Saturday, November 3, 2012

New york gas shortage

  • NY, NJ governors act on gas shortages

    Andrew Cuomo announced plans to deploy temporary fuel trucks in parts of New York City and Long Island to help provide gasoline to emergency vehicles and the general public. At a press briefing Cuomo said 8 million gallons of gas has been delivered in ...

  • Cuomo: New York addressing power outages, gas shortage

    In contrast, the governor had praise for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which he said has restored 80% of subway services in New York City. "Not only did they try hard, but they got it done," he said. The gas shortage that created long ...

  • NY fuel shortage means gridlock for gasoline

    People line up at a gas station Friday waiting to fill up in Newark, N.J. In parts of New York and New Jersey, drivers lined up early for hours at gas stations that were struggling to stay supplied. The power outages and flooding caused by Superstorm ...

  • Running on fumes: Gas shortages in NY, NJ

    Running on fumes: Gas shortages in N.Y., N.J.. Lines are long and open gas stations are few and far between in New York and New Jersey, as drivers wait to fill up their tanks. NBC's Katy Tur reports. Share This: facebook · twitter · googleplus. Related ...

  • Tempers boil over New York gas shortage in wake of Superstorm Sandy

    Residents stand in line for fuel at a gas station Friday in New York City's Staten Island borough. Fuel for cars and generators was scarce and hundreds of thousands of people in Staten Island remained without electricity in areas affected by superstorm ...

  • Outrage over gas shortage as New York mayor cancels marathon in wake of ...

    NEW YORK, N.Y. - Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the New York City Marathon would be a boost for the economy and inspire the city to move on after the devastation of Superstorm Sandy.

  • Gas Shortage Lingers, Crippling Aid Organizations And Recovery Effort

    "This problem with gas is a game changer," said Lisa Hines-Johnson, chief operating officier of the Food Bank for New York City, the city's main hunger relief nonprofit and one of the largest food banks in the country. The food bank had initially made ...

  • Some airlines fear jet fuel shortage in New York

    NEW YORK (AP) - Fears of a jet fuel shortage at New York's airports have led some airlines to take the unusual - and costly - step of putting extra fuel on planes.

  • Gas Shortages Continue In Westchester

    "The shortage of gasoline in the New York-metro area has caused major inconveniences for our residents, and the state must take every action possible to address this issue," Gov.

  • Amid Gas Shortage, Pleas for Help from Sandy Victims, NYC Cancels Marathon

    Andrew Cuomo said Saturday that temporary fuel trucks were being deployed in key locations in New York City and Long Island to help provide free gas to emergency vehicles and the public (locations are listed below). Cars will be able to fill up ...

  • East Coast gasoline shortage result of government policies

    Senator Chuck Schumer urged the Coast Guard to allow barges carrying fuel to enter the Port of New York. , which will help some of the region's supply squeeze.

  • Gubernatorial update on gas shortages

    "The shortage of gasoline in the New York-metro area has caused major inconveniences for our residents, and the state must take every action possible to address this issue," Governor Cuomo said.

  • Long lines, gas shortages bedevil NY, NJ

    UNION, N.J. - Widespread gas shortages stirred fears among residents and disrupted some rescue and emergency services Thursday as the New York region struggled to return to a semblance of normalcy after being ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.

  • A scramble to restore fuel deliveries in NJ, NY

    Oil companies and government officials scrambled Friday to restore fuel deliveries to gas stations in New Jersey and New York as hurricane-related power outages caused widespread fuel shortages and hoarding. Long lines of irritated, combative customers ...

  • Power outages, fuel shortages drag on

    Sandy's death toll reached 100, and New York called off its famous marathon, despite the mayor's protestations that it should have taken place as scheduled, as a symbol of resolve.

  • Fuel shortage means gridlock in lines for gasoline

    Fuel shortage means gridlock in lines for gasoline. By CHRISTOPHER SULLIVAN, Associated Press - 2 minutes ago. NEW YORK (AP) - When it came to fuel supplies and patience, the New York metro area was running close to empty Friday.

  • Rules Bent As Gasoline Hard to Get After Sandy

    Sandy-inspired chaos paralyzed New York-area roadways as residents struggled to cope with gas shortages because of power outages at service stations, an infusion of drivers as mass transit continued to sputter.

  • Gas shortage creates long lines of impatient drivers

    "Everyone who wants to help has no gas," he said. "This is outrageous. Why didn't the federal government prepare for this?

  • Molinaro calls for civility; Dutchess fuel shortages reported

    "Disruptions to fuel supply distribution and power outages have created gas shortages in parts of New Jersey and New York.," executive Marc Molinaro said in a press release today. "The mid-Hudson Valley area, including Dutchess County, is seeing higher ...

  • Anger grows over fuel shortage in storm-hit Northeast

    Forty-one died in New York City, about half of them in Staten Island, which was overrun by a wall of water. Acute gasoline shortages led to long lines and short tempers across the region. In a move to ease the shortage, the Obama administration ...

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