Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lightning strike plane

  • Passenger plane heading to Tokyo struck by lightning

    And the passenger plane landed at Tokyo Haneda Airport safely at around 11 p.m. local time on Sunday with no injuries, the report added.

  • Storm lashes Brisbane, turning day into night

    Near miss ... a lightning strike just misses a plane at Brisbane airport. Photo: Nicholas Cummins. The Queensland SES responded to more than 60 calls, mostly from residents asking for help with leaking roofs and fallen trees, and there were major ...

  • The Yuma F-35 Squadron Welcomes its First F-35 Bravo

    The Marine Corps welcomed its first operational F-35B aircraft, the Marine Corps variant of the F-35 Lightning II also known as the Joint Strike Fighter, to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Ariz. Friday, Nov. 16. The F-35B, one of three variants of the ...

  • Plane is struck by lightning

    A CARGO plane was hit by lightning as it flew low over the town, sparking rumours of an air crash at sea. Witnesses said the Manston-bound plane was flying below storm clouds on Sunday when the bolt of lightning struck. Nick Evans, communications ...

  • Brooklin Lightning Strike Damages Home

    BROOKLIN - A Brooklin couple escaped injury Saturday after a lightning strike hit their Hales Hill Road house and started a fire.

  • NTSB final report: Plane broke up in-flight through storms in NE Mississippi

    NTSB investigators say the wreckage was scattered over a 1.25 mile area after breaking up in-flight through the line of storms near the town of Mashulaville.

  • Washington DC-bound plane escorted by military jet

    Washington DC-bound plane escorted by military jet. Posted: Friday ... DENVER (AP) - A United Airlines flight from Denver has landed safely in Washington, D.C., after its crew reported an emergency because a passenger began praying in an aisle. KUSA-TV ...

  • Under Down Under

    We're experiencing a bit of lightning on the runway," says the captain casually as our plane arrives at Hobart.

  • BAE wary as fighter jet project hits turbulence

    An F-35 Lightning II, the Joint Strike Fighter, takes off for its first flight as part of system development testing Dec. 15, 2006, in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • WWII P-38 plane wreckage found

    Jim Clary, of St. Clair, with fragments from a Lockheed P-38D Lightning fighter plane that crashed in October 1941 in a field near Richmond.

  • WWII artifacts found at 1941 plane crash site in...

    The United States had not yet entered World War II when a Lockheed P-38D Lightning flown by 2nd Lt. Albert Voss slammed into a farm field after taking off from what was then Selfridge Field.

  • Ball lightning exists … but what on Earth is it?

    I've heard one report of ball lightning in a plane passing right through or around an air hostess as it travelled down the central aisle of the plane. (By contrast, outdoor ball lightning has been seen to initiate very damaging lightning strikes.) So ...

  • Navy's Move To Growler 70% Complete; Build-Up Reflects Stealth Doubts

    The Air Force retired its last radar-jamming aircraft in 1998 and placed its bets on radar-evading stealth aircraft: the twin-engine F-22 Raptor and its single-engine cousin the F-35 Lightning Joint Strike Fighter, both built by Lockheed Martin. The ...

  • Get carried away in Vietnam

    Soon, the city awakes to sweet porridges; coffee that sends a lightning bolt of caffeine to sleepy heads; sizzling steaks; broths that swim with turmeric, chilli and ginger.

  • Emirates Airbus A380 forced to make emergency landing, passengers say ...

    "I thought it could have been lightning but then we saw flames come out of the engine," he said. "The whole interior of the A380 lit up.

  • The Scandal We Should Be Talking About

    After years developing the F-22, Lockheed delivered a plane that has the pesky problem of leaving its pilots without oxygen (a problem the Pentagon is ironically addressing by giving Lockheed Martin an additional multi-million dollar contract ...

  • Serbs burn Croatia flag to protest generals' acquittal

    The generals were driven under police escort to Rotterdam airport where they boarded a Croatian government plane to fly back to a hero's welcome in Zagreb.

  • Another one bites the dust: PAL reports another bird strike

    Agustin detailed that what the MIAA does have is a PAL flight accident report recorded Monday, when its plane - PR 431 - suffered from a lightning strike at the Narita Airport in Japan. Agustin speculated that there might have been a "miscommunication" ...

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2- The Multiplayer Addiction Is Back

    But, how awesome would it be, to get one of the higher score streaks such as a swarm of the tiny drone planes (called hunter killers) that will seek out every target.

  • Ian Hamilton Finlay: the concrete poet as avant gardener

    The fighter plane taking off from the aircraft carrier over a calm sea with "LAWN" carved above is protecting, in one way or another, the pastoral acres of Stonypath.

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