Saturday, November 10, 2012

Karl rove

  • Rove under fire

    Karl Rove is feeling the heat. The face of the historic $1 billion plan to unseat President Barack Obama and turn the Senate Republican, Rove now finds himself the leading scapegoat for its failure.

  • Karl Rove's having a bad week

    Perhaps the biggest recipient of that schadenfreude is Karl Rove. Rove has had a rough week, to put it mildly. After his infamous meltdown on Fox News Tuesday night - at one point in the evening Fox anchor Megyn Kelly asked him if his calculations were ...

  • Karl Rove's 19 Justifications For The GOP's 2012 Election Loss (VIDEO)

    Karl Rove's American Crossroads group has been on a charm offense in the wake of widespread Republican losses in Tuesday's election, attempting to reassure donors... President Obama: The First, And Perhaps Last, Super PAC-Slaying Democrat ...

  • The Week in Viral Videos: Election Edition

    From President Obama's reelection to Karl Rove's denial and Chris Rock's cogent observations, watch our countdown of this week's hottest videos.

  • For groups like Karl Rove's American Crossroads, was it worth it?

    One of the biggest spenders - American Crossroads, a super PAC backed by former George W. Bush administration strategist Karl Rove - had a lower rate of return than any other group in the general election, according to a tally by the non-partisan ...

  • Krazy Karl: He's Come Undone

    When Karl Rove dissembled on national TV election night, America got a rare glimpse at the psychological frailty that has long maintained the dark prince of right-wing politics.

  • Karl Rove: Obama 'succeeded by suppressing the vote'

    Karl Rove defended Republicans' work this election cycle, arguing that President Obama only won by making neither candidate look palatable and that Mitt Romney, not outside groups, should have fought back harder.

  • Karl Rove, American Crossroads Spin GOP Election Losses

    Karl Rove's groups, American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, spent millions of dollars in races where GOP candidates lost in the 2012 elections.

  • Karl Rove on Obama win: He 'suppressed the vote'

    Karl Rove says President Obama only got re-elected because he "suppressed the vote" of Americans who opposed him.

  • Karl Rove's election debacle: Super PAC's spending was nearly for naught

    Karl Rove was the political genius of the George W. Bush era -- the architect of the last Republican president's two electoral victories.

  • Karl Rove, read Nate Silver

    Embattled Karl Rove has laid out his qualms about the presidential election in an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.

  • American Crossroads Insists Donors Stand By Karl Rove, Blames Losses On ...

    Karl Rove's American Crossroads group has been on a charm offense in the wake of widespread Republican losses in Tuesday's election, attempting to reassure donors who gave the group more than $300 million to spend on candidates who largely were ...

  • Karl Rove: Obama succeeded by 'suppressing the vote'

    Fox News host Megyn Kelly introduced Karl Rove in a just-concluded segment by saying that Rove had had a day to think about the presidential election and was ready with some reflections.

  • Top Moments: Karl Rove Can't Handle the Truth and The Walking Dead's ...

    Weirdest Meltdown: Karl Rove bizarrely tries to argue with math on Fox News after multiple networks, including Fox News, calls the all-important swing state of Ohio and thus the election for President Obama.

  • Prosecute Karl Rove's Consumer Fraud?

    In a financial democracy, where bilking billionaires should be no more acceptable than preying on the poor, Karl Rove has a lot to answer for, starting with his Election Night outburst on Fox over Ohio vote counting.

  • Karl Rove: Obama Won 'By Suppressing The Vote'

    Mitt Romney lost the election because President Barack Obama engaged in voter suppression, according to Republican political strategist Karl Rove. "He succeeded by suppressing the vote," Rove said in an interview on Fox News with anchor Megyn Kelly ...

  • Sherrod Brown: 'Karl Rove Had A Bad Night'

    WASHINGTON -- Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), the unassuming, unabashed progressive who was a top target for Republicans this cycle, faced down $40 million in conservative attack ads -- and won.

  • Top Videos of the Week: Karl Rove's Avalanche and Voting Puppies

    ..." target="_blank">Karl Rove's on-air" ...

  • Where Karl Rove was right

    Give Karl Rove a break. His meltdown on election night may not have been entirely about Fox News prematurely calling Ohio for President Barack Obama.

  • Karl Rove In The Eye Of The Storm

    There are few people in politics with more explaining to do right now than Karl Rove. The one-time "architect" of George W. Bush's electoral victories spent the past two years extracting many hundreds of millions of dollars from wealthy and angry ...

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