Sunday, November 25, 2012


  • Sen. Dick Durbin: Medicare, Medicaid Fair Game in Talks to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

    Sen. Dick Durbin said today that his Democratic colleagues in the House and Senate should be willing to address entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid in deficit reduction negotiations. "From my side of the table, bring entitlement reform into ...

  • Medicare Fraud Prevention to Save Money on Senior Care

    It is well known that most nursing home residents are participants in the Medicaid and Medicare programs. Medicare is the health insurance program for seniors while Medicaid provides support for those with low-incomes.

  • Medicare Competition Makes Bipartisan Comeback

    After President Obama's reelection win, you might think that talk of competition in Medicare—a cornerstone of Mitt Romney's campaign—would fall by the wayside.

  • Why medicare choice matters to you

    Louise Heberling, 91, has been a Kaiser Permanente member for 60 years. She's healthy and a believer in prevention, including being active such as through gardening.

  • Medicare-for-All Is The Only Way To Go

    Winthrop Quigley, "Health Care Landscape Changing" published on Nov. 13, is quite correct that the chaos and disruption being experienced by thousands of New Mexicans who must choose between their medical care provider - doctor or nurse practitioner ...

  • Compare options for Medicare enrollment

    If you have Medicare coverage or you help someone who does, it's time for your annual homework assignment: comparing your options during open enrollment to see if you can do better.

  • Elder Law: Where is 'plateauing' today in Medicare?

    What is "plateauing" in the context of Medicare skilled nursing care, and where is it today? Well, it's sort of like not going over the "fiscal cliff" because you're on the plateau, but by being on the plateau you get shoved off the cliff with adverse ...

  • Covering the Bases: Review Medicare Part D plan options for the coming year

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rates the quality and performance of Medicare Part D drug plans.

  • Medicare spending runs gamut

    Medicare spending per patient varies widely at central Ohio hospitals, from 34 percent below the state average to 13 percent above it, data show.

  • Thankful for Social Security and Medicare- And for Opponents Like This

    I know there will be a lot of very thoughtful and moving blog posts today at all my favorite blogs and news sites about what different people are thankful for.

  • Tax law should not overly burden middle class

    Some may argue that Social Security and Medicare taxes are not income taxes because one-half of Social Security and Medicare taxes are "paid" by employers and not deducted from an employee's paycheck. The economic truth is that an employee's labor ...

  • Real Estate Insider: Demystifying the 3.8 percent Medicare tax

    In short, the 3.8 percent Medicare tax is a tax imposed on "unearned" net investment income that takes effect on Jan. 1. The tax evolved as an 11th hour addition to Section 1402 of the Health Care and Reconciliation Act of 2010.

  • With fiscal cliff, is AARP too firm on Medicare?

    I've long thought of AARP as an "old people's" organization, which might be enough reason to resist joining despite the attractive discounts and other benefits.

  • Medicare cuts give health providers jitters

    The $716 billion in Medicare "cuts" that got so much attention in the presidential election have already begun sinking their teeth into health care providers.

  • Medicare eligibility, payment rates on table in 'fiscal cliff' talks

    Businesses focused on future tax rates to come out of the "fiscal cliff" negotiations also need to keep an eye on the other bargaining chips in the debate - spending cuts for Medicare and Medicaid. The fiscal cliff, also described by the equally ...

  • Fix Medicare by lowering the eligibility age

    Among the points discussed in this "fiscal cliff" conversation is the impending insolvency of Medicare. That "entitlement " program must be reformed.

  • For Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012: Medicare, education and Maine's treasures

    My usual appreciation for the quality and fairness of the BDN was diminished by the editorial accusing Maine teachers and the Maine Education Association of playing politics and misinterpreting Gov.

  • U. Iowa hospital disputes Medicare audit finding

    IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - The University of Iowa Hospitals will repay some money that an audit found it received by mistakenly overbilling Medicare, but it disputes that it should refund $550,000 more for claims tied to a commonly used cancer drug, a ...

  • Private cardiologists selling to hospitals

    Thomas Lewandowski, a Wisconsin heart doctor, was faced with a dilemma after his Medicare payments were cut and his overhead costs soared: fire half his staff to keep his practice open or sell it to a local hospital.

  • Medicare premiums going up $5 a month, less than expected as medical ...

    WASHINGTON - Medicare premiums are going up $5 a month in 2013, the government said Friday. It's less than expected, but still enough to eat up about one-fourth of a typical retiree's cost-of-living raise next year.

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