Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ohio republican party

  • Mitt Romney Auto Bailout Troubles: GOP Presidential Candidate Never ...

    "The biggest determining factor was that we couldn't handle the automobile bailout issue," said Bob Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. Fairly or not, the perception of Romney as indifferent to the auto industry's fate was "a coffin nail ...

  • Ohio voters place practicality over ideology every time

    Ohioans elected Democrat Ted Strickland governor instead of Republican J. Kenneth Blackwell in 2006 - the GOP's most conservative gubernatorial candidate since the 1950s.

  • Top Ohio Republicans Ask Why Party Lost

    Top Ohio Republicans and aides to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign remain flabbergasted over what went wrong Tuesday in a do-or-die state they thought they would win all the way up to the final hours.

  • Reagan: GOP turns sure victory into defeat

    Look how easily the Republican Party managed to turn what should have been a sure victory over an incompetent and dangerous incumbent into an embarrassing defeat.

  • Ohio's GOP Secretary of State Already Has A Plan To Rig The 2016 Election For ...

    Last year, Pennsylvania's Republican Gov. Tom Corbett proposed rigging the Electoral College vote in his state through a plan that would have given the majority of the state's electors to Romney even after President Obama carried the state.

  • Tea party activists blame losses on Republican establishment

    Cincinnati Tea Party President George Brunemann, an engineer, was still reeling Thursday from an election night that also saw Ohio's Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Josh Mandel, lose to Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown. "I have been trying to come ...

  • GOP spent $40M in attempt to unseat Ohio's Sen. Brown

    WASHINGTON - If some of this election's mega-donors are asking for their money back, it's no wonder. Outside groups funded by well-heeled donors in both parties spent more than $50 million on Ohio's U.S. Senate race - with most of it going to pay for ...

  • Voters defeat Ohio issues 1, 2 by large margins

    Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett claimed victory over Issue 2 early in the evening, and Voters First, the group backing the issue, conceded not too long thereafter.

  • Sen. Mike Lee: Republican Party continues to benefit from Tea Party

    Lee's comments, made during an interview Friday with Laura Ingraham on Fox News's "The O'Reilly Factor" came after House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) deemphasized the influence of the Tea Party in the House. In a recent interview with ABC News, ...

  • Obama Wins Florida and Ohio Despite Republican Voter Suppression Efforts in ...

    Tea Party wing nut Allan West was turned out in Florida. Tammy Baldwin, the openly gay new Senator from Wisconsin won in the state that was perceived to be the new Ohio and central to the Republican Midwestern strategy. Bi-sexual Kyrsten Sinema won in ...

  • Voters swayed by names, parties say

    The chairmen of the state's Democratic and Republican parties said two of three incumbent Ohio Supreme Court justices were defeated on Tuesday because their challengers had better ballot names.

  • Ohio GOP Continues Extreme Agenda Despite Message from Voters

    A message to Ohio GOP: Just because you've gerrymandered everything in your favor doesn't mean you have a mandate for extremism.

  • Ohio GOP Responds to Painful Election Ass Whipping by Trying to Pass Crazy ...

    Ohio GOP Responds to Painful Election Ass Whipping by Trying to Pass Crazy Abortion Ban Fresh off a historical electoral spanking that came courtesy of a female and non-white majority electorate, many Republicans are licking their wounds, wondering ...

  • The Two-Mandate Myth: An Ohio Perspective

    In gerrymandering the state, Ohio's Republican legislature and governor not only gave the party an unearned gift of four congressional seats, but probably made it harder to recruit the strongest Democratic candidates for all contested elections ...

  • How gays in Ohio could have won the election for Romney

    There has been a lot of talk about the Republican party needing to move to the modern era and include a broader demographic in the make up of the party.

  • Obama's wins in the Midwest are hardly a harbinger

    Iowa and the states along the shores of the Great Lakes from Minnesota to Ohio put Obama in the White House in 2008. Two years later, with voters in a foul mood as the Great Recession lingered, the GOP went five-for-five in races for the U.S. Senate ...

  • Mitt Romney didn't win Ohio, yet GOP margins in White House race improved

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Ohio stayed blue, say the pundits, by voting to give President Barack Obama a second term in the White House.

  • Fox News Is Killing The Republican Party

    For Democrats and the liberal Left it is effectively an extension of the GOP press office, prosecuting a vicious and biased campaign against their candidates and values.

  • Santa Claus and the GOP Civil War

    The GOP doesn't need anymore religious nuts like Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock, the pro-life Republican who ran for the Senate from Indiana and said that pregnancy as the result of rape was part of God's plan.

  • 2 Ohio statewide issues soundly defeated

    Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett announced the news about Issue 2's defeat - the redistricting proposal - at the GOP's party, prompting cheers and applause.

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