Friday, November 23, 2012

Jeanie buss

  • Jeanie Buss Breaks Her Silence

    Jeanie Buss has finally broken her silence on the Los Angeles Lakers recent coaching drama, which involved a series of odd moves that would hit home for her.

  • Magic Johnson Rips Lakers Management

    Johnson aims his criticism at Jim Buss, the son of Dr. Jerry Buss and the brother of Jackson's girlfriend Jeanie Buss. Johnson played for Dr.

  • Shaw and Jackson A Possibility for Lakers?

    Jackson, while romantically involved with Lakers executive Jeanie Buss, has long had a strained relationship with her brother Jim.

  • Cavs' Walton doesn't expect Jackson return

    His longtime companion, Jeanie Buss, is the daughter of owner Jerry Buss and sister of VP of player personnel Jim Buss. Jeanie Buss is an executive on the business side. Jackson analyzed the current Lakers in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in ...

  • Former Lakers' star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar statue unveiled today at Staples Center

    (IMDB). Abdul-Jabbar's teammates with the 1980s "Showtime" Lakers Earvin "Magic" Johnson and James Worthy; the team's coach, Pat Riley; former Laker player, coach and general manager Jerry West; and team executive Jeanie Buss are scheduled to join ...

  • Top of the news

    From Jeanie Buss of the Lakers family, girlfriend of Phil Jackson: "Dear Michelle: @MichelleObama Have you ever been made to feel that believing in & supporting your man is a bad thing?

  • On Phil Jackson, Carlton Banks & Never Trusting "The Wink & The Gun"

    So while there wasn't a public "wink and gun," it's safe to assume he and Jeanie Buss shared the gesture of premature confidemce while rolling a trippy stick.

  • Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's statue in sky-hook pose to be unveiled Friday

    Information: Speakers include Abdul-Jabbar, Stu Lantz (emcee), Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Jerry West, Pat Riley, Eddie Doucette, Richard Lapchik, Jeanie Buss, Tim Leiweke; other former teammates, coaches, friends and family members. Parking: ...

  • As a Laker Fan, I Am Thankful For…

    The Buss Family: Jerry is the greatest owner in the history of sports. Jeanie has been a great manager for years (and probably had a lot to do with Phil's last stint in LA).

  • NBA News Round-Up: Mike D'Antoni Reacts, Knicks Keep Winning, LeBron ...

    I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, but to hear it being told, the Buss family just wanted their team back from Jackson.

  • Lakers Are Ready for NBA Spotlight With Nash, $3 Billion TV Deal

    Lakers Executive Vice President of Business Operations Jeanie Buss said the business model has remained the same since her father, Jerry Buss, bought the team in 1979.

  • Let's help the Magic attract more fans

    And how about Thanksgiving dinner at the Buss mansion? Family to Jeanie: "Are you bringing him to dinner?" • Miguel Cabrera wins the MVP.

  • Lakers fire coach Mike Brown after 1-4 start

    Jackson still spends most of his time in Los Angeles, even visiting the Lakers' offices on occasion - and Jim Buss' sister, Lakers executive Jeanie Buss, is Jackson's longtime girlfriend. "When there's a coach like Phil Jackson, one of the all-time ...

  • New business model is successful for Jam owners

    So we basically made the decision so we can concentrate on our other businesses." Higdon went on to mention that they had a previous meeting set up with Jeanie and Jerry Buss of the Lakers the following week . They kept that meeting because they felt ...

  • Louis Brewster: Texas' Royal made quite an impression on one local coach

    If Phil Jackson really wants a share in ownership of the Lakers, he might want to go ahead and marry Jeanie Buss. That might be his only opportunity.

  • NBA Weekly: caos Lakers, Denver e Memphis protagoniste…

    1) LA GUERRA DEI BUSS: difficile non mettere in questo modo quello che è avvenuto in casa Lakers, dove Phil Jackson fidanzato con Jeanie Buss è stato praticamente scaricato dal… cognato Jim Buss, e a nulla sono serviti evidentemente i buoni rapporti ...

  • Inminente Retorno del Rey

    ... fundamental es que el equipo no está ganando al ritmo que esperábamos, y no vimos mejoría", señaló Kupchack. Phil, de 67 años, desde hace tiempo mantiene una relación de pareja con Jeanie Buss, la hija del propietario de los Lakers, Jerry Buss. cfp ...

  • Mike Brown - žrtva vlastite nesposobnosti ili "viših okolnosti"?

    Usput budi rečeno, mediji i mnogi izvori vide Jeanie Buss, Jerryjevu kćerku i dugogodišnju djevojku Phila Jacksona, kao jedini stabilan i razuman utjecaj unutar organizacije Lakersa. Jim Buss je sin vlasnika Jerryja Bussa i prijestolonasljednik kojemu ...

  • Basket - NBA : Le grand retour de Phil Jackson ?

    Il a pour nom Jim Buss, vice-président des Lakers, fils du propriétaire Jerry Buss et frère de Jeanie Buss, la compagne de Phil Jackson. Depuis le départ de ce dernier, Jim Buss a voulu imposer sa patte, récupérant le bureau de son beau-frère et ...

  • 或要小巴斯交權

    球隊逐步走上正軌,並在09-10年間兩度奪冠,一時間功高蓋主,而且禪師和珍妮-巴斯(Jeanie Buss)——這位經營頭腦絲毫不遜色於哥哥的巴斯家千金恩愛多年,小巴斯顯然顧慮球隊大權會落入他們手中。 於是在2010-11賽季結束之後,禪師合約到期,小巴斯並無努力 ...

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