Friday, November 2, 2012

Hell on wheels season 3 on hold

  • 'Hell on Wheels': Showrunner exits, putting season 3 renewal on hold

    Hell on Wheels may be spinning its wheels for a little while. John Shiban, the showrunner of AMC's birth-of-the-transcontinental railroad drama, has stepped down, prompting the network to put Monday's third-season renewal on hold, at least temporarily, ...

  • 'Hell on Wheels' Renewed for Season 3

    Despite the audience drop-off between seasons, Hell on Wheels managed to hold onto a sizable (and increasingly loyal) viewership.

  • News Briefs: USA Cancels Fairly Legal

    It seems like it was just a few days ago that AMC renewed Hell on wheels for a third season, and that's because it was just a few days ago.

  • Tuned In: Fitness fanatic's slip lands him on TV

    Pittsburgher Matt Scoletti, a fitness fanatic, thought he was just recording another video for his website three months ago, but it turned into a springboard to fame -- a slightly embarrassing fame though it turns out to be. Mr ...

  • Ball Don't Lie's 2012-13 NBA Season Previews: The Washington Wizards

    Washington's season is on hold until Wall returns, most likely in late November, and the team will be treading water as he uneasily works his way back from both a worrisome knee injury, and a frustrating second season that saw the point guard ...

  • 10 Things we learned

    Delusion is a hell of a drug. It's amazing what kind of potion can be created when delusion is mixed with blind loyalty.

  • Encouraging ratings start for NBC in new season

    It's early, but the Nielsen company said Tuesday that NBC is the only one of the four major networks with bigger audiences during the first two weeks of the season than last season. Sunday night football and "The ... You know, like you promote the hell ...

  • Supernatural: People who don't need people

    Kevin is relieved that she's okay - until Dean points out that Mailman Carl has filled the box three times since they've been sitting there.

  • Something to Believe In

    Seahawks, Jets, Rams, Bills. They could be 7-2 also. Week 11 also happens to be the first week of flex scheduling. But there's a problem.

  • Maybin: Coples 'Deserves' That Extra Half-Sack

    And Maybin, who's been searching for his first sack of the season after racking up six sacks in his third NFL season last year, was also upbeat despite having lost that half sack that he had for about three days. "Quinton had a hell of a game. He ...

  • NBA Preview: Charlotte Bobcats

    3) Where does the offense come from? They should be ... He played well in the regular season for the Lakers last year, but it was his first ever playoff experience and he seemed overwhelmed by that stage.

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