Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mitt romney vp

  • Report: Christie was supposed to be Romney's VP

    Report: Christie was supposed to be Romney's VP. In an oddly-timed, anonymously-sourced article in Politico this morning, Mitt Romney "campaign insiders" say that Gov. Christie was Romney's first choice to be his running mate. In a matter of two weeks ...

  • Obama wants 'revenge' and Biden's not a proud VP: Gaffes under pressure

    President Obama is asking the voters to go for "revenge" and Biden's never been proud to be Obama's Vice President, according to the Mail Online Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012. Mitt Romney was in Ohio yesterday when he reiterated what President Obama had ...

  • Vice President Joe Biden rips on Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan in Beloit

    BELOIT, Wis., - Vice President Joe Biden ripped away at Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan this morning before 1,137 screaming fans at the gym/auditorium of Aldrich Middle School on the north side of this city of 37,000.

  • Chris Christie Praise For Obama Frustrated Romney Campaign: Report

    Romney insiders told Politico this week that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was Mitt Romney's first choice for the vice president, until he decided Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) would be a safer choice due to some problems with Christie. The information ...

  • Biden zings Romney in Colo.

    Three days before the election, Vice President Joe Biden pegged his newest critique of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to the semi-annual inconvenience of adjusting clocks for Daylight Savings Time, which occurs tonight. "It's Mitt Romney's ...

  • Romney-Biden May Be Winning Ticket in Unlikely Voting Tie

    20, Mitt Romney takes the presidential oath of office. Standing close by is his new vice president, Joe Biden. Highly unlikely though that outcome may be, it's possible under the complex U.S.

  • President Mitt Romney and Vice President Joe Biden – It's possible!

    "The Senate, which should retain the Democratic majority, will decide the vice president. That means that Joe Biden would be vice president for the next four years under President Mitt Romney. We would have the 'Odd Couple on steroids," he says with a ...

  • 30000 turn out for Romney in West Chester

    Mitt Romney with his wife, Ann, (left) and GOP vice president candidate Paul Ryan (far right) and wife, Janna, during the Romney-Ryan Real Recovery Road Rally on Friday at The Square @ Union Center in West Chester Twp.

  • Ryan's role still open to debate

    Even if Mitt Romney wins, even if Paul Ryan ascends to the second highest office in the land, even if they have the closest of relationships, there's little chance the baby-faced congressman from Wisconsin is going to be one of the most historically ...

  • Biden criticizes Romney's 'malarkey' in Superior speech

    Biden criticizes Romney's 'malarkey' in Superior speech. Vice President Joe Biden spoke for about a half-hour today in Superior, strongly criticizing what he called malarkey and lies from the campaign of Republican Mitt Romney. Vice President Joe biden ...

  • Joe Biden Torches Mitt Romney For 'Flagrantly Dishonest' Jeep Ad

    WASHINGTON -- Vice President Joe Biden tore into Mitt Romney on Wednesday for running ads with a widely debunked claim about Chrysler and General Motors shipping American jobs to China, saying it calls into question the character of the Republican ...

  • Hurricane Sandy 2012 In Virginia: Mitt Romney, Joe Biden Cancel Virginia ...

    RICHMOND, Va. -- GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and Vice President Joe Biden have scrapped political appearances scheduled for this weekend in Virginia Beach as all eyes watch the storm track of Hurricane Sandy.

  • Conservative Mitt Romney hurting 'moderate' Willard on FEMA

    Fmr. VP economic advisor Jared Bernstein and the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart examine the trouble that "severely conservative" Mitt Romney has caused "moderate" Mitt Romney over the issue of funding FEMA - and why Romney's conservative ...

  • VP Ryan? Prof. Ryan? GOP nominee's future unclear

    If Paul Ryan loses his bid to become vice president, he is still a man with options. The wonky chairman of the House Budget Committee is one of the Republicans' best voices in explaining fiscal issues.

  • Rob Zerban, Paul Ryan Congressional Challenger, Vies For VP Candidate's Seat

    ... he should be the next vice president. So it goes in Zerban's longshot bid to seize the House seat Ryan has held for 14 years.

  • Iowa Paper's Romney Endorsement Sinks Like Stone: Countdown Day 4

    WASHINGTON -- A week ago, The Des Moines Register surprised the political world by endorsing Mitt Romney for president, the first time the storied Iowa newspaper had endorsed a Republican since President Richard Nixon in 1972.

  • White House and control of Congress on the ballot

    Chloe Romney, granddaughter of Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and wife Ann Romney, runs up to the stage for a hug during a campaign stop with Republican vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

  • Paul Ryan says he can 'smell success'

    Addressing an enthusiastic crowd in Montrose, Colorado, Republican VP hopeful, Paul RyanPaul Ryan says that he can smell the success of the GOP ticket.

  • Romney trails in states with personal ties

    It happened in 1844, and now 168 years later, Republican nominee Mitt Romney may need to duplicate Polk's feat if he wants to defeat President Barack Obama in Tuesday's election.

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