Sunday, November 18, 2012

Latino politics

  • Latino political clout in state a work in progress

    Hispanic and Latino immigrants may still be learning how to flex their political muscles, but they're also the fastest growing ethnic population, both nationally and in Connecticut.

  • Marco Rubio Makes First Postelection Visit to Iowa as GOP Looks Ahead to 2016

    ALTOONA, Iowa - Talking about the nation's struggling economy, Sen. Marco Rubio said the way to turn the country around is not to raise taxes on the wealthiest individuals, but rather to make "poor people richer.

  • Latino Money: The Missed Political Story of 2012

    First, this falls in the context of a basic political premise: a group, any group, doesn't own it's politics unless it can fund it.

  • George P. Bush, AZ Votes, Immigration Reform & More In Latino Politics Roundup

    Top issues on our Latino political roundup this week revolved around comments by Mitt Romney that the reason he lost was because Republicans didn't give "gifts" to minority voters, President Obama's announcement that he's moving towards immigration ...

  • Susana Martinez Rips Mitt Romney, Wants GOP Latino Outreach to Change

    Republican New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has her own message of hope and change for the GOP following Mitt Romney's defeat on Election Day.

  • Mercedes Olivera: Latino voters show political clout nationally, but Texas may ...

    To many Latino political veterans, President Barack Obama's heavy support among Latino voters in Tuesday's presidential election came as no surprise.

  • George P. Bush Eyes Texas Land Commissioner Post

    Political analysts say the young Bush, whose mom is a Mexican immigrant, has not made up his mind what office he will seek.

  • George P. Bush Begins Road to the White House

    Political observers say he could infuse new enthusiasm among Latinos in the Republican Party because of his seemingly moderate tone on immigration and because he is a Mexican from Miami - which gives him a broad appeal among Mexicans, the largest ...

  • Will Twinkies become Mexican?

    News broke Friday that the company will shut down. I hope the workers are able to keep their jobs. But don't despair. A Mexican company called Bimbo is one of those possibly vying to make a bid to buy out Hostess.

  • Latino Voters Expected to Double in Generation, Pew Study Finds

    Latino voters proved during last week's presidential election that they play an important role in key elections. A new study shows that their political muscle will continue to grow. A study by Pew Research Center based on U.S. Census Bureau data shows ...

  • Election 2012: Latino Races to Follow

    From California to Miami to Texas, Latinos are either making history this election or trying to hold on to their politics seats. One could be the first Latino astronaut to hold national office, another could be the first Latino senator in Texas history ...

  • Latinos in California Offer Republicans a Glimpse Into Party's Future

    The nation's most populous state - home to 1 in 8 Americans - has entered a period of Democratic political control so far-reaching that the dwindling number of Republicans in the Legislature are in danger of becoming mere spectators at the statehouse.

  • Latinos Highlight America's Changing Face

    Washington - It's not just the economy, stupid. It's the demographics - the changing face of America. The 2012 elections drove home trends that have been embedded in the fine print of birth and death rates, immigration statistics and census charts for ...

  • Hispanics and National Politics

    I put this question to Stanford University's Gary Segura, a political scientist who heads the polling group Latino Decisions and is a co-author of Latinos in the New Millennium, a recently published book that examines Hispanic opinions and preferences ...

  • Florida's Latino politics shaken up as Puerto Ricans shift the ground

    The Cuban songs played to a community that has for decades defined Latino politics in Florida as solidly pro-Republican. The Puerto Rican music was an acknowledgement that hegemony is increasingly under challenge from Latino migrants whose votes ...

  • NALEO predicts more political clout for Latinos

    Latino voters have grown in number and political clout in recent decades, but at 14 days from the presidential elections, a number of state laws have created "significant" obstacles to their right to vote, the National Association of Latino Elected and ...

  • Latino donors to Obama gain political clout

    They could leverage their influence to push Obama to act on issues important to the nation's fastest-growing minority community - such as comprehensive immigration legislation - and to seek an increase in the number of Latino political appointees in ...

  • Latino Candidates Hope to Make History

    "They didn't start out in politics but instead, spent time in other professions after going to college at some of the nation's top universities.

  • Brazil Begins Punishing Politicians, for First Time

    Rio de Janeiro - It's been seven years since the biggest political scandal involving the largest Latin American country took place.

  • Candidates Race for the Latino Swing That Could Spell Victory

    The race between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney seems tight, prompting some observers to conjure up the specter of a tie.

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