Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Funny videos

  • DSLR Gear No Idea: Videos Poking Fun at Clueless DSLR Users

    Sony Australia is trying its hand at some viral marketing for its mirrorless cameras. The company has created a YouTube account called DSLR Gear No Idea, which contains a number of very short videos that poke fun at clueless DSLR users. The description ...


  • Why Doesn't MTV Play Music Videos Anymore? - Funny Video Explains

    MTV doesn't play music videos anymore. This is nothing new, and yet people still complain about it. Personally, I can't imagine that MTV would play videos for music I listen to these days even if they did play videos day in and day out as they once did ...


  • 'America's Funniest Home Videos' celebrate 500th episode

    From dad's being hit in the groin, to kids falling on their faces, to pets acting out, "America's Funniest Home Videos" has viewers laughing it up every Sunday night. Executive Producer Vin Di Bona has been there from the beginning. He readily admits ...


  • Herding Cats: How YouTube Processes 72 Hours of Video in 1 Minute

    People searching for a video aren't necessarily specific enough, either. So Goodrow's team uses the search algorithms to try and match the query contextually to the video.


  • One Direction Fans React to "Little Things" Video...SO Funny! (CLICKWORTHY!)

    ... Acceptance Videos, Plus 1D Gets the Giggles! Nov 12th 2012 9:08AM · One Direction 2012 MTV EMAs Acceptance Videos, Plus 1D Gets the Giggles! Nov 12th 2012 9:08AM Check out the One Direction 2012 MTV EMAs acceptance videos! ... Read More » ...


  • Funny videos: 'The Simpsons', 'Assassin's Creed 3', Halloween, more

    Recommend 0. Tweet 5 · Tweet. 0. Submit · Email this story. Watch below a collection of all the best viral videos that have appeared on Digital Spy over the past week. Learn more about each video by clicking on the title above the clip: 1. Animals play ...


  • Video - Salman Khan is back with Dabangg 2 trailer

    Going by the trailer, Dabangg 2 promises more style, more romance, more fun, and for Chulbul more laws and jaws to break. There's romance, too, as Salman Khan is spotted flirting with Sonakshi Sinha, who plays Chulbul's wife.


  • Top 5 Videos of the 2012 Election

    While not as funny as the other videos on this list, particularly if you aren't familiar with the Dollar Shave Club video Crossroads Generation was spoofing, this was hands down best video created by a Republican or conservative organization this ...


  • Boys Like Girls Discuss 'Crazy World,' Apocalyptic Music Video + How Gotye's ...

    Then finally in the end, they meet up. It's a cool concept. We've never gone so conceptual with a video, with a story like that.


  • You've got to be KID-ding! Send us funny kid videos

    Let's face it, moms: Kids say and do wild, wacky and wonderful things as they make their way in the world. TODAY wants to see your funniest clips. Send in your videos below. And remember, safety first! Also, please tell us info about you and your children.


  • Operation Christmas Child

    It's funny here's a green Christmas too needy children all around the world operation Christmas child as a project of samaritans purse led by reverend Franklin Graham and this year.


  • DVD REVIEW: "The Doctor's Wife" is a delightful little gem from Australia | VIDEO

    Jonathan Duffy and his "Shameless Self Promotion" videos are a hoot, but you know what? He's incredibly talented, witty and funny, and his documentary about his life as Click "The Doctor's Wife" in rural Australia is bound to become a cult classic. The ...


  • Slap-schtick keeps hitting funny bone

    Vin Di Bona. 'AFV' exec producer Vin Di Bona. Di Bona on location at Disneyland's Cars Land. Twenty-three seasons in, "America's Funniest Home Videos" executive producer Vin Di Bona has a crystal clear vision of who his audience is and what it wants.


  • Comedians go for laughs in The Funny Pit

    The comedy series, described as "TMZ meets America's Funniest Home Videos meets Just for Laughs," airs Sundays on YTV.


  • Tennis Players Who Are Fun to Watch on Court

    After the special on Djokovic's funny moments on camera, this slideshow focuses on the funny moments from other tennis players captured on video. These are the moments that bring in a bit of laughter around the court and make the players relax for a ...


  • Funny, entertaining and sometimes newsy videos

    Lady-about-town Kim Kardashian was seen trying on costumes in preparation for Halloween. The famed famous person is known by those who pay attention to her for enjoying costume wearing.


  • Watch: Mitt Romney Sings A Celebratory Concession Speech In This Funny Video

    Obama supporters have the "U Can't Touch This" Obama dub to enjoy in celebration of the President's election victory, but what can the Romney supporters watch to ease their pain as they accept the loss?


  • Spoof Shows How Videos Will Go Viral (or 'Buyral') in the Future With ...

    Overall, Buzzfeed wrote of the video, "Yeah, it's funny, and it's also very sad, because it's a direct hit on the Zeitgeist of the desperate digital ad world.


  • Best Sloth Videos Ever: Funny And Cute Clips Of The World's Slowest Mammal

    Whether you celebrate sloths on October 20th, November 16th, or every single day of the year, our favorite sloth videos below will let you enjoy them any time.


  • Video: Princess Leia meets the Disney princesses

    Most of them are funny, if you're in the right mood. In this one, Princess Leia meets the Disney princesses. In the Funny or Die video below, watch a trailer for Disney's Star Wars 7: A Sock Puppet Musical. Leaked Disney Star Wars 7 Trailer - watch ...


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