Wednesday, November 21, 2012


  • Lucasfilm faces a galaxy of books and comics to navigate with 'Star Wars' sequels

    LOS ANGELES - Darth Vader is dead. The evil Emperor exploded after being thrown down a shaft. And Luke Skywalker and his allies destroyed both Death Stars, restoring balance to the Force.

  • Cornel Lucas: film star portraits

    Cornel Lucas: film star portraits - in pictures. Cornel Lucas, the doyen of British film stills photographers, died on 8 November.

  • 'Star Wars': How George Lucas Gave Lucasfilm to Kathleen Kennedy

    Over at they've got a great series of interviews with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy in which the pair discuss their long history together and how Kennedy got involved with Lucasfilm way back when. But the most interesting stuff is in ...

  • Star Wars rumours swirl as Lucasfilm chief hints at ambitious plans

    But according to a number of US sites, new Lucasfilm chief executive Kathleen Kennedy has a far more aggressive plan. She is quoted as telling the new edition of Entertainment Weekly, which is due to hit US news stands today, that Disney envisions "two ...

  • Disney Buys Lucasfilm for $4B, Targets Star Wars: Episode 7 for 2015

    In a move sure to shock fans of the Mouse House and George Lucas, the Walt Disney Company said Tuesday it has agreed to acquire Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion in cash and stock. The company also announced that it is prepping Star Wars: Episode 7 for ...

  • Disney Buying Lucasfilm Is the Best Lucasfilm News in 20 Years

    A strange thing happened when it was announced that Disney had purchased Lucasfilm and was intent on continuing the Star Wars franchise: people forgot how shitty Lucasfilm has been. That's the only explanation for many of the reactions. Our friends at ...

  • Disney, Lucasfilm 'Star Wars: Episode VII' To Be Followed By 2 To 3 Movies ...

    George Lucas' successor and president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, revealed Disney's big plans for Lucasfilm during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, according to Kotaku. Kennedy reportedly said the company wants to produce "two or three ...

  • Disney-Run LucasFilm Will Churn Out Two Or Three Films A Year Says Kathleen ...

    Upon finding out Disney was purchasing LucasFilm, we knew we'd at least be getting three new Star Wars movies. A few other ideas were floated around but it was probably silly of us to think the projects would be limited.

  • LucasFilm Moves to Protect Patent Agreement with Digital Domain

    LucasFilm Ltd., George Lucas's famed film studio that was recently acquired by Walt Disney Co. (DIS), is taking issue with Digital Domain Media Group Inc.'s (DDMGQ) proposed intellectual-property sale, saying its agreement with Digital Domain to use ...

  • Lucasfilm Wants to Make "Two or Three" Movies a Year. That's a Lot of <em>Star ...

    Lucasfilm Wants to Make "Two or Three" Movies a Year. That's a Lot The next Star Wars movie, Episode VII, is just the tip of a money-coloured iceberg Disney plans to harvest in the wake of its takeover of the franchise from George Lucas.

  • What about Indy? The Disney/Lucasfilm deal and the future of 'Indiana Jones'

    Amid the flurry of Twitterpation over the deal for Disney to buy Lucasfilm and the subsequent plans for a new trio of Star Wars feature films, the fate of another beloved brainchild of George Lucas was lost a bit in the shuffle: Indiana Jones.

  • Indiana Jones 5 Still Unlikely After Disney-Lucasfilm Deal

    Kids of the 70s and 80s have been processing a lot of excitement lately, with news that Disney had bought Lucasfilm and was planning not one but three new Star Wars movies.

  • Disney likely to treat Lucasfilm like Pixar

    As far as many visual effects mavens were concerned, the Disney-Lucasfilm merger sent a great disturbance through the Force.

  • Lucasfilm confirms: Michael Arndt will write Star Wars: Episode VII

    In an update to yesterday's post about Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3, Little Miss Sunshine) writing the next installment of the Star Wars saga, Lucasfilm confirmed on that it's official: Arndt is writing the screenplay for Star Wars: Episode ...

  • Lucasfilm Faces New Accusation of Pregnancy Discrimination

    VFX artist Luis Pages says Lucasfilm Singapore promised inaccurately that he'd have broad medical insurance if he relocated to Singapore for a job with the company - but then fired him without explanation after his wife's pregnancy turned medically ...

  • Iger Talks Advertising, Consumer Trends, and LucasFilm

    On the heels of an earnings report that was right in line with expectations, Disney's CEO Bob Iger says he has "great confidence in Disney's availability to sustain growth" from its biggest business, the media networks.

  • Disney buying Lucasfilm means...?

    Disney buying Lucasfilm means...? - : Home · Login; |; Sign Up · Advanced Search · Clear · 63° · Clear · Home · About Us · Sign up for Pacific Sun TODAY · Contact Us · Advertise with the Sun · Display Advertising · Where to find a copy ...

  • Former Lucasfilm CEO to Head 3D Company REZN8

    Charlie Weber, former CEO of Lucasfilm, has been named chairman of 3D animation and graphics company REZN8. At Lucasfilm, Weber oversaw the company's special-effects shop, Industrial Light and Magic, and helped produce "Star Wars" and "Indiana ...

  • Lucasfilm, Disney deal won't impact Letterman Digital Arts Center

    Disney's pending $4 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm should not have any immediate impact on the 850,00- square-foot Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco's Presidio National Park, according to real estate brokers who lease space in the complex.

  • Disney, Lucasfilm And Legos: When A Synthetic Long Position Makes Sense

    The path most followed in the individual investor account is to simply find a risk-appropriate mix of products (mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc.

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