Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lightning strike

  • Australia superstorm: Brisbane hit with 4000 lightning strikes

    Brisbane alone was hit with 4,000 lightning strikes in an hour, and 11,000 strikes total, the Australian reported. In some suburbs, cars had been washed away from parking spots, and trees were uprooted, downing power lines and damaging buildings ...

  • Lightning strikes twice as Arsenal beat Spurs 5-2.... again!

    IT WASN'T an embarrassing defeat, and it wasn't the fault of red card offender Emmanuel Adebayor: that was the emphatic verdict from Spurs boss Andres Villas Boas as he tried to explain away a 5-2 defeat at the hands of deadly rivals Arsenal.

  • Lightning Strike Damages Bell Tower at Little Rock Church

    Positive lightning strikes are known to last a fraction of a second longer than negative strikes and are often more damaging than negative strikes.

  • Lightning strike destroys Lufkin man's shed

    A former Lufkin mayor is hoping the phrase, "lightning never strikes the same place twice" holds true, after a shed in his backyard is hit by lightning and burned to the ground. Louis Bronaugh and his wife were sitting in two lawn chairs in their ...

  • Kansas-Baylor game delayed by weather after nearby lightning strike

    WACO, Texas - The Kansas-Baylor game is in a weather delay after a nearby lightning strike, with Baylor leading 20-14 at halftime.

  • Surgery restores vision for Frisco lightning strike victim

    He explained that cataracts are a common side-effect of a lightning strike; not that lightning strikes are common –– they are about a one-in-a million occurrence.

  • Lightning Strike Blows Out Transformers in Noe Valley

    lightning-strike-wiki.jpg About 100 households lost power in Noe Valley last night when a freak lightning strike took out five transformers near 24th and Hoffman Streets. Some of you who were awake around 1 a.m. in other parts of the city likely heard ...

  • Joe Compton, 11, hit by a lightning bolt outside Dorcan Academy in Swindon is ...

    'Lots of people who get hit by lightning don't survive so Joe is very lucky and so are we.' Joe underwent a careful treatment programme at the hospital, which included surgery for skin grafts, and will be fitted with a special body suit next month to ...

  • Lightning strikes delays move into new fire station

    "We couldn't move into the new station because we took a lightning strike on our communications tower Saturday night," Lufkin Fire Chief Ted Lovett said at the scene of the Montclair Street blaze.

  • The storm that electrified South Australia - 173000 lightning strikes, 80000 ...

    A BOY hit by lightning at Hallett Cove yesterday afternoon amid wide-spread storms has returned home from hospital - but 6000 homes across the state remained without power this morning.

  • Lightning strikes Anderson GOP headquarters

    According to our partners at the Herald Bulletin , the building was not damaged, only the chimney suffered slight damage. The building was evacuated and firefighters were dispatched to make sure a fire did not start as a result of the lightning strike.

  • Lightning Strikes Maple Grove Home, Just Blocks Away from Home Struck in July

    Lightning Strikes Maple Grove Home, Just Blocks Away from Home Struck in July. A Maple Grove home was severely damaged after being hit by lightning and burning early this morning.

  • Lightning ignites crane on hospital construction site

    The crane at Ipswich Hospital which created a spectacular sight to Ipswich residents. Photo: Sarah Harvey Sarah Harvey. A CRANE at the Ipswich Hospital construction site caught fire after it was struck by lightning this morning. Fire crews attend the ...

  • Lightning strikes Brooklin home, blows electric meter off wall

    Friend said the bolt of lightning hit a television antenna on the roof around 4 a.m. and traveled down the antenna wire into the house, where it melted the wire off the television set and then traveled through the power cord, down through the wall and ...

  • Lightning strike fire fear in wild weather

    New fires started by lightning strikes broke out at more than half-a-dozen places in the west of the state after the weather bureau issued a severe storm warning about 6pm.

  • Lightning strike shocks Whidbey General Hospital phone system

    A bolt of lightning struck a transformer last Saturday, damaging the phone system at Whidbey General Hospital. The lightning struck at approximately 8:15 a.m. Saturday hitting the transformer that was located near the area where the hospital houses its ...

  • Lightning strike causes extensive damage at Brooklin home

    Lightning strike causes extensive damage at Brooklin home. by Faith DeAmbrose. The occupants of a Hales Hill Road home were awoken by a lightning strike in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 20, according to Brooklin Fire Chief Sam Friend.

  • Lightning strikes Kaufman County sheriff vehicle, no injuries reported

    Lightning struck an occupied Kaufman County sheriff department vehicle at about 9 p.m. Saturday as severe weather passed through North Texas.

  • Boy survives lightning strike

    An Adelaide boy has spoken about his brush with death after a lightning bolt struck the ground less than a metre from his feet.

  • Pilbara worker survives lightning strike

    "One man was struck directly while the other was knocked to the ground by the force of the lightning strike," the McConnell Dowell statement said.

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