Friday, November 16, 2012

Miley cyrus fans

  • Photo: Miley Cyrus shows off sexy fashion with a 'Pimp suit'

    Miley Cyrus seems to be lacking a place to party, so she is getting dressed up and sharing the images with fans. On Thursday the entertainer obviously had a night in and decided to play dress up.

  • Miley Cyrus Riles Up Fans With Inside Joke, Accidentally Reveals a Secret ...

    Teen idol Miley Cyrus certainly knows how to rile up her fans. She dropped an "inside joke" on her over 10 million fans on Twitter on Tuesday night, only to get defensive about it minutes later. Miley Cyrus Tweets Inside Joke, Fans Freak Out Miley ...

  • Miley Cyrus Files Restraining Order Against Intruder

    I hate when celebrities turn their backs on their biggest fans. It's because of fans like Jason Luis Rivera that you are where you are in life, Miley Cyrus. From TMZ: Miley Cyrus is still terrified of the scissor-wielding intruder who broke onto her ...

  • Miley Cyrus, Stalker: Judge Grants Singer Civil Restraining Order

    LOS ANGELES -- A judge has granted Miley Cyrus a three-year civil restraining order against a man convicted of trespassing at her home in Los Angeles.

  • Photo: Miley Cyrus showcases fingernail art in behind the scenes picture

    While the fans didn't know exactly how Miley Cyrus might look, it appears one of the people Miley thanked in her message shared a picture of Miley's nails online for fans to see only hours before. Jenna Hipp, a celebrity nail stylist,gave Miley some ...

  • Photo: Kelly Osbourne kisses Miley Cyrus? Cute picture has fans laughing

    Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne are best of friends. The two stars were in Hollywood on Friday night hanging out and sharing snapshots of their time together with the fans. As both stars are young entertainers in the business, the connection to their ...

  • Miley Cyrus' thanks fans; audience watches her kiss on 'Two And a Half Men'

    Miley Cyrus was out doing press the first part of the week to let her fans know she was returning to a sitcom and she didn't disappoint with her performance.

  • New Miley Cyrus Album Uses Hip-Hop Beats, Odd Future & Pharrell Williams ...

    The new Miley Cyrus album might shock fans and the music world equally in 2013. The daughter of country music royalty, shocked the web last week leaking pictures from the recording studio with rap music stars.

  • Miley Cyrus' hot makeout session with a unicorn in 'Decisions' has fans giggle

    Miley Cyrus is only features on the new Borgore video, but her part is a primary source of interest. The video was released on Thursday and fans were waiting for the first glimpse of Decisions. As Borgore is a DJ with global acclaim, this was Miley ...

  • Photo: Miley Cyrus gives fans glimpse of album progress with studio picture

    Miley Cyrus is looking to get the fans excited about her music. The entertainer has kept her fans on top of all her music action and on Monday night she gave a glimpse of inside the studio.

  • Miley Cyrus thanks Ellen DeGeneres for time on show: 'Had so much fun'

    Miley Cyrus was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday chatting about her life and love. The entertainer was surprised with a couple of strippers and got the chance to dish that she was only having one wedding (most Cyrus fans already knew that though.) ...

  • Miley Cyrus Tattoo Obsessed Fan Carl McCold Called 'Creepy' 'Psychopath' on ...

    A fan obsessed with Miley Cyrus has set Twitter ablaze on Friday after he was featured on "My Tattoo Addiction, " a documentary about people obsessed with tattoos aired on the U.K.

  • Miley Cyrus gets million dollar soft porn offer after Borgore video release

    Miley Cyrus fans might be wondering why a porn company has offered up a million bucks to record a video with porn star Jessie Andrews.

  • Did Eva Longoria get the 'Miley Cyrus' haircut?

    Picture: WhoSay / Eva Longoria Source: Supplied. EVA Longoria shocked fans after debuting a drastic cropped haircut on Tuesday.

  • Miley Cyrus Explains Pharrell Collabo

    Fans went into a frenzy two weeks ago when a photo surfaced of former Disney teen queen Miley Cyrus in the studio with superproducer Pharrell Williams and Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All frontman Tyler, the Creator.

  • Miley Cyrus is 'Honey Boo Boo's' Number One Fan

    Though unfortunately for Miley, she has to watch the show alone some times, as her fiance Liam Hemsworth isn't as big a fan. She added, "I just sit in the cinema and like, watch it." In addition to Cyrus' Thursday night appearance on 'Lately,' the ...

  • Miley Cyrus set to return to 'Two and a Half Men' for another episode

    Miley Cyrus is a fan favorite when it comes to television. Her first appearance on Two and a Half Men brought in great ratings and the show got a big boost.

  • Miley Cyrus Flashes Her Abs, Looks Sexy In LA

    Miley Cyrus has a stomach that you could grate cheese on, and she displayed it proudly while walking around LA on Nov. 15. Miley, who is a fan of showing off her abs, was visiting an office in Beverly Hills when she wore this cute outfit of a grey crop ...

  • Miley Cyrus to return to 'Two And A Half Men'? Angus T. Jones hopes it happens

    Miley Cyrus definitely brought the fans and the enthusiasm on set when she guest starred on Two And A Half Men. The former childhood star seemed to pick up her lines in the sitcom right where she left off and impressed her fans as well as the show.

  • Photo: Miley Cyrus' dog looks red as Lila celebrates second birthday

    Miley Cyrus likes to celebrate her special moments with fans, so it isn't any surprise the entertainer shared her dog's birthday.

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