Monday, November 12, 2012

Latinos & hispanics

  • The Latino Vote: The Way Forward

    With 75 percent of Hispanics voting for Obama, according to Latino Decisions study, they accounted for about 15 percent of Obama's total nationally - and substantially more in swing states like Colorado, Nevada and most likely Florida.

  • Republican Tendency To See Latino Voters As Only Concerned About ...

    SabrinaSiddiqui RT @sahilkapur: Lindsey Graham on GOP/Hispanics: "I intend to tear this wall down and pass an immigration reform bill.

  • The GOP's Latino Fallacy

    According to ABC, 68 percent of Latinos said Romney's policies favored the rich, compared with only 53 percent of Americans overall.

  • Will Identity Politics work for the GOP wooing Hispanics in Texas?

    Republicans are looking at two ways to do better - identity politics (running more Hispanics for office) and issue politics (doubling down on the economic, patriotic and family-value issues that appeal to Latinos). A look at the results in Texas ...

  • Hispanic Donors See Political Clout Rising

    Hispanics overwhelmingly backed Obama at the polls, pushing him to victory in such key states as Colorado and Florida. Nationally, Obama won 71% of the Latino vote to Republican Mitt Romney's 27%. And behind the scenes, Lopez and a cadre of wealthy ...

  • President Barack Obama's 77% share of Hispanic vote in New Mexico is record

    SANTA FE -- A poll released Friday by a national Latino research organization said President Obama captured 77 percent of the Hispanic vote in New Mexico, a powerhouse showing that enabled him to carry the state. The same percentage of Hispanics ...

  • Latinos Highlight America's Changing Face

    Much of that growth is coming from Hispanics. The trend has worked to the advantage of President Barack Obama two elections in a row now and is not lost on Republicans poring over the details of Tuesday's results.

  • Latinos Heading to Washington in Record Numbers

    Tuesday's election brought one more Hispanic to the U.S. Senate, bringing the total to three. History was made when Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate, became the first Latino to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate after he handily defeated Democratic ...

  • Rolling Stone Speaks Latino: Latest Issue Contains Secondary Cover Entirely In ...

    The articles in this issue are in English but the interview sidebars in Spanish, without any translations, sending a message that they were meant exclusively for the Latino and Hispanic community alone. Matt Mastrangelo, the publisher of Rolling Stone ...

  • ¿Habla EspaƱol?

    It's official: Latinos are now the nation's most coveted "new" voting bloc, and they'll have a record 31 members in Congress come January.

  • Many Hispanics at Risk for Diabetes

    Diabetes affects nearly 26 million people in the United States. In addition, another 79 million people are estimated to have pre- diabetes, a condition that puts people at increased risk for diabetes, and many Hispanics/Latinos are included in these ...

  • Arpaio tries mending rift with Latinos

    He said he hoped to repair relations with a Latino community angered by his hard-line policy of arresting undocumented immigrants, his frequent criticisms of Hispanic advocacy groups and allegations by the U.S. Justice Department that his agency ...

  • George P. Bush Begins Road to the White House

    Political observers say he could infuse new enthusiasm among Latinos in the Republican Party because of his seemingly moderate tone on immigration and because he is a Mexican from Miami - which gives him a broad appeal among Mexicans, the largest ...

  • Columnist Navarrette Betrays Voters, Latinos, and Himself

    In time for Election Day, syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr. penned a new op-ed, "Skip the line, Latino voters.

  • 2012 Election: Minorities Donating Little To Presidential Races

    The disparity in donating particularly affects Latinos. About 16 percent of the U.S. population is Hispanic, but not even 4 percent of the more than $1.3 billion in 3 million-plus itemized contributions came from mostly Hispanic neighborhoods this year ...

  • Latino voters turn the tide

    Exit polling shows clearly that Hispanic votes in battleground states - Nevada, Florida and Colorado - pushed Obama to victory.

  • Latino Decisions: Obama 73, Romney 21 with Hispanic voters

    For the 10 weeks the impreMedia-Latino Decisions poll has been taken the most important issue for Latinos consistently has been the economy and the latest release revealed that Romney and the Republican party have been unable to convince Latino ...

  • Latino vote key to Obama's re-election

    In 2008, Obama received 67% of the Latino vote. Latinos made up 9% of the electorate in 2008 with 19.5 million people eligible to vote.

  • Survey: Latinos confident about personal finances, nation's direction

    These figures also show that Hispanics are more confident about their own and the nation's situation than other races. Fifty-one percent of Latinos - compared to 31 percent of the general public - say they are satisfied with how things are going in ...

  • Heart Disease Risks Higher, But Varied For Hispanics/Latinos

    The Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL), funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

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