Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jeb bush latino voters

  • Latino voter impact 'will be felt for generations,' says report

    In 2004, President George W. Bush got as much as 44% of the Latino vote. Although many of those votes came from Texas, where Bush had been the governor, many experts also credit his more sympathetic attitude on immigration issues for winning Latino ...

  • GOP Latino formula: Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush

    Yet, adding Jeb Bush to the mix might also bolster appeal with Latinos. Jeb Bush has established himself as a key player among Latino voters and particularly in the state of Florida. He also has clout within the Republican Party and if the party were ...

  • Why Republicans Are Suddenly Pro-Immigration Reform

    Republicans lost the election in part because Mitt Romney drew record-low support from Hispanic voters, who made up a record-high proportion of the electorate.

  • Another Bush flirts with office in Texas

    With his mother hailing from Mexico and his father, Jeb Bush, holding popularity among the Latino community in Florida, George P. Bush has strong interest in engaging the Hispanic community in Texas, where he graduated from law school.

  • Barbour, Bush tout immigration reform

    Jeb Bush. Both heavyweight Republican leaders are outspoken on the need for the GOP to adopt a pragmatic immigration policy before it's too late.

  • Hispanic voters did not desert the Republican Party in 2012 election

    Sean Hannity, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Crystal, Larry Kudlow, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and more are now "evolving" or outright calling for amnesty for illegal aliens.

  • GOP glad to have another Bush to attract Hispanics

    Jeb Bush, stirred national interest Friday just by filing the paperwork to run for an office, probably Texas land commissioner.

  • Some Texas Republicans already cheering for 'super' prospect George P. Bush

    Bush, 36, is the nephew of former President George W. Bush and grandson of former President George H.W. Bush. His father is former Florida Gov.

  • Growing share of Hispanic voters helped push Obama to victory

    Many of the new residents in places such as Osceola County - just south of Orlando - are Republicans who twice helped elect Jeb Bush as governor. But the area also went for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Perhaps most important, unlike many other Hispanic ...

  • Latino Vote 2012 Why Republicans Need to Listen to Jeb Bush and Embrace ...

    Even if Team Romney/Ryan win the election on November 6th, the Republican Party must do some major work to build inroads into the fastest growing demographic in America: the Latino population. And no one has been more emphatic about the importance ...

  • Demographic tides may turn Texas purple or blue

    1 If Latinos trend toward Republicans. If the GOP can break even among Latino voters, Texas will never again be a Democratic state.

  • UPDATE 1-US Hispanic vote tilts strongly to Obama in win

    Tuesday's results and demographic trends are one reason that Republican leaders like Florida Senator Marco Rubio and former Governor Jeb Bush have repeatedly urged the party to get behind immigration reform. In a statement on Wednesday Rubio ...

  • Cuban-Americans Give Romney Opening in Florida

    Jeb Bush, hit the streets in a heavily Hispanic Miami neighborhood to try to diminish the president's advantage. Armed with a list of Republican-leaning voters, Mr. Bush and volunteers from the Romney campaign and Republican ... The race for Latino ...

  • Back to the future: Clinton vs. Bush in 2016?

    On the other side is Jeb Bush, who was the coveted candidate of Republican elites and donors at various points of the cycle.

  • In a significant shift, poll shows no 'enthusiasm gap' among Latinos

    It is no secret that both Republicans and Democrats have been attempting to woo Latino voters as the elections near. In fact, even Republicans such as Jeb Bush, claim Latino vote is so significant that it could turn Texas blue within four years. All ...

  • Obama, Romney Campaigns Still Fighting It Out For Growing Latino Voter Bloc

    Romney's son, Craig, has made character-witness appeals to Spanish-speaking voters. Also speaking Spanish in praise of Romney on the campaign trail: Former Florida Gov.

  • Both campaigns in mad dash to get the Latino vote

    "It's an incredibly close race, and this weekend is a weekend of knocking on doors and making sure people have rides to the polls," says former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who says he thinks Governor Romney is "closing in because he has a bigger ...

  • Gingrich: Latino support needed to make GOP 'competitive' in 2016

    Jeb Bush - have already been on the forefront of bringing Hispanic voters into the GOP fold. Speaking on CNN, Gingrich said Republicans should ask if they wanted to "in a disciplined way, create a schedule and a program to include people who are not ...

  • William McKenzie: Step forward, Republican reformers

    But it did throw open the door for Republicans like Jeb Bush, who understand their party must appeal to Latinos, show it can govern as a party of limited government and win more than the righteous right.

  • Fund-raising letter confirms George P. Bush looking at land commissioner race

    Jeb Bush, is considering a run for Texas Land Commissioner in 2014. In a letter posted on the Tampa Bay Times website Wednesday, Jeb Bush asked supporters to donate to his son's campaign for the Texas office, whose responsibility includes managing the ...

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