Wednesday, November 21, 2012


  • Boehner Wants 'Obamacare' in Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

    President Obama's reelection guaranteed at least one thing for his second term - Obamacare is here here to stay. But that is not going to keep Republicans from trying to chip away at the law.

  • Papa John's CEO: My Obamacare claims were twisted

    "Many in the media reported that I said Papa John's is going to close stores and cut jobs because of Obamacare," he wrote in the Huffington Post.

  • Applebee's Waitress 'Disgusted' By Anti-Obamacare CEOs' Wealthy Lifestyles

    When Krista Trovato learned that an Applebee's franchise owner and the CEO of Papa John's were railing against the costs of implementing the Affordable Care Act, she said she felt "disgusted.

  • Want to Reduce Federal Spending? Repeal Obamacare's Steep Levies on ...

    Despite President Obama's re-election, Republicans haven't given up on resisting the implementation of Obamacare. They've proposed all sorts of ideas for opposing the law—some sound, some less so—but they've ignored one of the costliest provisions of ...

  • Hobby Lobby files appeal in battle against ObamaCare contraception provisions Hobby Lobby Stores has appealed a federal judge's decision denying the craft supply chain's request to not provide employees with insurance that covers morning-after and week-after birth control pills, as mandated by the ObamaCare law.

  • Obamacare Means Employers Can Pay Staff More To Get Healthy

    One interesting little detail about Barack Obama's federal health-care-overhaul law: it gives companies much more room to offer employees incentives to improve their health.

  • What's Obamacare Cost? Obama Small Biz Chief: 'I Bought Jam For My Friends!'

    When Joe Scarborough asked her straight-up to state the cost per worker of Obamacare, Mills ducked like a pro, switched the subject, and wound up describing .

  • Wonkbook: Everything you need to know about Obamacare's regulations

    Wonkbook's Number of the Day: $1,423.00. That's the net increase in federal tax burden coming for a married couple making between $20,000 and $30,000 a year if the austerity-crisis negotiations fail to produce a deal, according to a story by John D.

  • Pennsylvania College Cuts Teachers Hours To Avoid Obamacare Costs

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Community College Of Allegheny County announced last week that it will be cutting the hours of some adjunct faculty members to avoid the costs of Obamacare. According to, the move will save the school $6 ...

  • Boehner Wants 'Obamacare' as Part of Deficit Talks

    We'll know soon enough whether everything really is on the table in the deficit-reduction talks between the White House and Congress.

  • Oklahoma wants no part of ObamaCare

    Obamacare may be the law the land but that is not stopping many Republican governors they are still keeping up their fight.

  • John Metz Denny's Obamacare Surcharge Stirs Big Mess For Restaurant Chain

    Don't expect to hear more about an Obamacare surcharge from Denny's franchisee John Metz. Denny's chief executive John Miller privately reached out to Metz to express his "disappointment" with the Florida franchisee's controversial statements about ...

  • Alan Dershowitz: The Chief Justice Voted For Obamacare To Get 'Street Cred'

    CNN's top legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and famed lawyer and author Alan Dershowitz sat down on Friday at New York's 92nd Street Y to debate why Chief Justice John Roberts used his deciding vote to pass President Barack Obama's controversial health ...

  • No surrender? The GOP's latest tactic to undermine Obamacare

    Republicans failed to block Obamacare from passing Congress. They failed to get it overturned by the Supreme Court. They failed to repeal it by electing a Republican president.

  • Boehner says Obamacare should be on "fiscal cliff" table

    After Mitt Romney lost on Election Day, it appeared that the health care law was here to stay. States are scrambling to meet federally-imposed deadlines to implement state exchanges and the administration announced coverage mandates.

  • Health Insurers May See Profits Shrink With ObamaCare

    ObamaCare, as it's become known, imposes fees and restrictions on insurers, and it cuts funding for Medicare Advantage, the privately run version of the government's Medicare program for the elderly and disabled.

  • VA: NFIB, Cuccinelli weigh Obamacare exchange costs; could Virginia get a pass?

    FREDERICKSBURG - A small-business group that fought Obamacare in the courts now says mandatory health-insurance exchanges could benefit companies and their workers.

  • Daily Rounds: 'Essential' Obamacare Benefits; Call For OTC Birth Control Pills ...

    Administration defines benefits that must be offered under health law (The New York Times) - "The proposed rules, issued more than two and a half years after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act, had been delayed as the administration tried ...

  • 'I just don't think its possible': How the uninsured view Obamacare

    "Virtually no one who is uninsured understand how health reform will affect their lives," Ron Pollack, who chairs Enroll America's board, told me after the focus groups.

  • Gohmert tells Longview hospital officials Obamacare designed to fail

    Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, told the governing board of Good Shepherd Medical Center that it was clear to him before the passage of Obamacare in September 2010 that it was not sustainable. Later in a luncheon meeting, the medical professionals urged ...

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