Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Media humor

  • Social Media Networks Highlight Humor and Sarcasm for US Presidential ...

    Amid the seriousness of the 2012 presidential campaign, Americans turn to social media networks to take aim at the parties with a good dose of humor and sarcasm. And the Top Ten are: The hashtag #eastwooding went viral on Twitter after Hollywood star ...


  • Hurricane Sandy: Fake Pictures, Memes, Social Media Reaction

    Hurricane Sandy is a massive, deadly storm that has already taken dozens of lives in the Caribbean. But northeasterners tucked away in their homes waiting for the storm to hit have been lighting up Twitter and Facebook with everything from Sandy humor ...


  • A night of humor — after day of campaign criticism

    Associated Press. NEW YORK - President Barack Obama on Thursday rejected criticism that his administration has offered a confused response to the attack on the U.S.


  • DeGeneres receives Twain humor prize, and kudos for her courage

    Ellen DeGeneres received the Mark Twain Prize for humor Monday night at the Kennedy Center, but the all-star tribute was as much about the joyful comedian's landmark personal revelation as about her comedic talents.


  • Marlee Matlin explains why some parodies aren't funny

    This was the week I seriously contemplated pulling out of Social Media. No blogging, no ... Not that I don't have a sense of humor; just watch all the times I've been on "Family Guy," or my episodes of "Seinfeld," "My Name is Earl" and "Spin City." It ...


  • Demand Media Reports & Beats Estimates: eHow #13 US Web Property ...

    Cracked.com maintained its ranking as the most visited humor site in the US throughout the first half of 2012, with more time spent on the site than any other humor website. The Cracked Network, which includes IndieClick, ranked as the #1 Humor ...


  • Dirk Hopeful, Humorous, Defiant About Return

    DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) - Dirk Nowitzki was at times hopeful, at times humorous and at times a bit defiant as the Dallas Mavericks icon met the media Tuesday in his first post-surgery interview and, among other many points, called speculation about his ...


  • Our Shameful News Media

    Our Shameful News Media. BY Charles Memminger - As a former humor columnist, I usually take a lighter touch to issues of the day.


  • Social Pulse: Will social media elect the president?

    Digital media has transformed the way we participate in our democracy. Exhibit A: The presidential election. Both candidates have amplified their tactics through social media, and the American public has answered through advocacy, humor, and fact ...


  • Acadiana's Multi-Media StationNational WW2 Museum exhibit: POWs held by ...

    Associated Press. NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A violin made from bed slats, a bomber jacket, and journals filled with humor, nostalgia, sorrow and boredom help to tell the stories of the 92,820 Allied soldiers held in nearly 100 Nazi prisoner of war camps.


  • Book review: 'Kurt Vonnegut: Letters' shows his distinctive mix of irreverence ...

    A posthumous collection of short stories by Kurt Vonnegut will be released this November. The collection, called "Look at the Birdie," contains 14 stories by the legendary author, Delacorte Press announced Friday. ... The main ingredients are ...


  • Turning to political satire shows lend humor and information

    John Stewart and Stephen Colbert's use of humor and satire works to shine a light on the mainstream media's crooked practices and breaks down the facts of their often politically charged claims.


  • Shut Out of Party Congress and Power Transfer, Chinese Citizens Turn to Humor

    If you're interested how the process works, this Associated Press report spells it out. For ordinary Chinese, the meetings may as well be happening on Mars.


  • 5 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Reputation

    So ask yourself how you can infuse your own character or sense of humor within each post. This is the essence of branding. The last thing you want to be is forgettable.


  • In Kerala, Political Humor is Embraced

    India may have dented its image as a champion of press freedom after the anticorruption activist Aseem Trivedi was arrested in September for lampooning the Parliament in a cartoon, but, in fact, political satire has a long history in many parts of the ...


  • Vaught's Views: Phillips keeping sense of humor about job status

    At his weekly press conference Monday, he was asked how he dealt with speculation that the Joker Phillips' era at Kentucky is over after three years because of his team's 1-8 record after its loss Saturday at Missouri.


  • Equal opportunity offender

    Don Rickles, 86, doesn't care who he offends, and that's part of his appeal. / NJ Press Media ... The king of insult humor returns to New Jersey to perform Saturday at Trump Taj Mahal. Rickles is a relatively short drive away from his birthplace ...


  • Selling History, Humor And Cartoons

    How do you market a book that combines serious history, irreverent humor, and cartoons? That was the challenge facing author-cartoonist Stan Mack (creator of the legendary Village Voice comic strip "Stan Mack's Real Life Funnies" and the Adweek strip ...


  • Disney meets Star Wars and a history of commonly misheard lyrics (a mixed bag ...

    The merger of Star Wars into the Disney fold has definitely been inspiring a lot of interest and creativity on the Internet, and Eclectic Method has found a fascinating way of paying tribute to the new media mixture with this media mix of their own ...


  • Djokovic treats media with chocolate after reaching the championship match at ...

    Djokovic, who last week walked out on court at the Paris Masters with a Darth Vader mask to celebrate Halloween, is known for his good humor. Some videos on YouTube of him impersonating rival players have gone viral. Djokovic was originally scheduled ...


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