Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nhl lockout

  • NHL Lockout: Labor Talks Resume After More Than 2 Weeks Off

    The lockout reached its 49th day Saturday, but at least there is a glimmer of optimism the season can be saved. There have already been 327 games canceled - including the outdoor Winter Classic that was wiped out Friday - and the NHL has said it will ...

  • NHL lockout links: NHL and NHLPA will meet in 'undisclosed location' to ...

    Friday was a day full of ups and downs in the NHL lockout. The news started with the cancellation of the Winter Classic. But last night, ESPN's Pierre LeBrun reported NHLPA special counsel Steve Fehr and deputy commissioner Bill Daly will meet today ...

  • NHL lockout could boost Canada's world junior hopes

    CALGARY - As unpopular as the NHL lockout is, its continuation would greatly increase Canada's chances of winning gold at the world junior hockey championship.

  • NHL lockout: Senators owner Eugene Melnyk will hear from league after ...

    For NHL employees, the first rule of the lockout is that you do not, under any circumstances, talk about the lockout. The only NHL employees allowed to comment are commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly. So when Ottawa Senators ...

  • NHL lockout hot topic: Will there be an NHL season in 2012-13?

    Regardless, a decision will be made to either have an abbreviated season like the NHL scheduled in 1994-95, or no games at all, a repeat of the 2004-05 lockout that might seriously cripple the league if and when it returns. It's time for you to look in ...

  • NHL lockout: Talks could resume in 'the relatively near future'

    Even though the NHL and NHLPA have had some recent phone conversations, it's been more than two weeks since they actually sat down and had actual negotiations.

  • NHL Lockout Blocks Bourque's Bruins Dream

    Chris Bourque has dreamed of being a Bruin since his father, Ray, played for Boston. This is Chris's first season with the Bruins' AHL affiliate in Providence, R.I.

  • NHL lockout update: Winter Classic canceled, but NHL and NHLPA could ...

    The Winter Classic had become the NHL's tent pole event, something the league could present to a national audience that might bring in viewers who wouldn't normally watch hockey.

  • Dale and Kirk Give Us the Latest on the NHL Lockout

    WEEI>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dale and Kirk Give Us the Latest on the NHL Lockout. Dale and Kirk Give Us the Latest on the NHL Lockout. Tweet. Podcast · Download · Share. Get Adobe Flash Player to see this content. Click here to download ...

  • NHL lockout: Donald Fehr statement on decision to cancel Winter Classic

    The 2013 Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs was the latest unnecessary casualty of the ongoing NHL lockout. The league made the announcement at 3 p.m. ET on Friday, citing logistical concerns for staging such a large ...

  • Greatest. Lockout. Ever.

    At first, the NHL lockout was a fear -- they couldn't be so stupid as to do this all over again, right? For almost two months now, it's been a reality.

  • NHL lockout: An open letter to Gary Bettman, Donald Fehr, Hurricane Sandy ...

    Unfortunately, because you have spent the past four months exhibiting only stubbornness and greed, there is no NHL hockey in the New York or Philadelphia metropolitan areas.

  • NHL lockout links: Donald Fehr tells players that owners group won't meet ...

    JPG View full sizeBruce Bennett/Getty ImagesDonald Fehr has been in constant communication with players this week. MORE LOCKOUT COVERAGE.

  • We have seen the lockout enemy, and he is awful NHL teams (Trending Topics)

    A lot of people - myself included - have been focusing a healthy amount of vitriol over this ongoing lockout at a group of owners thought to be central to the work stoppage's existence.

  • NHL Lockout: Will Five-Year Contract Limits Help the Owners Control Costs?

    The NHL would like to get rid of long-term contracts like the ones that Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signed this summer with the Minnesota Wild.

  • NHL Lockout Breaking News: Owners and Players to Resume Negotiations Soon

    After two weeks of glacier-pace activity, the ice block surrounding NHL lockout negotiations has begun to show the slightest signs of melting.

  • Winter Classic Canceled this Year, Loses Spotlight Next Year

    With the cancelation of the Winter Classic due to the NHL Lockout, one of the league's greatest accomplishments is washed out.

  • NHL Lockout: Would a Crosby-Led World Tour Draw International Interest?

    As the tedious lockout continues, many players have gone overseas and are participating in European leagues. Some of the leagues, like the Russian Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), offer a very high level of play.

  • NHL Rumors: 2012 NHL Lockout Cancels Winter Classic, Stanley Cup Next?

    With the Winter Classic gone, the All-Star Game a gimmick, Russian superstars threatening to never come back, and hockey hopes at an all-time low, I fear the Stanley Cup will be the next victim of the 2012 NHL lockout. I understand the position of the ...

  • NHL lockout: Your daily hockey fix for day 48

    The NHL lockout has cost us 326 regular season games and all 97 exhibition games for a total of 423 games. That number has been steady for a couple of weeks now but it could increase on Friday by at least one.

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