Monday, November 12, 2012


  • Equality wins at the polls

    For years, the debate about same-sex marriage was mainly an intellectual controversy. But in 2003, it moved into the realm of actual policy.

  • It appears that gay marriage won't destroy marriage

    In 32 states in which gay marriage was put to a vote, its record was 0-32. Well into his first term, President Obama, who had declared himself a "fierce advocate" for gays and lesbians, delayed action on a campaign promise to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

  • Report: Vatican keeps focus on gay marriage fight despite setbacks

    Catholic church leaders are not giving up their fight against gay marriage and argue they're winning the battle despite setbacks in the election last week, according to the Vatican semiofficial newspaper.

  • End marriage discrimination in the U.S. military

    This year marks the first Veterans Day since President Obama became the first sitting president to embrace the freedom to marry (and win reelection on a freedom to marry platform). Explaining his change of heart - the same change in favor of the ...

  • Same-sex marriage approval could boost business for wedding services

    Immediately after same-sex marriage was approved by popular vote in Maryland on Tuesday night, the Rev. Bonnie Berger's Facebook page began buzzing with inquiries.

  • Christians And Muslims Unite Against Gay Marriage In Liberia

    It's always nice when religious groups can put aside their differences and come together to oppress another group of people, ain't it?

  • Maryland Defends Marriage Equality

    The Governor said, "We found a way to have a bigger conservation around the issue of race and marriage equality. We rose above fear and suspicion and embraced the higher goals of human dignity and freedom.

  • Gay marriage post led to firing, book blogger for conservative magazine says

    The next day, however, Myers posted another item on gay marriage, this time on his own blog, Literary Commentary, where his posts are apparently neither approved nor edited by Commentary staff.

  • Vatican: Gay marriage causes polygamy

    In light of stunning, sweeping gains for marriage equality not just in last week's United States elections but in France and Spain, it was inevitable that the men in long dresses and funny hats would get their dander up.

  • Pro-Family Advocates Concerned About the Advance of Same-Sex "Marriage"

    Tuesday was a devastating day for pro-family advocates concerned about the advance of same-sex "marriage" and homosexual activism.

  • State prepares for spike in marriage licenses

    County officials are planning for longer hours in King, Pierce and Thurston counties to handle an expected rush of gay and lesbian couples wanting to take advantage of their new right to marry. Marriage licenses become available Dec. 6 when Referendum ...

  • Limited Government Case Against Gay Marriage

    Same-sex marriage advocates frequently appeal to our country's limited government tradition to urge redefining the age-old, cross-cultural understanding of marriage as the union of husband and wife into a union where a husband or a wife is unnecessary.

  • Gay marriage opponents push Starbucks boycott over R-74

    NOM President Brian Brown said in a conference call the organization hopes to undermine Starbucks and others by making people in countries opposed to same-sex marriage or homosexuality in general aware of the companies support for gay marriage.

  • 'Next Iron Chef': A winner, a loser and a marriage proposal

    "The Next Iron Chef" has brought many competitors to their knees over the seasons. But this week, it brought a judge to her knees.

  • YOUR VIEW: Kennedy gay marriage article

    Since you have asked, Joey Kennedy, I'm going to tell you what I think. Tell me please, why is gay marriage "good for the country"?

  • Dan Savage On Gay Marriage Victories, Obama's Reelection And Tammy Baldwin

    "This is the first election where marriage equality was on the ballot and voters approved it," the outspoken lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocate told Behar.

  • How Supreme Court conservatives could support gay marriage: A modest proposal

    The Court could select one of the eight cases now challenging the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, or it might hear Hollingsworth v. Perry, where the opposing gladiators of Bush v. Gore—Ted Olson and David Boies—have joined ...

  • Inmate files lawsuit over revoked marriage license

    Jeremy Devers, who is serving a 99-year sentence for murder, and Patricia Locke had planned to marry at Kentucky State Reformatory earlier this year, but had to cancel at the ceremony because the Bullitt County Clerk revoked their marriage license.

  • Same-Sex Marriage Splits Churches

    Rev. Todd Eklof, left, of The Unitiarian Universalist Church of Spokane, refused to marry anyone for the past decade in protest of bans on same-sex marriage. Tracy Springberry, center, has asked Eklof to marry her and her partner, Lisa Avery. (Dan ...

  • Garcia, Staerk discuss Ill. marriage equality after '8' performance

    Some audience members asked questions about the prospect of marriage equality in Illinois following successful ballot measures in four states to approve it in the recent General Election and both activists were quick to note the conducive legislative ...

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