Monday, November 19, 2012

Gene says when you'll die

  • The gene that may predict the time of day you'll die

    If you carry the gene that causes you to be a late sleeper, you may be more likely to die around dinner time than right after breakfast, researchers say. Photo: Thinkstock/Digital Vision. Do you have an expiration date? A new study that examines the ...

  • Gene predicts time of day that you'll die

    "So there is really a gene that predicts the time of day that you'll die. Not the date, fortunately, but the time of day," said Saper. Lim noted that additional work is needed to determine the mechanisms by which this and other gene variants influence ...

  • Gene Predicts Time Of Death Down To The Hour: Study

    "So there is really a gene that predicts the time of day that you'll die. Not the date, fortunately, but the time of day," said Saper. The Atlantic reports researchers believe their results may be due to the human body reverting to its more natural ...

  • 3 Ways Smart Business People Will Profit Under Obama

    The stock market falls hundreds of points since election day, gun sales soar and this guy says he has "no regrets" (but I'm not believing him, are you?

  • McClellan: Neanderthal holiday approaches

    "If you carry one, you'll never be out of touch." I thought then - and still do - that being out of touch is sometimes a good thing.

  • Miss DC Allyn Rose on her decision to opt for a double mastectomy after Miss ...

    Rose's slow path to choosing the surgery now coincides with another journey she says she never planned on: Competing in the Miss America pageant as this year's Miss District of Columbia.

  • "Record Labels are run by deviants. Moral vacuums in mid-priced suits" - DiS ...

    Then the indie bubble burst, Gene were dropped by Polydor (who would go on to release an unsanctioned Gene greatest hits album so half-arsed that they misspelt the bands' names on the sleeve), limped across the millennium finish line with the well ...

  • Yost's "Scarlet Spider" Finds Himself "In the Midst of Wolves"

    Kaine Parker, the star of Marvel Comics' "Scarlet Spider" series, may be a genetic clone of Peter Parker, but that doesn't mean he wanted to follow in his "brother's" footsteps and become a costumed hero.

  • My Dinner With Jennifer

    But meet her for dinner, and you'll quickly learn the truth—she's a lightweight. After a single glass of wine, she's starting to feel tipsy.

  • Why now is a better time than ever to be aging

    So if you're now in your 50s or beyond, you're much more likely to be on this side of the ground compared to 100 years ago.

  • Derek Dooley Fired: How Did Tennessee Have a Worse Season Than Auburn?

    What can be predicted, however, is that head coach Gene Chizik will have fans and program insiders calling for his job. Even after he delivered the 2011 BCS National ... As for why, start out by cutting Dooley some slack. Then you'll get to the core ...

  • A Toast To Building Better Beer Bubbles Through Chemistry

    You'll be seeing more of this white foamy stuff on top of the beers of the future, thanks to a recent genetic discovery.

  • City's Nelson has grown up on the court

    "Whether she wanted to or not, she'd be included, she'd be in there," said the girls' father, Gene Nelson.

  • List 19: Shop Local in Edgewater/Andersonville This Holiday Season

    Green Genes, 5111 N Clark St - For eco-friendly (but also darn cute) clothes, toys and baby gear. For foodies. The Wooden ... Windy Knitty, 5653 N Clark St - Buy a knitter some yarn you like, and if you are lucky you'll get a scarf in return. Sifu ...

  • Girlfriends' weekend feeds the soul

    "I say, 'I'll take you to the doctor and get surgery, but you'll need to heal yourself, too, because I can get along without you.

  • Alabama-Auburn game carries national title implications for 5th straight season

    The slide has raised speculation about coach Gene Chizik's job security. Auburn President Jay Gogue has said he'll evaluate the program after the season.

  • My baby fought for her life – and saved mine

    And he said 'no, I'm really sorry. Your aorta is dissecting'." It transpired that Clare's aorta - the main artery that pumps blood away from the heart - had a tear, "and if it erupts, you'll die instantly," she says. "He didn't tell me that, he just ...

  • Don't feed the trolls: Here, have this thanks

    This is a genetic response to generations of Thanksgiving anticipation and happily requited hunger. This is especially ... When the "amen"s have been said, the attack is launched. To attempt to ... Stick with what you can handle and you'll make it home ...

  • Gene That Determines If You're A Night Owl Or An Early Bird Also Makes A ...

    It may help researchers predict what time you're going to die, like a gypsy made of DNA. Andrew Lim, an ... The gene doesn't let you predict what day you'll die, though - unfortunately, you'll still need the services of an unsettling carnie for that ...

  • Boosting your health en route

    Deep venous thrombosis is much less likely to occur in young, fit people, Patel says, unless they're in the 1 percent of the population that have a genetic predisposition toward more clotting in their blood. Your feet tend to swell when you're sitting ...

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