fur and superfine New Zealand Merino wool with a texture similar to cashmere - luxuriously soft, incredibly lightweight, exceptionally warm and easy to wear.

  • Children attack baby possum

    The baby possum was rescued by nearby onlookers after they saw it drop to the ground during the assault on Saturday. The incident comes after confirmed reports of children bashing goats and dogs in Townsville in the past 12 months.

  • Search for biological control of possums may receive lift

    A pest summit early next month organised by the Department of Conservation will provide direction on where New Zealand needs to concentrate its science and technical brains to better control pests, such as possums, rats and stoats. They threaten native ...

  • Offutt scores TV success, ready to abandon it

    So he switched it to a possum. When he arrived on the set he found an animal handler holding two of the creatures by the tail: "I love possums. So I went up to her and asked, 'Why'd you bring two?' She said, 'Sometimes the first one's not cooperative ...

  • Possum fur fashion fame

    Read more rural stories in Tasmanian Country tomorrow. John Kelly, from Lenah Game Meats, will be selling the fur of possums to an Italian spinning house to create a Tasmanian possum/merino yarn to be made into top-end fashion garments. Picture: ROSS ...

  • fire chief on firearms charges

    Brent John Dickson, 41, a builder, has denied the allegations, saying he was out possum hunting at the time and was well over 100 metres from the house of the complainant.

  • Possum traps set close to walkway

    Two dangerous metal possum traps found near the Estuary Walkway in Invercargill have prompted a warning from the Invercargill City Council amid fears they would injure a person if stepped on.

  • Dead possum poses a smelly dilemma

    FAMILIES in Johnstone Street, Peakhurst, wondered for a week whose job it was to remove a dead possum from electricity wires.

  • Kentucky BBQ: Bring Your Own Squirrels, Raccoons, Possums And Porcupines

    He said that he'd seen people bring in just about every type of animal you could imagine: squirrel, possum, porcupine, raccoons, frogs, and goats among others.

  • Possum fur flying to Italy

    The company has signed a contract to supply a traditional Italian yarn manufacturer with at least 100 kilograms of Tasmanian brushtail possum fur a month, for blending with fine merino wool. Lenah principal, John Kelly says the fur will be harvested ...

  • Abraham: The best laid plans

    The idea was that the possum, once inside the net and lifted gingerly from the wall space, would understand that this rescue was for its own good, and for ours, and would happily embrace the nearest leafy tree on its release.

  • Animal activists defy possum feeding ban

    ANIMAL activists have defied new laws that ban people from feeding possums in Carlton North's Curtain Square. Yarra City Council passed Local Law 3 in July, which bans the feeding of wild animals in public.

  • Thangool Possums skittle Dawson Valley Taipans

    THANGOOL Possums showed in emphatic style why they are the favourites to win the Callide Dawson Cricket premiership. Possums skittled Taipans for 60 runs during their day/night clash last weekend and then used only 14 overs to score the required runs.

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