Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to volumize flat hair

  • Preventing Hat Hair: 4 Ways To Avoid A Flattened, Frizzy Mess This Winter

    We've all been there: After a long day of running errands outside in the cold, you pull off your hat only to find your hair is either completely flat or standing on end from static cling, or some version of both. While knit caps are a cute addition to ...

  • Jonathan Torch Introduces RevUp! Volumizing System™

    Volumizing System™ ( transforms fine, flat hair into a full and fabulous hairstyle by drastically increasing volume and adding body and bounce to your hair. RevUp! Volumizing System not only protects hair cells ...

  • Facts About Hair Conditioners

    You're using 'volumizing' conditioner on big, curly hair: Or, you're using a smoothing one on flat, fine hair. When you use conditioner, "You're doing one of two things to hair - you're making it bigger, or you're making it smaller," Jessee says. If ...

  • Backstage with Moroccanoil

    Hair on top and sides was kept flat, smooth and shiny with a defined side-part so that a large sweep of hair fell languidly to one side and back over the ear.

  • 5 Easy Ways To Change Up Your Look

    1. While hair is damp, apply a volumizing spray to the root of the hair. Blow dry smooth using a round brush.

  • Makeover inspired by Michelle Monahan

    Her was blow dried with a 43-mm round brush, then smoothed with a small flat iron at a low temperature setting. Finally, KMS "Dry Extreme Hair Spray" ($23) for volumizing hold and "KMS Hair Play Dry Touch-up" ($23) on the ends finished the style ...

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