Thursday, November 15, 2012


  • What Is Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

    For immigrants and immigrant rights advocates, the post-election news that many Republicans understand that comprehensive immigration reform has to be tackled and that key Senate leaders such as Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham already are ...

  • Federal judge says SC police can check people's immigration status during stops

    But after the court said Arizona could allow officers to check the immigration status of those they pull over for another violation, Gergel said he would reconsider his ruling.

  • Has the GOP Reached a Tipping Point on Immigration?

    Has the Republican Party reached a tipping point on immigration? Reeling from a stinging defeat in the 2012 presidential election spurred by a historically poor performance among Latino voters, leading Republicans have rushed to declare their ...

  • ACLU Files Class Action Lawsuit Challenging Mandatory Immigration Lock-Up

    Garfield Gayle, a 59-year-old green card holder from Jamaica, has lived in the United States for 30 years. He raised two U.S. citizen daughters, and has long worked as a union carpenter in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Georgia Immigration Law Slows Licensing of Healthcare Workers

    A new immigration law in Georgia requires all healthcare workers, regardless of where they were born, to prove their citizenship or legal residency when renewing a professional license.

  • Alabama's only immigration detention center among nation's 10 "worst ...

    "People continue to suffer in conditions that are an affront to human dignity," said Andrea Black, executive director of Detention Watch Network, as the group today identified 10 centers as "among the worst immigration detention facilities across the ...

  • Connecting Job Growth with Immigration Reform

    Marco Rubio, Republican Senator from Florida, opened the second day of the Washington Ideas Forum Thursday with a discussion on immigration, the American middle class, and the fiscal cliff with Major Garrett, White House Correspondent for National ...

  • Industry leaders: Immigration reform begins in Texas

    Although immigration reform is largely deemed a federal issue, construction moguls in Texas are confident that amending employment laws here can be a catalyst for nationwide change.

  • Coalition asks Obama to support study for new Museum of American People ...

    WASHINGTON - A coalition of ethnic and minority groups is asking President Barack Obama to create a presidential commission to consider establishing a museum to explore the history of immigration and migration that formed the nation. In a letter ...

  • Germany sees sharp rise in Greek, Spanish immigration

    BERLIN, Nov 15 (Reuters) - Immigration to Germany jumped by 15 percent in the first half of this year from the same period the year before, due mainly to an influx of people from EU states including crisis-hit Greece and Spain, where unemployment ...

  • Immigration Is Suddenly En Vogue, But Not All Latinos Are Buying It

    Latino voters are "suddenly the 'it' demographic in U.S. politics," and, seemingly overnight, support for immigration reform is also en vogue: A recent Bloomberg headline trumpeted the "The Political Inevitability of Immigration Reform." Republican ...

  • Immigration authorities fine New Bedford fish plants for hiring illegal workers

    NEW BEDFORD - Three city seafood processors suspected of hiring illegal workers have been fined by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  • Ronald Reagan and Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    Not long ago, I was talking with a friend and neighbor who happens to be an unauthorized immigrant. She raised the topic of the then-upcoming presidential election and asked me who I thought had been a good president of the United States.

  • Immigration reform: Obama predicts action, calls to 'seize the moment'

    President Obama, saying he was encouraged to see a growing "sense of empowerment and civic participation" among Latino voters in last week's election, predicted Wednesday that there would be action on immigration reform "very soon" after his second ...

  • Immigration Detention in Louisiana [FACT SHEET]

    Human Rights First is hosting a Dialogues on Detention Series in Texas, California, Arizona, and New Orleans to convene policymakers, academics, and advocates to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices on how to reform immigration detention ...

  • Immigration Fix? Tough, So Consider CitizenCorps

    Immigration is part of that equation. But a "solution" on immigration reform won't solve the GOP's image deficit with Hispanics.

  • Why Republicans Are Suddenly Pro-Immigration Reform

    Republicans lost the election in part because Mitt Romney drew record-low support from Hispanic voters, who made up a record-high proportion of the electorate.

  • De la Isla: Time for immigration reform compromise has passed

    MEXICO CITY - In one of the quickest change acts since Clark Kent became Superman inside a phone booth, Republican political and opinion leaders now champion immigration reform. The reason is obvious. Republicans are destined to become a national ...

  • Obama Expresses Confidence in Early Action on Immigration

    "We need to seize the moment," Mr. Obama said, clearly savoring the strong endorsement he received from Latino voters, who favored him by 71 percent to 27 percent over Mitt Romney.

  • Missouri Senate panel focuses on immigration policies

    JEFFERSON CITY -- State senators are holding several hearings around Missouri to determine if changes are needed in the state's immigration policies. The special panel is to make recommendations on whether to toughen laws affecting immigrants' ...

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