Monday, November 12, 2012


  • Beyonces Shows Off Studio And Style Photos On Instagram

    By Meghan Gorman. As one of Instagram's newest members, Beyonce has been giving some use to her new social media account, photographing her latest looks for her followers to see.

  • The Places Where America's Drones Are Striking, Now on Instagram

    A new project, Dronestagram, is doing the searching for you, marrying the images of Google Maps satellite view to the episodic, image-sharing capacities of Tumblr and Instagram. When drone strikes are reported by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism ...

  • Instagram app expands to Web

    The service announced last week it would launch Instagram profiles on the Web over the next few days. Previously, users' profiles existed only on Instagram's mobile applications accessed on the iPhone or Android devices. Now, users will have a website ...

  • Instagram Marketing: Hop To It. Your Business Should Be Instagraming!

    And, I have been using Instagram more recently, since I really am a closet iPhone photographer (you should see the pictures of closets I have taken!

  • Instagram Users Post 250000 Election Day Photos

    Instagram users in the U.S. on Tuesday tagged more than 100,000 photos with #iVoted, and about 150,000 with #election2012, Instagram said in a blog post Wednesday. The photos really started rolling in once news outlets projected that Barack Obama had ...

  • What's Next for Tumblr and Instagram

    He said he did not expect an Instagram for video anytime soon either from Facebook or an upstart because data speeds were too slow for people to post quickly and download quickly to watch.

  • Rihanna At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Election Style And More ...

    Street Style, Fashion, Rihanna, Video, Alessandra Ambrosio, Justin Bieber, Karlie Kloss, The Fashion Page, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Election 2012, Election Nail Art, Election Style, Huffpost Beauty Instagram, Huffpoststyle Instagram, Instagrams ...

  • This Statistic Should Convince Every Small Business To Get On Instagram

    Though they've only seen the data from a few pre-launch clients since the tool was launched Friday, the company's CEO Dane Atkinson told us in an interview that "...when it comes to likes, comments, sharing and all of that, engagement from Instagram ...

  • Instagram's new web profiles resemble Facebook

    Instagram is rolling out web profiles this week so users of the popular mobile app, those they follow, and most anyone else can view all their images on the Internet.

  • Welcome to Instagram, Beyoncé! Here Are 5 Pics We Wanna See

    Beyoncé is ready to conquer another social media platform: Instagram! After taking on Twitter and Tumblr, the diva debuted her brand spankin' new account on Election Night with a pro-Obama shot.

  • Will the next Instagram come out of Bangalore?

    Others mostly focus on utilisation," says Devaiah. It's a 'give away the razor to sell the blades' sort of idea. Building a community of loyal, engaged app users is what made two-year-old photo app maker Instagram - with its 30 million devoted ...

  • Instagram Comes Of Age: Thank Hurricane Sandy & The Election

    Share on: Instagram Comes Of Age: Thank Hurricane Sandy & The Election. In just the last few weeks, Instagram has become a mainstream social network, checked by everyday users during major news events and embraced by media outlets.

  • Photo-sharing app Instagram expands to the Web

    Photo-sharing app Instagram expands to the Web. Share. Comments. Instagram. Popular mobile photo sharing app Instagram is rolling out profile pages for its users on the Web. (Photo: THOMAS COEX AFP/Getty Images) ...

  • Hangover Part III photos leaked on Instagram

    Todd Philips, the director of Hangover Part III, has released photos from the upcoming movie on his Instagram and the Hangover Facebook account.

  • Is Rihanna taking shots at Karrueche Tran on her Instagram?

    As evidenced by a recent stop by Power 106 in Los Angeles on Friday, where he stated exclusively on Big Boy's Neighborhood that he was not dating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown is obviously trying to put a heavy focus on his career these days ...

  • Toyota and World Up Join Forces to Empower Youth Through Hip-Hop ...

    From November 12 through November 18, World Up and Toyota invite everyone to take to Twitter and Instagram to lend their voice to the #ToyotaGiving movement and help raise funds to support World Up's programs.

  • Twitter rants, Instagram photos and new songs: Celebrities air post-election ...

    Beyoncé popped up on Instagram with a rebuke for Mitt Romney, while Romney supporter Elisabeth Hasselbeck sent out a disappointed but conciliatory tweet urging a divided United States to become one.

  • Instagram, Twitter pull off major news

    3:18 PM By Adam Fusfeld. President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks at. Photo credit: AP. Superstorm Sandy and the 2012 Presidential Election could also prove to be monumental nights for social media giants Instagram and Twitter. For Twitter, the Nov.

  • Instagram Election Ballot: Illinois OKs It, But Elsewhere, Not So Much

    Instagram wasn't around for the 2008 election, so this year marks a first for the photo-sharing social network, which has been flooded today with proud voters showing off their ballots--both empty and complete--along with voting receipts and stickers.

  • Instagram Finally Breaks Free Of Its Mobile-Only Confines

    Share on: Instagram Finally Breaks Free Of Its Mobile-Only Confines. Instagram is slowly shedding the "mobile-only" label it gained when it launched almost exactly two years ago.

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