Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marijuana tourism

  • Colorado, Washington officials: No plans to promote marijuana tourism

    Colorado tourism officials tell the Denver Post they have no plans to promote so-called marijuana tourism, and officials in Washington have indicated a similar position.

  • Marijuana Tourism: Will Colorado Become America's Amsterdam?

    Marijuana tourism could become one of the premier tourist attractions alongside the great skiing in Colorado following the passing of the state's Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana for personal growth and use.

  • Kansas braces for effects of Colorado marijuana vote

    But Kansas law enforcement officials want to remind tourists from Kansans who venture next door seeking to take advantage of that state's new amendment legalizing recreational marijuana not to bring any of the pot they purchase back home with them.

  • Pot Legalization And The Future Of Colorado Tourism

    But the most prominent experiment in drug tourism, Amsterdam's embrace of both weed and its smokers, has done little to decrease that city's appeal.

  • Colorado, Washington OK recreational marijuana use

    Marijuana plants grow at the Northwest Patient Resource Center medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle. Washington and Colorado are the first states in the nation to let adults over 21 buy taxed, inspected marijuana at state-licensed shops, but ...

  • Pot tourism could be coming to the Gorge

    PORTLAND -- Originally a logging town, Stevenson, Washington reinvented itself into a tourist destination after federal timber money dried up.

  • Concerns raised over 'cannabis tourism' as two US states legalise marijuana use

    Colorado's tourism director, Al White, tried to downplay the prospect of a new marijuana tourism boom, saying: 'It won't be as big a deal as either side hopes or fears.

  • Pot entrepreneurs make plans for potential marijuana tourism in Colorado

    "We open at 9 a.m., and the phone was ringing all morning with people from all over the country," said Steve Horwitz, owner of Ganja Gourmet, a medical marijuana dispensary specializing in edible marijuana. "Every two minutes, the phone was ringing and ...

  • 10 Things to Know for Today

    Hit the slopes - and then a bong? Colorado's newly passed recreational marijuana measure opens the door to a new world of pot tourism. 10. COLTS FEELING LUCKY. Rookie quarterback Andrew Luck runs for two touchdowns and Indianapolis improves to ...

  • Marijuana Laws to Face Federal Challenge

    Also in the wake of the votes in Colorado and Washington, people were wondering whether the states would become destinations for marijuana tourism. As long as visitors to the states purchase and use the drug while in those states, they would be within ...

  • Amendment 64 not prodding Colorado to promote marijuana tourism

    Critics of the amendment - which nearly 55 percent of state voters approved on Tuesday - assailed the proposal with dire warnings of marijuana tourists turning Colorado into a red-lighted den of iniquity, a la Amsterdam. "It was one of our opponents ...

  • No plans to market pot in Steamboat Springs

    Steamboat Springs - As the snow starts to fly and ski resorts open for the season, opinions vary on whether the legalization of marijuana in Colorado will impact the state's tourism industry. While some see opportunities, others have expressed concerns.

  • Amsterdam Cannabis Cafes To Stay Open To All As Mayor Drops Tourist Drug Ban

    "The 1.5 million tourists will not say 'then no more marijuana', they will swarm all over the city looking for drugs," said van der Laan, who, according to the BBC, has "long opposed a ban.

  • On The Ballot In Colorado, Oregon, Washington: Marijuana Tourism?

    Several states in the U.S. will vie to become the first in the nation to legalize marijuana Tuesday, and, coming off of the heels of Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan's announcement last week that his city would not enforce a pot ban on tourists ...

  • Can you fix it? Legalising cannabis would boost tourism

    Can you fix it? Legalising cannabis would boost tourism. NICK FORREST. Last updated 09:30 09/11/2012. cannabis. WASTE OF RESOURCES: The millions of dollars spent in legislation, and policing such a harmless drug is shocking, writes Nick Forrest.

  • Lamphier: Tax revenues going up in smoke B.C. should legalize Bud

    The measures also opens the door for marijuana tourism.(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski). EDMONTON - Like the voters in two U.S. states, I'm in favour of legalizing marijuana.

  • Colorado marijuana-legalization measure raises question of pot tourism

    Colorado's legalization of limited possession of marijuana - if voters approve it this November - would bring the attention of the nation to the state, both sides of the issue agreed Wednesday.

  • Amsterdam's cannabis cafes to welcome tourists

    Window of Amsterdam cannabis cafe Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan has announced that the city's cannabis cafes will remain open next year after plans to reduce drug tourism were dropped. He made the decision after taking into account the ...

  • Marijuana legalization: Economics and civil liberties

    Allen St. Pierre of NORML, who celebrated the victory yesterday said he was looking forward to "the amount of cannabis tourism that's about to happen," reports AlterNet. More from GlobalPost: Marijuana may slow cancer growth: Study. "Over the past ...

  • Marijuana: Michael Hancock rips Amendment 64, campaign responds

    In fact, he thinks Denver is already less attractive to some tourists because of the existence of medical marijuana in the state.

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