Saturday, November 3, 2012

Governor andrew cuomo

  • Christie Rations Gas Purchases as Cuomo Deploys Trucks

    Governor Chris Christie ordered rationing of gasoline sales in 12 New Jersey counties while Governor Andrew Cuomo deployed temporary fuel trucks around New York to help reduce miles-long lines at filling stations.

  • Power, subway service, gas slowly make way back to N.Y.

    Andrew Cuomo said 80% of New York City subway service had been restored "from what was horrendous damage," the worst in the system's more than 100-year history.

  • Manhattan Gets Power Back Post-Sandy as Subway Service Expands

    Most Manhattan customers got electricity back as of today, five days after the storm struck, Governor Andrew Cuomo said. Almost 30 million gallons (114 million liters) of fuel are set for delivery to the area in coming days, on top of the 8 million ...

  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo: New York 'will come back stronger'

    Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York held a press conference to discuss rebuilding New York City infrastructure to prevent the power outages and flooding that occurred as a result of Superstorm Sandy.

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Worries About More Storms Like Sandy

    Thank you Governor Cuomo and ABC News for making the connection between the intensity of this storm and global human-caused climate change.

  • Cuomo: 80 percent of NYC subway service restored

    NEW YORK -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo says about 80 percent of New York City's subway service has been restored. ... New York's governor says the U.S. Department of Defense will set up emergency mobile fuel stations around the New York City metro area.

  • Free mobile fuel stations being set up in NYC area

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo says about 80 percent of New York City's subway service has been restored.More >>. Gov. ... Motorists in 12 northern New Jersey counties will be allowed to buy gasoline just every other day under an order by Gov. Chris Christie that ...

  • Governor Cuomo Declares New York's Greatest Strength Also Its Greatest ...

    Standing at the mouth of the Hugh L. Carey/Brooklyn Batter Tunnel in Lower Manhattan earlier this afternoon, following a tour of the flooding within, Governor Andrew Cuomo gave yet another one of his rousing speeches on the trials of New York under ...

  • Cuomo: Fuel Shortage to Ease as Harbor Reopens

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that fuel shortages in the state should begin to ease soon as tankers begin to make their way into the New York harbor, which was partially reopened Thursday.

  • NY governor: 8M gallons of gasoline delivered

    NEW YORK (AP) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo says 8 million gallons of gas has been delivered in New York. He says another 28 million gallons is on the way.

  • Can Cuomo interfere in storm insurance contracts? Frankel

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - On Wednesday night, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made a startling announcement: Homeowners "will not have to pay" so-called hurricane deductibles when they file insurance claims for damages caused by Sandy.

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declares State of Emergency as Hurricane ...

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declares State of Emergency as Hurricane Sandy barrels through Caribbean, killing 43. Sandy could be 'worst case' superstorm, more powerful than Hurricane Irene; officials will decide Saturday whether to evacuate wide ...

  • Alan S. Chartock: Cuomo will be watching closely

    If you were Gov. Andrew Cuomo, here's what you will be likely to look for once the votes are counted. First and foremost, you will want to look at the results in the close races for the New York State Senate ... If the Republicans should take the ...

  • Governor Cuomo endorses Schreibman in 19th Congressional Race

    ALBANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Governor Andrew Cuomo has endorsed Julian Schreibman, the Democrat in the 19th Congressional Race, just days before Election Day.

  • McLaughlin site features Cuomo pic

    We know lots of Republicans are featuring Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on their campaign materials, but Steve McLaughlin?

  • 600 additional National Guard troops to help restore power in Westchester and ...

    NEW YORK - Governor Andrew Cuomo, Friday, directed the New York National Guard to deploy an additional 600 guardsmen and women to assist in the restoration of the electrical grid in Westchester and Rockland counties.

  • Gov threatens utilities with loss of NY business

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday threatened utility companies' rights to operate in the state if they don't immediately put power restoration work into highest gear.

  • Hurricane Sandy Climate Change: Andrew Cuomo Rightly Raises Global ...

    The unprecedented destruction caused by the "Superstorm" prompted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to acknowledge that the increased frequency of extreme weather is caused by climate change, but his recognition of the challenges it presents did not ...

  • Cuomo: 'No reason to panic' over gas shortages

    Cuomo: 'No reason to panic' over gas shortages. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he's signed an executive order waiving a requirement that fuel tankers register and pay tax before unloading.

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