Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Israeli-palestinian conflict

  • Nation Calls for Peaceful Resolution of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Pretoria - The South African government today called for a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. South Africa reiterated its call to both parties to ensure a peaceful resolution of conflict and encouraged both parties to refrain ...

  • Different histories of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Like Mahmoud Abbas, my father came from Safed, and on behalf of his family I have no intention of renouncing claims arising from our expulsion from the town in 1947-48 (Abbas sparks Palestinian fury after waiving right of return, 5 November).

  • Why are Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations doomed? Because the ...

    It's called "The Most Practical Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Can the two current proposed solutions bring peace to the region?

  • The General's Son Recounts Very Different Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    The General's Son Recounts Very Different Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Ira Chernus. See all in Books · Culture · Review; October 15, 2012.

  • Neither President Can Solve This Conflict

    Except for a select minority of people, very few Americans actually base their choice for president on a candidate's record or rhetoric regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As one of the few who heavily weight these factors, I have to say that ...

  • The Galilee First! - OpEd

    Israeli–Palestinian Conflict: Central Israel next to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Last week, on a beautiful fall day, I sat in a friend's living room in a village at the northern tip of Israel, adjacent to the Lebanese border, in the part of ...

  • HU study: Transitional justice in war-torn countries

    The Hebrew University of Jerusalem held a conference on transitional justice from Sunday through Tuesday addressing the question: Can models of transitional justice in other war torn countries help with new approaches to resolving the Israeli ...

  • 'Other Son' takes different look at Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    "But probably because I am Jewish, shooting in Israel and evoking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict affected me even more.

  • US prelate laments rocket attacks on Israel, security wall that harms ...

    Lamenting recent actions by both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the chairman of the US bishops' justice-and-peace committee called for strong US leadership in forging peace in the region.

  • Israel on the brink of war after assassinating Hamas military chief

    In general terms, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires a political solution: If it were merely a matter of military might, Israel could have declared victory decades ago.

  • Syrian jihadist spillover haunts Jordan

    For decades it has navigated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on its western border and more recently bloodshed in Iraq to the east, which spilled over to Jordan with hotel bombings in Amman seven years ago.

  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be resolved urgently: Sri Lanka

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 15 - Sri Lanka on Monday said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict "must be resolved urgently" in order to bring peace to the Middle East.

  • Students for Justice in Palestine hosts journalist for talk on Israeli ...

    However, several other students, many of Palestinian heritage, agreed with much of what Blumenthal said and offered their perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. When Blumenthal's aunt asked him what his solution to this problem would be, ...

  • Gordon Campbell on the regional impact of the war in Syria

    While the moral epi-centre of Middle Eastern politics continues to be the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, much of the struggle on the ground is still between the old Sunni regimes (supported by the West) and the revolutionary threat seen to be posed by ...

  • Conflict in the education system

    We were encouraged by a growing number of schools that approached us with an invitation to come and lead a similar discussions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Moreover, we were determined to continue our investment in training more students to ...

  • Palestinians give cool reception to US debate

    ... complained Tuesday that the Mideast peace process barely got a mention in the final U.S. presidential campaign debate, saying American standing in the Middle East will be doomed without a greater effort to resolve the festering Israeli-Palestinian ...

  • News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (October 10-16, 2012)

    News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (October 10-16, 2012). Next week 23/10/2012 09/10/2012 Previous week.

  • VOICES: Palestinian-Americans Would Vote for ______ as President

    The issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was not among those front and center in the recent foreign policy debate between U.S.

  • News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (October 24-30, 2012)

    News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (October 24-30, 2012). This past week terrorism events focused on the new round of escalation in southern Israel, during which 105 rockets and an estimated 12 mortar shells hit Israeli territory ...

  • Viewpoint: Take the lead on Israel-Palestine

    As an Egyptian, it's nearly impossible to critically engage in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In fact, where I'm from, just calling the conflict "complex" triggers a reaction from Egyptians who think it's as simple as Israel being the aggressor and ...

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