Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jan brewer

  • Jan Brewer May Actually Be Serious About Running for (Likely Unconstitutional ...

    It appears that Governor Jan Brewer may be serious about seeking a third term, after reading that she said this for (at least) a third time, even though the Arizona Constitution says you only get two terms.

  • Deadline looming for Governor Jan Brewer to act on President Barack Obama's ...

    PHOENIX, AZ - Less than 48 hours remain for Governor Jan Brewer to notify the feds about Arizona's plans for implementing the president's health care law .

  • Brewer's decision looms on care act

    With the nation's health-reform law firmly in place, Gov. Jan Brewer must declare this week whether Arizona will play a pivotal role in the sweeping health-care overhaul or hand over that duty to the federal government.

  • Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has until Friday to decide on health insurance exchange

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has until Friday, Nov. 16, to notify the federal government whether she plans to implement a state-based insurance exchange or allow the feds to operate it.

  • Jan Brewer Says She's 'Fine And Dandy' With Moving On Immigration Reform ...

    For a brief moment on Sunday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) appeared to back away from her firm position that border security must be addressed before comprehensive immigration reform can be put on the table.

  • Governor Jan Brewer: No more broken promises on Border Security

    NOVEMBER 14, 2012. Governor Jan Brewer: No more broken promises on Border Security. Bookmark and Share. "If there is any consolation in the disappointing election results it is that illegal immigration has returned to the forefront of our national ...

  • Mark Kelly rips Gov. Jan Brewer on guns

    Gabrielle Giffords turned political on Thursday when her husband, Mark Kelly, attacked Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer in a statement to the court for showing "feckless" leadership on gun control - a charge Brewer quickly said she had no interest in responding ...

  • Governor Jan Brewer to seek third term?

    PHOENIX, AZ - Only a week removed from the 2012 election, and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has already set her sights on 2014.

  • Brewer considers possible 3rd term as governor

    Jan Brewer seeking an unprecedented third term. CBS 5 News caught up with the governor Tuesday at a special ceremony to celebrate the Phoenix Rescue Mission's 60th anniversary.

  • Brewer leaves door open on another Arizona governor run despite term limits

    Jan Brewer is leaving the door open to look at running for governor again in 2014, despite a voter backed constitutional change that would limit her to two consecutive terms.

  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Not a Fan of the Electoral College

    Jan Brewer, a Republican, said late last week that we should scrap the the electoral college. "[I]'s pretty disappointing when you think that just a few states really determine who's been elected president," she said Friday.

  • Big health-law decision looms for Brewer

    Jan Brewer is being pulled one way by major business groups and another by fellow conservatives as she faces a fast-approaching deadline to make a decision on implementation of a key part of President Barack Obama's health care law.

  • Brewer: Securing border still must come first

    Jan Brewer says she's leery of post-election talk about a possible compromise on illegal immigration that'd include securing the border and providing legal status to immigrants in the country illegally.

  • Electoral College, popular vote: Gov. Jan Brewer says popular vote is best way ...

    Jan Brewer as among those who think the electoral college is outdated and that the United States should instead pick its president by the nationwide popular vote's winner.

  • Brewer to consider school-funding boost

    PHOENIX - Gov. Jan Brewer is meeting with financial aides Monday to see how much more money the state can put into public education.

  • Jan Brewer pans Electoral College after Obama win

    It seems whichever political side ends up on the short end of the Electoral College wants to replace it and have the popular vote decide future presidential races.

  • Arizona's Brewer Spends Super-PAC Cash for GOP Candidates

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's super- political action committee is wading into the state's U.S. Senate race and three competitive House races in an unusual move to help Republicans and shape her state's congressional delegation.

  • Governor Jan Brewer Statement Honoring our Heroes on Veterans Day

    Phoenix, Arizona - Governor Jan Brewer: "For as long as America has celebrated its independence, we have been blessed with servicemen and women who've fought to preserve it.

  • Gov. Brewer asks Pentagon to review state Guard

    Jan Brewer to ask the Pentagon to review the state military agency. Brewer sent a letter to the Pentagon's National Guard Bureau on Thursday following an Arizona Republic series on corrupt conduct within the military organization.

  • Into the mind of ... Jan Brewer

    Jan Brewer. Nov. 3, 2012 12:00 AM The Republic | The governor discusses the ramifications of Amazon's agreement to collect taxes on sales to Arizona residents.

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