Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oakland strip search settlement

  • Oakland Strip Search Cases: City Ordered To Pay $4.6 Million

    The most recent settlement came after two men successfully sued the city after they were strip-searched at a busy West Oakland intersection. In that case the city ended up paying $245,000 to the two victims and $832,000 to their attorneys, John Burris ...

  • Oakland agrees to pay $4.6M in strip search case

    OAKLAND, Calif.—Oakland officials have agreed to a $4.6 million settlement with dozens of men who claimed they were illegally strip searched by the city's police. The San Francisco Chronicle reports ( that the City Council ...

  • Food Informants: A Week In The Life Of David Venable, QVC Host

    I'm enjoying the weather so much that I'm barbecuing tonight -- a strip steak with a sweet and sour marinade. I think I'll grill some fresh veggies on the side.

  • Hot Stove Show: Ben Cherington and Scott Boras

    And that remains a sticking point in now this could get settled in next what are we yet twenty hours or something Intel. The exclusive period runs out.

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