Monday, November 12, 2012


  • Massachusetts defense industry watching Elizabeth Warren closely

    WASHINGTON - It is one legacy of Senator Scott Brown's tenure in Washington that Elizabeth Warren may want to continue: champion of the defense industry, a critical component of the Massachusetts economy. But how the liberal senator-elect will come ...

  • Massachusetts Man Finds $20000 In Used Book, Searches For Rightful Owner

    A Massachusetts man was shopping at a used book-swap in Wellesley, Mass. last month when he discovered a book with $20,000 hidden in its pages, CBS Boston reports.

  • Sarah Iselin to become chief strategy officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of ...

    Sarah Iselin will leave her post as president of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation this month to become chief strategy officer for the nonprofit's namesake insurer.

  • Massachusetts commuter rail begins smartphone ticketing system

    The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) just announced that passengers on some of its commuter rail "T" lines can now purchase digital tickets straight from their smartphones (on either Android or iOS).

  • Neal Simon: Incumbency, history pointed to an Obama win

    Never underestimate the power of incumbency. That's my biggest takeaway from election day 2012. I also learned one other thing: Donald Trump apparently has a problem with free elections.

  • Assisted Dying Advocates Deflated After...

    More than 1.5 million Massachusetts voters said "no" to a ballot measure last week that would have allowed doctor-assisted suicide for the terminally ill, clinching a 51 percent majority.

  • Jared Olar: A failed president achieves success

    For those of you who have been living under a rock, or who just came out of a coma, last Tuesday, defying historical precedent, President Barack Obama managed to eke out a 50-48 victory in the popular vote over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

  • Medical Marijuana Law Called 'Landlord's Nightmare,' Owners Send Complaint ...

    The regulations of the recently passed Medical Marijuana act in Massachusetts haven't been officially figured out yet, but the potential pot law is already setting off smoke alarms for rental agencies and local landlords.

  • Officials: It's Time to Change the Outdated Liquor Laws in Massachusetts

    On November 6, State Senator James Eldridge was reelected to a third term in office on Beacon Hill—which gives him a perfect opportunity to take another shot at trying to change the antiquated liquor laws in Massachusetts. "I want to lift the cap and ...

  • BC-MA--Massachusetts News Digest, MA

    BOSTON —The Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren lawn signs are still dotting the landscape, but in politics-obsessed Massachusetts, speculation is already turning to the next election —or two. The first is the 2014 race for governor. Democratic Gov.

  • State agency going to where veterans need help

    Richard Yarde returned to his home state of Massachusetts in 1968 after serving as a machine gunner in Vietnam. Between the combat he had seen and the shame of serving in an unpopular war, he said, it took him nearly 30 years to walk into a Veterans ...

  • Auto Bits: Prepare your garage for winter

    Colder weather not only has you shutting the windows and cranking up the heat, but also bringing all your belongings indoors to protect them from the winter elements.

  • Here is the latest Massachusetts business news from The Associated Press

    BOSTON (AP) - A solid majority of Massachusetts voters favor overturning a U.S. Supreme Court decision that lifted many restrictions on corporate spending in political elections.

  • Massachusetts police sends troopers to NJ's areas hit hardest by Sandy

    STURBRIDGE, Mass. - Massachusetts state police have sent a contingent of troopers to New Jersey to help with patrols in areas that saw heavy damage from Superstorm Sandy.

  • Study: Massachusetts Independent Insurance Agents Have Over $1 Billion ...

    A recent study commissioned by the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) showed that independent insurance agencies contributed over $1 billion to the state economy last year, in payroll, employee benefits, taxes, rent, and charitable ...

  • The jargon of used-car salesmen

    General Motors once used the "OK Used Cars" promotion to sell re-certified used cars. However, there is a special used car lingo utilized by salesmen that could save you from making a big mistake if you understand.

  • Massachusetts officials pay tribute on Veterans Day

    The tribute was led by Col. Andrea Gayle-Bennett, a physician's assistant who has served in the Massachusetts Army National Guard for more than 28 years.

  • Keira Knightley returns in another period costume drama

    Keira Knightley's star has been steadily rising. The British actor was introduced to American audiences via her small role as handmaiden to Natalie Portman's Padme in "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.

  • Veteran's Day: What I Never Told You

    Veterans' Day is a reminder that a soldier's terror, courage, and faith make freedom possible. Candy Kyler Brown retraced her father's World War II footsteps when Staff Sergeant John Roland Kyler, at age 20, parachuted from the skies after his B-17 was ...

  • Lloyd Garver: Post-election elation

    I'm still excited about last Tuesday's election. Not just President Barack Obama's supporters but every American should have been thrilled last Tuesday night.

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