Monday, November 26, 2012

Jets fans

  • Confrontational Jets' fans force Fireman Ed into retirement

    If you've paid the slightest bit of attention to NFL football at any point over the past 25 years, you probably know the New York Jets' iconic mascot, Fireman Ed. Unlike many mascots, Fireman Ed is not down on the field running around as an entertainer ...

  • Pats fans happy, wary after romp

    Save for Fireman Ed and other dazed, wandering Jets fans, we can all agree that the Thanksgiving night pro football offering on NBC was hugely entertaining.

  • 1 Jets fan 'Fireman Ed' flames out, announces retirement

    Anzalone said he will continue to attend Jets games as a fan, but he will not continue the personality of Fireman Ed.

  • Miserable Jets Fans Butthurt Over Butt Bumbling Jets

    After a Thanksgiving night massacre against the New England Patriots—highlighted by Mark Sanchez's already immortal butt fumble in the midst of the Pats scoring three touchdowns in 52 seconds—Jets fans are understandably depressed. Some are ...

  • Unruly New York Jets Fans Even Managing to Run Off "Fireman Ed"

    Unruly New York Jets Fans Even Managing to Run Off "Fireman Ed". As a New Jersey born Georgian, I have my share of clashes of culture here in the south's empire state.

  • Ed Anzalone quitting as 'Fireman Ed,' will remain Jets fan

    How bad has this season for the New York Jets? So bad that it convinced Ed Anzalone, aka "Fireman Ed," to step away from his post as a fan leader for the team.

  • Ed Anzalone to Stop Attending Jets Games as 'Fireman Ed' Due to ...

    While it wasn't the unflattering score that caused Fireman Ed to leave the game, it seems like other Jets fans have extinguished the most passionate fan of a 4-7 team in history.

  • Fireman Ed hanging up his Jets helmet

    "I decided to leave Thursday because the confrontations with other Jets fans have become more common, even though most Jets fans are fantastic," wrote Anzalone, who has led the chants since 1986. The former New York City firefighter has become the ...

  • Fireman Ed steps away from spotlight of being Jets' top fan

    Just call him Ed. Fireman Ed, the Jets' most high-profile fan who would turn up on gamedays in the Meadowlands wearing a fireman's hat and lead fans in the stadium in a cacophony of "J-E-T-S", has resigned. "I will always love the Jets because they are ...

  • Schottenheimer Reminds Jets Fans Why He Was Fired

    Perhaps no offensive coordinator who was one year removed from coaching his unit to back-to-back AFC Championship games received more criticism than Brian Schottenheimer did last season while calling the plays for the struggling offense of the New ...

  • Fireman Ed quits as New York Jets' unofficial mascot

    Any Jets fan knows this isn't the worst of times; it isn't close," Anzalone told Metro, making a fair point. "It's been about the nastiness.

  • Gordon: Jets fans seek new fall guy

    Fans celebrated his departure, but his successor, Tony Sparano, is struggling with many of the same limitations that handcuffed Schottenheimer.

  • Remember, Jets Fans: It Could Be Worse

    Mike Sielski. Remember, Jets Fans: It Could Be Worse. Article; Video; Comments. more in New York-Sports | Find New $LINKTEXTFIND$ ».

  • Fireman Ed Stepping Down Speaks Volumes on Current State of J-E-T-S

    Fans of the New York Jets no doubt thought that they had finally, mercifully hit rock bottom during Thanksgiving night's humiliation at the hands of the hated New England Patriots, but it turns out there's even more humiliation.

  • Fireman Ed Quits: Iconic Jets Fan Hangs Up His Helmet

    Jets! Jets! But now the famous fan is gone, and as Fireman Ed Quits he explains to fans exactly what led to his departure.

  • Gang Green fans see red after Jets' Thanksgiving humiliation

    Gang Green fans were glowering with rage yesterday over the Jets' disgusting Thanksgiving Day basting by the hated Patriots - a loss that reached its humiliating climax when quarterback Mark Sanchez accidentally stuffed his head up a lineman's ...

  • At MetLife, a Study in Contrasts

    To recap the weekend, the Giants and the Jets both sent fans home early, but so demoralized were the latter's that Ed Anzalone - better known as the J-E-T-S chanting Fireman Ed - exited before halftime and later announced in a published report that ...

  • Jets' "Fireman Ed" Resigns......From Something He Wasn't Hired To Be

    Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE. In maybe the funniest news around the mess that is the New York Jets franchise, unofficial mascot, and former Miami Dolphins fan, Fireman Ed has decided to "resign" from his "role" with the team. Edwin Anzalone has decided ...

  • Jets fans are festive and also sad

    This hasn't exactly been a game to be thankful for if you're a Jets fan. Fans paid good, hard-earned money (middle class whaddup) and avoided their families to go watch the Jets get pummeled by the New England Patriots on a National Holiday.

  • NFL kicks Jets fans while they're down, subjects them to Lenny Kravitz concert

    In a move of unprecedented NFL cruelty, the league decided that Jets fans having to watch their team get dismantled by the Patriots on Thanksgiving Day wasn't enough.

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