Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mitt romney

  • Carlos Gutierrez, Mitt Romney Adviser: Latinos 'Were Scared'

    WASHINGTON -- Former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, an adviser to former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Latino outreach, said Sunday the candidate's failure with those voters was due to hardliners in the Republican party who were ...

  • Mitt Romney Auto Bailout Troubles: GOP Presidential Candidate Never ...

    Those four words would haunt Mitt Romney across the Rust Belt, where auto manufacturing remains an economic pillar - especially in Ohio, a state that every successful GOP presidential nominee has carried, and in his home state of Michigan, where his ...

  • Who lost, besides Mitt Romney, in Tuesday's election

    romney-loses.jpg Mitt Romney delivers his concession speech Tuesday night after losing the presidential election. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

  • Sudeikis' Mitt Romney throws Karl Rove over his balcony on 'Saturday Night Live'

    While the previous episode surprised some viewers by not featuring Jay Pharoah's President Obama (a sketch with him was cut), Saturday's featured appearances by both candidates and what could be the final bow for Mitt Romney. First, a depressed ...

  • Business owner fires 22 employees because Mitt Romney lost election

    President Obama was re-elected with 332 electoral votes while Mitt Romney received only 206 electoral votes. So the business owner kept his promise.

  • 'SNL': Mitt Romney Drowns Post-Election Sorrows In Milk (VIDEO)

    In the first post-election episode of the season, "Saturday Night Live" bid farewell to Mitt Romney in a cold open sketch that imagined what he must have done after conceding to President Obama (hint: it involves a LOT of milk).

  • The Long Line Outside Romney's Door and His New Message to Supporters

    On Friday morning, Mitt Romney and his wife Ann drove themselves to campaign headquarters in Boston. Gone were the secret service detail and the motorcade that had trailed them in the final months of the campaign.

  • ORCA, Mitt Romney's high-tech get-out-the-vote program, crashed on Election Day

    WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney's online voter-turnout operation suffered a meltdown on Election Day, resulting in a crucial 90-minute "buckling" of the system in Boston and the inability of some campaign workers across the country to use a vital smartphone ...

  • Mitt Romney losing (Facebook) friends by the minute

    Mitt Romney is losing 593 friends per hour - at least on Facebook today from 10 to 11 a.m. You can loiter on his page and watch them plummet by the second.

  • Romney Mormon video goes viral

    A day before the election, a video that depicts a visibly angry Mitt Romney defending his faith has become a viral hit. The clip, which according to news reports comes from a 2007 conversation the typically reserved GOP presidential candidate had with ...

  • Mitt Romney planned Boston Harbor fireworks show that was scotched by ...

    ... article has been sent. E-mail | Print | Comments () 11/08/2012 12:17 PM. JohnTlumacki/Globe Staff. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney concedes the 2012 general election in a speech to supporters at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

  • Tim Skubick: A peek at Mitt Romney's disconnect on and off the campaign trail

    So it was with great anticipation that one prepped for an interview with son Mitt Romney during his first and unsuccessful bid for president.

  • Mitt Romney Transition Website Draft Uncovered

    Mitt Romney really was all ready to go if he'd won the election on Tuesday. For a while on Wednesday, a draft version of his transition website was visible to the public on a server belonging to the company that designed it, a Utah software shop called ...

  • Mood Swing: Mitt Romney's Loss Re-Examined (The Note)

    VIDEO: ROMNEY IN OBAMA'S CABINET? In the latest installment of "Bottom Line,' ABC's George Stephanopoulos says we shouldn't expect President Obama to invite Mitt Romney to join his team, but that the president may consider business executives for ...

  • Text of Mitt Romney's concession speech

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's concession speech Tuesday night in Boston, as transcribed by Roll Call: ___.

  • Ten Women Who Helped Defeat Mitt Romney

    In the end, President Barack Obama trounced, er, battered, um, eeked out a victory, or to be more precise, Mitt Romney lost.

  • Chris Christie Called Obama To Congratulate Him, Offered Mitt Romney ...

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) told reporters Thursday he reached out to President Barack Obama with a personal phone call to congratulate him on his reelection.

  • Hardly a harbinger: Obama's wins in Midwest only confirm its future as ...

    ... 8 percent, the Northeast and the West Coast were never in doubt for Barack Obama. No matter how far it might have fallen before Election Day, Mitt Romney was always sure to win the South and rural Great Plains. Nothing was so certain in the Midwest.

  • Mike Argento: The trouble with Mitt Romney

    They speculated that Mitt Romney was too conservative, or that he was too liberal, or that his stance on immigration irritated Latino voters, or that his pledge to defund Planned Parenthood doomed him with women, or that dragging Big Bird into this ...

  • Mitt Romney's flip-flopping didn't hurt him (+video)

    The Obama campaign labeled Mitt Romney a flip-flopper. But Romney's position shifts did little to fundamentally harm his election prospects.

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