Saturday, November 17, 2012

Funny pictures

  • Beyonce, Jay-Z Stealth Shot Fail Is All Kinds Of Funny (PHOTO)

    Our favorite part of this is the matching arm-bands and necklace. (Via <a href="

  • The 15 Funniest Pictures of Sofia Vergara

    It's no surprise that Sofia Vergara is one of the most famous actresses in the world right now. After all, she's on the biggest comedy hit on television.

  • Let's Celebrate Colorado And Washington Legalizing Marijuana

    Let's Celebrate Colorado And Washington Legalizing Marijuana With Funny Pictures, Shall We? Written by RoboPanda - 11.07.12.

  • i can has cheezburger

    For years, those in the know have flocked to one site to get their daily fix of funny pictures of cats. There's plenty of contenders for the crown, but the king of such sites, I Can Has Cheezburger, has long since left its rivals in the dust in the ...

  • Seattle humor network, built with funny cat pictures, becomes a reality TV show

    A small Internet empire with a funny name has billions of page views on its network of 60 humor websites based in Seattle. Now, I Can Has Cheezburger has a reality TV show too.

  • Funny Pictures Of The Week

    See all the <a href="

  • Will Young 'Funny Peculiar: The Autobiography' Book Signing Pictures

    Will Young during Will Young Funny Peculiar: The Autobiography book signing at WHSmith in Milton. Will Young during Will Young "Funny Peculiar: The Autobiography" book signing at WHSmith in Milton Keynes.Picture copyright by Landmark / PR Photos.

  • World's Funniest Signs (PHOTOS)

    Snapping pictures of funny signs seen while traveling is a favorite pastime for many travelers. We've all come across these gems: a miswritten translation; an unusual warning; or an illustration that just doesn't seem right.

  • How do picture books make toddlers laugh?

    How do we know what makes toddlers laugh? A lot of picture books expect very young children to find things like a big splash, a loud noise or a vivid picture of someone getting hurt funny. Does a child who hasn't experienced these things in real life ...

  • Pictures from my Camera.......(where are they-lol)

    Funny thing-I cant find for the life of me, when I plug my gnex into usb, I cant find the file folder all my pics are in.

  • ON THE WEB: Does your business meme?

    If you think about it, that's what these various funny pictures, videos and images do: They spread from person to person throughout the web.

  • Funny Wedding Photos: 21 Epic Photobombs (PHOTOS)

    Everything about your wedding is supposed to be perfect... which is exactly why it's so funny to photobomb wedding pictures. We've already treated you to Big Day photo gags here, here, and here, but this time we asked our readers to send in their best ...

  • President Obama and McKayla Maroney pose for 'not impressed' picture

    People began circulating the picture with the caption: "McKayla is not impressed." "I think it's really funny. At first, I was really confused and I couldn't believe that just from making that face for two seconds it could turn into that, but I guess ...

  • Funny Pictures: Not Always Funny On Second Glance

    Reader Justin sent us this picture of a comically overpriced microSD card on the shelf at Best Buy. Oh, this storage device is overpriced by $310!

  • Lolcat: Teh Exhibishun (sic) – picture preview

    The exhibition press release says (and I couldn't agree more) that "our appetite for these images –funny, fascinating and often downright bizarre- has always been insatiable".

  • Funny girl

    In person, Isla Fisher is even tinier than she seems on screen or in pictures next to her husband Sacha Baron Cohen, the British comedian better known as Borat.

  • TV's Funniest Family Adopts Marines for Thanksgiving

    TV's Funniest Family Adopts Marines for Thanksgiving. November 16, 2012 By Tony Rossi 3 Comments. A few weeks ago I posted pictures from an upcoming episode of "The Middle" which featured two real-life Marines portraying Marines on the show.

  • Quirky App Of The Day: Funny Faces Camera Brings Chaos To Photos

    Funny Face Camera plays a preselected sound when you push the button to take the picture. The goal is to get people to either have a genuine smile because of the ridiculous sound or a confused look on their face because your camera might be possessed.

  • Chris Baker takes pics of sleeping Redskins

    On the flight back from the Tampa Bay game a few weeks ago, Chris Baker thought it would be funny to tweet pictures of his sleeping Redskins teammates.

  • 'The Jackals Are Coming', Funny Pictures of Kim Jae Joong Revealed!

    'The Jackals Are Coming', Funny Pictures of Kim Jae Joong Revealed! Kim Jae Joong revealed that silly sides of him that he has never shown anyone before will be revealed through his movie 'The Jackals are Coming' releasing in November, arousing ...

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