Sunday, November 11, 2012

Petraeus mistress

  • Petraeus' mistress sent harassing e-mails to woman who 'threatened ...

    Ex-CIA boss David Petraeus' catty mistress sent harassing e-mails to another woman who she believed threatened the relationship, sources told The Post.

  • Did Petraeus mistress reveal secret CIA prison?

    TEL AVIV - Did Paula Broadwell, the alleged mistress of ex-CIA Director David Petraeus, reveal a secret CIA detention center in Benghazi during a public speech she gave last month?

  • Petraeus's Mistress Triggered FBI Probe By Emailing Threats To Another Woman

    Paula Broadwell All In The Washington Post is out with more details about the scandal that brought CIA Director David Petraeus' sterling career crashing down this week. Petraeus stepped down Friday over his extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell, a ...

  • Before affair went public, David Petraeus' mistress said general had 'no dirty ...

    Months before their sexual affair sent shockwaves through Washington, David Petraeus' mistress said publicly that the four-star general had "no dirty secrets.

  • David Petraeus' mistress: Who is she?

    In this Jan. 15, 2012, photo, Paula Broadwell, author of the David Petraeus biography "All In," poses for photos in Charlotte, N.C.

  • Holly Petraeus, David Petraeus Wife, Battled Mistresses and Cheating for Months

    LOS ANGELES (LALATE) - Holly Petraeus, David Petraeus, battled her husband's cheating and mistresses for months, new reports indicate.

  • Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell's awkward interview with Jon Stewart on The ...

    Petraeus stepped down Friday after confessing to cheating on his wife of 37 years, Holly - calling his behavior 'unacceptable' for a senior administration official.

  • Petraeus' mistress hosted Labor Day barbecue with Jon Stewart

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  • David Petraeus Mistress: Paula Broadwell? (Picture and Video)

    David Petraeus, director of the CIA, resigned today amid a cheating scandal. And though the name of the mistress hasn't been officially released, rumors indicate that Petraeus' biographer, a woman named Paula Broadwell, is the lady he had an affair with.

  • Paula Broadwell, biographer and mother of 2 accused of affair with David ...

    Alleged mistress Paula Broadwell hailed the older woman as a "wonderful military spouse," and praised Holly Petraeus for decades of support and sacrifice in a biography of the retired general. Broadwell wasn't saying anything Saturday, one day after ...

  • The best Petraeus/ Broadwell puns and headlines: A collection [PHOTOS]

    If you're a real person with a respected military career and a high-powered position - say, the director of the CIA - your mistress will send threatening e-mails to your rumored other other woman and then you'll be forced to resign in disgrace ...

  • Emails from former CIA chief David Petraeus to mistress Paula Broadwell ...

    Former CIA chief David Petraeus sent some saucy emails to his ex-mistress, including one that referenced "sex under a desk," a conservative news website reports.

  • Did husband of Petraeus' mistress expose affair in NYT?

    Did husband of Petraeus' mistress expose affair in NYT? July letter to paper's 'ethicist' describes spouse's involvement with 'government executive'.

  • Anonymous May Have Hacked Petraeus Mistress

    A Yahoo email account belonging to former CIA Director David Petraeus' mistress may have been compromised by the group Anonymous.

  • David Petraeus' Mistress Paula Broadwell: Who Is This Woman? (VIDEO)

    She brought down the head of the CIA, a decorated war hero, one of the most respected and powerful men in America. Paula Broadwell is the woman David Petraeus had an extramarital affair with. She is the reason why he handed in his resignation.

  • Mistress said Petraeus had no 'dirty secrets'

    A woman US officials have identified as the mistress of former CIA Director David Petraeus appeared on a US chat show earlier this year in an interview that now appears very awkward.

  • Extra, Extra: Was There A Second Petraeus Mistress?

    Seven people were hospitalized after they were exposed to pepper spray on a bus in Harlem this afternoon. Did David Petraeus have a SECOND mistress? Or was his first mistress just really paranoid? And finally, do not try to separate this dog from his ...

  • David Petraeus alleged Mistress Paula Broadwell: Affair Scandal that shakes US ...

    The worlds' mightiest military once led by now out-going CIA Director David PetraeusDavid Petraeus was in shock after the General admitted to an extramarital affair, as reported by Fox News.

  • The Petraeus Affair Emerged Because Paula Broadwell Was Jealous Of Another ...

    What, you thinking leading the intelligence agency of the most powerful country in the world, and having a boyish grin and a crop of sandy brown hair is only good enough to get you one mistress? The Washington Post fills in some more details on what ...

  • Did The NY Times' Ethicist Inadvertently Give Advice About David Petraeus Affair?

    Former Army general David Petraeus resigned as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency yesterday after admitting to carrying out an extramarital affair.

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