Sunday, November 25, 2012

Opossum facts

  • Opossum Facts: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Marsupial

    Pity the poor opossum. The oft-maligned marsupial definitely suffers from an image problem - it is frequently perceived more as a giant, dirty, scavenging rat rather than a cute creature of the wild.

  • Nicolas Cage Acting His Way Out Of Tax Debt

    28 Fans. 16 hours ago (10:14 AM). Nick is a lil crazy, but I like the fact that he is working to pay his debt, at least he is doing something about it instead of moving all his money to the Bahamas and filling chapter 13.

  • Species Spotlight: Chestnut Oak

    Niche: Acorns are an important food for many species, especially in winter, such as wild turkey, black bear, fox, muskrat, deer and opossum. Deer also browse on twigs, sprouts and foliage. Threats: Over-browsing by deer is leading to lack of ...

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