Friday, November 16, 2012

Pay grades

  • Walmart's Internal Compensation Documents Reveal Systematic Limit On ...

    The Walmart pay plan is organized around seven levels of job difficulty for hourly workers, called Position Pay Grades (PPGs), ranging from cart-pushers (Level 1) and cashiers (Level 3), to cake decorators (Level 4) and customer service managers (Level 6).

  • Pay reform unlikely anytime soon, says former civil servantNovember 14, 2012

    "I am just very cynical about reaching any compromise," former OPM senior policy adviser Doris Hausser said of revamping the General Schedule system, the 15-grade pay scale for most of the federal workforce. "There's a lot of pressure to stay with the ...

  • Teacher Pay Plan Failed To Hike Scores

    The formula gives more money to districts where teachers have advanced degrees and long careers, but it does not reward student achievement gains, or even reflect the three-tier pay scale. The three-tier system pays tier-one teachers a minimum annual ...

  • City approves new pay structure

    City approves new pay structure. The City Council voted yes at its meeting Tuesday night to change how the city's pay scale works, from one geared toward union-contract negotiation to one deemed a "hybrid" of the step- and performance-based pay ranges.

  • Limpopo teachers not paid: Sadtu

    Limpopo teachers who taught the Grade 10 catch-up programme during September have not been paid, the South African Democratic Teachers' Union said.

  • Should parents reward good grades?

    (Sarah L. Voisin - THE WASHINGTON POST) When I was growing up, I had friends who got paid for their grades: A certain amount for an A, a B, and so on.

  • One year out of college, women already paid less than men, report finds

    Women are attending college at higher rates than men, graduating in greater numbers and earning higher grades. Yet one year after graduation, women were making only 82 percent of what their male colleagues were paid, according to a report by the ...

  • Should You Pay for an 'A'? Part 3: The Experts Weigh In

    Fryer studied nearly 40,000 students at low-performing urban public schools throughout Houston, Dallas, New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

  • 5000 KwaZulu-Natal teachers threaten strike

    More than 5000 KwaZulu-Natal Grade R teachers have threatened to strike over salary adjustments not being put into effect, their union said on Wednesday.

  • County proposes pay increases in 2013 budget

    Based on a classification and compensation study by Evergreen Solutions, the county has included a 3 percent pay increase for employees in the minimum pay grades and a 2.5 percent cost-of-living adjustment for all employees in the proposed $55.9 ...

  • AFSCME leads non-uniformed workers

    Contract charts lay out wages for each year, each pay grade and each step on the longevity scale. For example, in 2013, workers at pay grade 6 who have completed one year's service earn $14.61 per hour. Workers at pay Grade 7 who have completed ...

  • Gender pay gap opens early

    The AAUW's survey attempts to control for certain factors, including school selectivity, college major preferences, grades and employment sectors, to ensure objectivity. AAUW researchers found nothing to explain the remaining 7-percent pay gap that ...

  • 'Pay it forward' for Pre-K

    The research shows that when students can read on grade level in the third grade ( the pivotal grade), they will not choose to "stop out" of learning until their bodies "drop out" in the 8th and 9th grades. When our students drop out, we know that ...

  • Commission: Vt. discriminated against woman on pay

    They said the difference is the result of Foisy's transfer into a job from another position at Springfield and from the state's system of pay grades and step raises given for years of experience. ''This administration is very committed to equal pay for ...

  • Lions vs. Vikings: Live Game Grades and Player Analysis for Detroit

    The Vikings wore down the Lions defense and made them pay in the fourth quarter, scoring 17 points to salt the game away. Ultimately, the Lions fell short in a game they had to have.

  • Okla. Ed Board approves release of school grades

    The board also approved a proposed budget that includes $235 million more in state aid for schools that could be used to fund teacher pay increases. The new grading system, which is based on a similar program in Florida, was touted by Republican ...

  • Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus' admission of infidelity puts military ...

    Jim Gibson was a colonel, three pay grades above then-Capt. David Petraeus when both were posted in Hawaii in the 1980s. Petraeus was viewed as a brilliant scholar and rising military star.

  • The Roundup: CSU grades legislators; states cut health insurances costs; IL to ...

    Lawmakers Seek Ways to Simplify Missouri's Pay Scale-- Few will argue that state workers are the lowest paid in the country.

  • Montgomery County passes new salary plan

    Commission members voted 18-1-1 to delete Exhibit A and Exhibit C, which show the various salary grades and their respective pay increases over time, from the plan.

  • Speculative-Grade US Localities Set to Increase, Moody's Says

    More U.S. local governments are set to fall below investment grade in the coming year as they recover from the worst recession since the 1930s and become less willing to pay debt service, Moody's Investors Service said. The number of localities to ...

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