Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hostess twinkies

  • Hostess, Twinkies: 5 Game-Changing Strikes

    It's been a sad week for those with fond memories of Twinkies, Ho Ho's and Ding Dongs. Hostess Inc., the company that manufactures the sweet confections with the never-ending shelf life, is ceasing operations after striking employees refused to return ...


  • Hope for Twinkies as Hostess, union go to mediation

    (Moneywatch) There may still be hope for consumers shut out of last week's great Twinkie binge: Hostess Brands and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union have agreed to mediation following some prodding by a ...


  • 'Toon: Twinkie Bite (CARTOON)

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  • Twinkie May Outlive Its Shelf-Life After All

    Twinkie fans may soon have reason to rejoice. The iconic junk food snack could return to store shelves if Hostess, maker of the Twinkie, Wonder Bread, Ho Ho's and Ding Dongs brands, and private equity firm Sun Capital Partners agree to a deal.


  • Twinkies, Wonder Bread Carry on in Canada Post Hostess

    Saputo Inc. (SAP), Canada's largest dairy processor, has the trademark and brand rights to Hostess CupCakes and Hostess Twinkies in the country and manufactures the products themselves, said Sandy Vassiadis, a spokeswoman for the company.


  • Twinkies maker Hostess lives at least another day

    The company's announcement last week that it would move to liquidate prompted people across the country to rush to stores and stock up on their favorite Hostess treats. Many businesses reported selling out of Twinkies within hours and the spongy cakes ...


  • Chris Christie: DON'T ask me about Twinkies

    Hostess Brands, the maker of Twinkies, announced earlier in the day that the company will wind down operations, promptly laying off most of its 18,500 employees.


  • Hostess' Twinkie Defense Is a Failure

    In 1978 Dan White killed San Francisco's mayor George Moscone and city supervisor Harvey Milk. The press labeled his defense the "Twinkie Defense" because he claimed eating sugary junk food - like Twinkies - caused diminished capacity. Amazingly the ...


  • Twinkie's last stand: It's up to a mediator

    Hostess, maker of the iconic Twinkie cake, will have a hearing before a bankruptcy judge on Monday to begin the work of shutting down and selling off its assets.


  • Twinkies maker Hostess, union head to mediation

    Founded in 1930, Texas-headquartered Hostess is one of the nation's largest bakers and wholesale distributors of snack cakes and bread.


  • Maybe Twinkies DO last forever after all: Judge orders Hostess, union to mediation

    A view of a box of 10 Hostess Twinkies is seen in this photo taken Jan. 11, 2012. Hostess Brands, the baker of Twinkie cakes and other iconic American foods, filed for bankruptcy protection Wednesday after failing to win concessions on union contracts.


  • Despite Hostess Bankruptcy, Twinkies Could Really Last Forever

    The rumors of Twinkies indestructibility might not be true, but the US snack cakes might very well outlast their manufacturer's bankruptcy.


  • Judge Asks Hostess, Union to Mediate

    A bankruptcy judge asked Hostess Brands Inc., the maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies, and its bakers' union to agree to mediation before the company liquidates, creating a possible life-line for about 18,000 jobs.


  • Twinkies hope? Hostess puts off liquidation, agrees to mediation

    There may be hope for Twinkies after all: Hostess Brands Inc. and its striking union agreed to a mediation that will forestall the company's planned liquidation for the time being.


  • Israel, Palestinians, and a Hostess Twinkie Gaza solution

    Domestically, a staple of American life, Hostess, has just gone bankrupt and is now liquidating. Unless someone steps in, there will be no more Twinkies or Wonder Bread. While it is unfair to equate unions to Jihadists, there is a self-destructive ...


  • What Killed Twinkies

    In the 1960s and '70s, Hostess was a staple in the lunchbox of many school kids. Many of us in the baby boomer generation grew up with sandwiches made from Wonder Bread and Hostess Twinkies or Ding Dongs for dessert. But over the past 20 years, most ...


  • Twinkies likely to survive sale of Hostess

    Hostess Brands Inc., baker of Wonder Bread as well as Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Ho's, will be in a New York bankruptcy courtroom Monday to start the process of selling itself.


  • Hostess Proves Twinkies Are Perishable After All

    Forbes contributor Adam Hartung wrote an excellent piece last week detailing the current state of Hostess Brands, which recently filed for liquidation in bankruptcy court.


  • Hostess mediation could save jobs, Twinkies, other baked goods

    PHOTOS: Hostess fans stock up on Twinkies, HoHos · View all 13 photos. Last week, Hostess announced it had taken action to close and liquidate, which shut down 36 plants, including the one in Schiller Park where the Twinkie was invented. Almost 300 ...


  • Twinkie Baker Hostess, Union to Enter Mediation

    The iconic American snack cake Twinkies and other tasty treats have been given a reprieve from what appeared to be certain oblivion.


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