Friday, November 23, 2012


  • Honey Boo Boo turned into a trash-art masterpiece

    Child reality star Honey Boo Boo has been transformed into a trash masterpiece. Mosaic artist Jason Mecier, has created a "junk portrait" depicting the 7-year-old former beauty pageant queen (whose real name is Alana Thompson), using 25 pounds of trash ...

  • Review: 'Life of Pi' is a masterpiece by Ang Lee

    Ang Lee's "Life of Pi" asks that we take a leap of faith along with a boy named Pi Patel and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker as an angry ocean and the ironies of fate set them adrift.

  • Student 'masterpieces' at Rowland High School

    We're all masterpieces, according to Richard Hight. Diamonds in the rough, according to the guest speaker at the Connections to the Future luncheon at Rowland High School on Nov. 15.

  • MSO's version of The Rite of Spring: Last rites for a modern masterpiece

    Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring was one of the seminal moments that created modern art. One critic noted that at its premiere performance in May of 1913, "the 20th century began.

  • Art's perfect theft: Flemish Renaissance masterpiece missing for 7 decades

    "The Just Judges" panel of the Van Eyck brothers' multi-panel Gothic masterpiece hasn't been seen since 1934, when chief suspect Arsene Goedertier suffered a stroke at a political rally and died after murmuring those fateful words to a confidant.

  • 'Life of Pi' is a visionary masterpiece

    It's tempting to fling words like "miracle" and "awe" around, but let's just settle for "visionary masterpiece" to denote what we see on-screen - something absorbing and extraordinary that you've never seen before or probably imagined, either. Unless ...

  • Stolen Rembrandts, other masterpieces, net thieves little more than heat, say ...

    Twenty-two years later, the priceless masterpieces remain missing and authorities say the paintings -- like others stolen in high-profile art heists, including one in the Netherlands last month -- are likely stashed away, of little value to the thieves ...

  • Masterpiece musical

    Victor Hugo once saw the Greek word "anarkia", meaning destiny, on the wall as he passed Notre Dame de Paris. Then, it became the inspiration of his masterpiece, Notre Dame de Paris, which has been interpreted in a variety of art forms. The musical ...

  • Glasgow Boys masterpiece by Sir James Guthrie acquired by the National ...

    John Leighton, Director-General, National Galleries of Scotland commented: "Guthrie's In the Orchard is a key masterpiece in the story of Scottish art and, at a time when funding is obviously very scarce, it is entirely fitting that NGS and Glasgow ...

  • "good kid, mAAd city": Instant masterpiece

    "good kid, m.A.A.d city," the latest from hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar, is not a classic. It is a masterpiece. There is a difference.

  • Gandhi: Destined to fail but manages to be a masterpiece

    PANAJI: It has been 30 years. But if there is one thing Suresh Jindal hasn't stopped doing, it is answering questions about the 1982 multiple-Oscar award winning film Gandhi.

  • Jack Vettriano's latest masterpiece to raise £100k for Scots charity

    HE IS one of the most popular and best loved artists of his generation, and now award-winning Scots painter Jack Vettriano has given us a sneak peek at his latest masterpiece. The Fifer's newest piece of work, Night-time Rituals II is unveiled today ...

  • Lincoln: A Modern Masterpiece

    Although it is a masterpiece, this film is not for the masses. It is too rich and complex, the pace too leisurely, the dialogue too intricate and subtle, to reach the audience it deserves.

  • Mozart, Requiem, a classical masterpiece

    Despite the theatre and the famous movie, Requiem was commissioned by a eccentric count in Vienne called Franz von Walsegg (you can read the whole story –and some more details- here.

  • DASH is Now Giving Away a Masterpiece Prime AND Lambor (and entering is ...

    Let's get right back to the point. We're still giving away a Masterpiece Optimus Prime, and you can earn your chance to win if you sign up for a new free membership on Collector-ActionFigures.

  • "Lincoln" a Riveting Masterpiece

    I've always wanted to write a review that begins that way, and "Lincoln," the new film by Stephen Spielberg, affords me that opportunity.

  • Alfred Hitchcock: Masterpiece Collection - Vertigo

    October 30, 2012 is when Universal is releasing the 'Alfred Hitchcock: Masterpiece Collection' containing fifteen of the director's seminal works.

  • The Transformers Masterpiece Sideswipe Euphorium

    The arrival of a new Masterpiece Transformer is a very special day in my household. To be fair, I have a love/hate relationship with them.

  • Candy Masterpiece sales up for holidays

    Fresh-made fine chocolates, creamy fudge and chewy taffy are just part of the reason why most folks are smiling when they enter Candy Masterpiece, said owner-manager Angie Bruskotter. A candy store is a destination spot that people head to buy treats ...

  • Lumia 920: Nokia's flawed masterpiece

    In many respects, the 920 is a flawed masterpiece: a wonderful piece of hardware let down by a few key design mistakes. The first thing you notice when you pick up the Lumia 920 is its heft and its thickness.

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