Friday, November 2, 2012

Marriage advice

  • Marriage Advice: Should You Get Married? Twitter Has Answers

    Sometimes, you just need a little nudge to pop the question. It's all too convenient if that little nudge comes in the form of a trending Twitter topic.

  • Taking the long views on love and marriage

    The Cornell Marriage Advice Project is looking for sage insights from people 60 and over on that most fascinating of all topics, romantic love and what comes afterwards.

  • Ladies man wants lesson on love disclosure

    A married man who has a good marriage to Lady A meets Lady B. Lady B is married, but the man doesn't know what kind of marriage Lady B has. He has never met Lady B's husband. The man falls in love with Lady B but has never told her that. The man ...

  • Thomas Rhett Sought Out Luke Bryan for Marriage Advice

    Thomas Rhett married his wife Lauren earlier this month. Despite being told he was crazy for marrying so young - he's 22 - and especially when his career is just about to take off, he knew Lauren was 'The One.

  • Advice: How can I marry him if his parents hate me?

    Dear Carolyn: I'm in a committed relationship. We're on the path to marriage. The problem is his parents: They don't like me -- at all.

  • Marriage advice: Five keys to marital success

    Marriage advice: Five keys to marital success. © 2012 The News-Sentinel. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  • 5 marriage lessons learned the hard way

    SALT LAKE CITY - The best marriage and relationship advice may not come from your parents, or even your grandparents after 50-plus years of marriage. It turns out that those who may know the most about what it takes to make a marriage work are those ...

  • Michelle Obama's Marriage Advice: Friendship Is What Gets You Through

    First Lady Michelle Obama has a bit of marriage advice for "Extra's" Mario Lopez. She told him, "As my husband would say, just make her happy.

  • Dave Ramsey says: Marriage debt and career selection advice

    Dave Ramsey says: Marriage debt and career selection advice. Print; Font [+] [-]. Leave a comment ». By Dave Ramsey.

  • Marriage advice: Focusing on spouse's good points improves marital satisfaction

    Marriage advice: Focusing on spouse's good points improves marital satisfaction. © 2012 The News-Sentinel. All rights reserved.

  • Marriage advice: Helping spouse meet obligations helps your marriage

    You're dating and in love! You're committed to a future together, and you support each other's dreams. Your relationship seems perfect.

  • Advice: I'm in a bad marriage - make it work or cut my losses?

    Advice: I'm in a bad marriage - make it work or cut my losses? CAROLYN HA, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Copyright 2012 Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

  • David Hunter: Marriage advice: Give in on the shirts

    It was a simple enough question, but I realized the fate of a treasured shirt was hanging in the balance. "You can hardly see the tear when I wear a black T-shirt under it.

  • Precautionary Tax Advice for Gay Couples

    In looking forward to the impending decision by the Supreme Court of whether or not to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, same-sex couples are being advised to file for a protective refund claim, which applies to income taxes, estate taxes, as well ...

  • Marriage advice: 'Pygmalion' approach chips away at loving relationship

    Greek legend tells of a great sculpture, Pygmalion, who spent years carving an ivory statue of a woman of perfect beauty. He succeeded.

  • Don't deny others their rights; vote 'no' on marriage amendment

    He has proven himself for more than 50 years to be an outstanding and loyal citizen of the United States and to Minnesota. He has given my family wonderful advice, more than a few times, on my marriage and has helped my family through many difficult ...

  • Long-lost love spurs thoughts of 'adieu' to marriage

    He is married and has a son. We met at a cafe. When we were young my parents threw away anything with his name on it, including my engagement ring!

  • Dear Abby Has Marriage Advice for Minnesota

    It's not often that I'll simply reprint a blast e-mail from one of the many marriage campaigns happening this year, but this one is too good not to share.

  • Ray Romano Shares Marriage Tips

    If we do have a love scene, I'll tell my wife what I always tell her, which is great marital advice. I'll say, 'Go cry in a bag of money!

  • Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Advice For a Long Marriage

    With so much planning towards our wedding day, sometimes I think a little ahead. I know, I know—stay focused on the big event! But I can't help to think of being married, of being in a marriage, and becoming a wife to a remarkable man. It is exciting ...

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