Tuesday, November 13, 2012


  • Hindus welcome Vatican's Diwali congratulations to "Hindu Friends"

    Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism headquartered in Nevada (USA), extolled The Vatican's wish on the occasion, which indicated forming "young men and women into people of peace and builders of peace" and urging religious leaders to ...


  • Young Hindus and Sikhs hope Diwali can counter 'dogma'

    While Diwali is arguably the key annual festival in India and for Canada's roughly 400,000 Hindus, it's also marked by Jains and Sikhs (who view it as the anniversary of one of their guru's liberation), and increasingly enjoyed by non-South Asian ...


  • India's secret shame: Owl sacrifice mars Hinduism's biggest holiday

    It's India's secret shame - unknown even to most devout Hindus. But the religion's most important holiday, Diwali, marks a supposedly auspicious time for the sacrifices of threatened and even critically endangered owls - a rite that some believe can ...


  • Temple attack raises questions over security of Hindus in Pak

    During partition in 1947, the violent separation of Pakistan and India into separate countries, hundreds of thousands of Hindus opted to migrate to India where Hinduism is the dominant religion. Those that remained and their descendants now make up a ...


  • Hindus Urge New Archbishop Of Canterbury To Promote Interfaith Dialogue

    Congratulating Right Reverend Justin Welby, 56, on his nomination as the new 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, Hindus hope that he would promote interfaith dialogue in the world.


  • Most Muslims, Hindus don't take time off from work for holidays

    For me, Hinduism is a lifestyle more than a religion." Bahl and his wife celebrate Diwali by saying prayers and lining the driveway of their home with tea lights, "creating a path for our god to come into our house," he says.


  • Tulsi Gabbard, First Hindu In Congress, To Take Oath Over The Bhagavad Gita ...

    "Hinduism's innate pluralism recognizes that there are various ways to look at things, and its focus on dharma, or duty, guides those holding positions of power or authority.


  • Oh My God!: Paresh Rawal lashes out at politicians

    If Oh My God was really an attack on Hinduism it wouldn't have been so wholeheartedly embraced by the entire nation. I've performed the stage version of the story all over the world.


  • Hinduism: Tax Tribunal says donations to Nagpur temple trust exempt from tax

    MUMBAI: "...Lord Shiva, Hanumanji, Goddess Durga does (sic) not represent any particular religion, they are merely regarded to be the super power of the universe....Technically Hindu is neither a religion nor a community." Who said it? Neither an ...


  • Pakistan's minority Hindus feel under attack

    KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) - They came after dusk and chanted into the night sky "Kill the Hindus, kill the children of the Hindus," as they smashed religious icons, ripped golden bangles off women's arms and flashed pistols. It wasn't the first time that ...


  • AYUSH has nothing to do with Hinduism: Mizoram official

    "Yoga is not related with a particular religion, this is just one mental exercise," Dr. Lallunghnema, said. He said that the number of patients taking treatment with AYUSH medicines increase year by year, adding that they are used for treatment of ...


  • ANC KZN wishes Hindus well

    ... darkness in its factual historical context," it said. "We are also exposed to the rich teachings of Hinduism as one of the great religions of the world and in particular the virtue of tolerance." Hindus worldwide celebrate Diwali (the festival of ...


  • Hindu leader greets Egypt's new Coptic pope

    Dialogue helps us to see interconnections and interdependencies between religions and even similarities in doctrines," said Zed, who is president of the Nevada-based Universal Society of Hinduism. He expressed that religions should at least work ...


  • Physical and spiritual cleansing

    THE age-old tradition of "ganga snanam" (oil bath), which has been practised since the beginning of Hinduism, does not only bring spiritual and physical benefits but also emotional bonding with loved ones.


  • Diwali vs Deepavali? What Is the Proper Way to Greet on Diwali?

    Sanskrit is an ancient language of India and the primary liturgical language of Hinduism and a literary and scholarly language in Buddhism and Jainism.


  • Congress adds Hinduism to its religious composition

    Increasingly, Congress reflects the religious diversity of the United States. Preparing for its biennial report of the religious composition of Congress, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life noted today that Hawaiian voters elected the first Hindu ...


  • 'Oh My God', 'Radha'; BJP upset with Bollywood's attacks on Hinduism

    New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj today said she would raise in the forthcoming winter session of Parliament the issue of attacks on Hindu beliefs in Bollywood movies and asked like-minded people from various parties to join ...


  • Explosion in illegal firecracker factory kills 8 in India

    This week tens of millions of Hindus in India and other countries celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, one of the most important on the calendar of Hinduism. The faithful decorate their homes for the occasion with colored lights similar to those ...


  • Hindu Gods in Video Gaming

    Rajan Zed, the president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, claimed to speak on the behalf of Hinduism when he sent out a press release condemning the game shortly after its release earlier this year.


  • That Hindu voodoo

    An Oct. 10 article reports on seven parents and their lawyer (of course) who claim the Ashtanga Yoga offered elementary school kids is indoctrinating them in the religious practice of Hinduism ("Parents upset about school yoga program"). One parent ...


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