Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mindfulness meditation

  • Meditation Influences Emotional Processing Even When You're Not Meditating ...

    <a href="" target="_hplink">Mindfulness meditation</a> could help doctors provide better care to their patients, University of Rochester Medical Center researchers ...

  • Meditation can stave off cold and flu: Study

    Madison. Previous research has found that mindfulness meditation may improve mood, decrease stress, and boost immune function.

  • Walking meditation: How you can do it too

    They practice mindfulness when walking, when standing, when sitting, and when lying down. They must sustain mindfulness at all times in whatever position they are in.

  • Can meditation reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke?

    The list of health benefits attributed to meditation keeps on growing. Last year, I detailed how mindfulness meditation can help people manage pain, stress, and overeating and even led to the growth of brain regions associated with improved memory and ...

  • How Mindfulness Meditation Works

    How Mindfulness Meditation Works Mindfulness helps individuals release negative emotions and thoughts, while encouraging more positive feelings such as compassion and forgiveness.

  • Buddhists aim to bring mindfulness to the ballot box

    Broadly defined, mindfulness is a meditative practice designed to encourage a clear and nonjudgmental awareness of the present moment, often by observing one's breath.

  • Lead By Achieving Nothing. Seriously

    By now we've all heard about the mainstreaming of mindfulness meditation, of the art of sitting still for defined periods.

  • The ROI of Practicing Mindfulness at Work

    Mindfulness meditation, at first glance, provokes a reasonable question: "why on earth would I, or anyone for that matter, sit still doing nothing for long periods of time?

  • Diabetes study: 'Mindful eating' equals traditional education in lowering ...

    The other group was trained in mindful meditation and a mindful approach to food selection and eating. Both interventions, involving weekly group meetings, also recommended physical activity.

  • 4 Little Hints to Find Time for Your Daily Mindfulness Meditation

    The second thing to keep in mind is that you don't necessarily need to practice 'formal' meditation each and every time but that there are many 'informal' ways that can be highly beneficial to you also.

  • The mindful way

    In November 2011 researchers from Harvard University looked at many different pieces of research measuring the effects of mindfulness meditation. As a result the authors of the report identified that mindfulness meditation improves immune function ...

  • Meditation expertise changes experience of pain

    Mindfulness meditation, which stresses attention to the present moment, has proven to be useful for chronic pain, but the UW researchers were interested in understanding the brain mechanisms underlying it.

  • Being Mindful of Men's Health in Movember

    In Australia too, research statistics affirm that mindfulness meditation and prayer are already positively impacting men's health (and you can join the Meditation Challenge via ABC's Life Matters running for the next six weeks to find out more about ...

  • Your Morning Cup of Tea or Coffee Can Be Your Meditation

    Even if having your morning tea or coffee is at your local Starbucks or Coffee Bean, you can sit there -- although it may not be quiet -- using this meditation technique to transcend the noise or talking around you by focusing and concentrating on ...

  • Bringing zen into the workplace

    It's a practice being implemented in a variety of ways. Some leaders start team meetings with a five-minute guided meditation, during which an experienced facilitator talks the participants through the process. Others begin the day with a voluntary ...

  • Informal Mindfulness Practice: Being Present for a Few Moments at a Time

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how I meditate; meditation and yoga are examples of formal mindfulness practices. But we don't have to be sitting with our eyes closed or twisting ourselves into pretzels in order to practice mindfulness; we ...

  • Hurricane Sandy Buddhist Response Includes Mindfulness Chaplains, Storm ...

    Yet in addition to the fundraising, helping hands and prayers offered by many faith-based groups, Buddhists are making use of meditation and "mindfulness," a spiritual practice with origins in Buddhism that's focused on centering and grounding people ...

  • Dr. Katrina Smith offers new course on meditation and stress reduction

    Now, she is teaching a one-credit meditation course on mindfulness-based stress reduction entitled Stress Reduction and Mindfulness. Smith's course teaches various types of meditation, including yoga, body scanning, breathing awareness, walking ...

  • Meditation: the healing force of a quiet mind

    Many of the studies have looked at mindfulness meditation, a form which emphasises focusing on the present moment, while observing but not judging or responding to thoughts and emotions.

  • Modalities -Mindfulness

    Cameron Aggs is the Director of Mindfulness Training Australia, he's a psychologist and a meditator and is based here on the Coast.

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