Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fiscal cliff

  • "Fiscal cliff" talks stalled for now but progress possible

    Closing the gap that quickly, which in Washington is referred to as going over a "fiscal cliff," could easily trigger a recession.

  • Fiscal Cliff Isn't Only Factor in Dollar Trade

    With Congress returning from a Thanksgiving break this week, negotiations on avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff in the U.S.

  • Durbin: Reason for fiscal cliff optimism

    Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said on Sunday there was reason for optimism about the prospect of bipartisan deal to avert the fiscal cliff, but insisted that tax rates should rise on the wealthiest Americans and that Social Security should ...

  • Checklist to see if 'fiscal cliff' deal rings true

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama and leaders of the lame-duck Congress may be just weeks away from shaking hands on a deal to avert the dreaded "fiscal cliff." So it's natural to wonder: If they announce a bipartisan package promising to curb ...

  • Fiscal cliff may make rich consumers cut back

    10:38AM EST November 25. 2012 - Upper-income consumers may trim their spending as much as their trees this holiday, making retail's critical season a casualty of the fiscal cliff. New research by Gallup finds households earning more than $90,000 a year ...

  • Fiscal Cliff Talks Could Spark Stock Market Volatility

    President Barack Obama and U.S. congressional leaders are expected to discuss ways to reduce the budget deficit and avoid the "fiscal cliff" of automatic tax increases and spending cuts in 2013 that could tip the economy into recession. As politicians ...

  • Five reasons America won't fall off the 'fiscal cliff'

    Washington isn't likely to take the country over the dreaded "fiscal cliff." Even a capital city as deadlocked and dysfunctional as Washington has been in recent years is not likely to risk a move that has so many economic and political ramifications ...

  • Cliff Talks Will Yield Deficit-Reduction Plan, Lawmakers Say

    By Eric Morath. A group of veteran lawmakers expressed confidence Sunday that Washington will avoid the fiscal cliff, but they said negotiations are more likely to yield a deficit-reduction blueprint rather than a grand compromise.

  • Fiscal cliff a slippery slope

    First, as many have said, the cliff is really a slope. At year's end, the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 automatically expire, and a deliberately brainless process of sequestration starts to cut public spending.

  • 'Fiscal cliff' talks loom over Wall Street

    Holiday shopping could be a bright spot for the stock market, but both could soon stall if lawmakers don't make progress on the "fiscal cliff" when they return in the coming week. Congressional leaders and President Barack Obama have said they expect ...

  • Talks on 'climate fiscal cliff'

    Borrowing a buzzword from the U.S. budget debate, Tim Gore of the British charity Oxfam said developing countries, including island nations for whom rising sea levels pose a threat to their existence, stand before a "climate fiscal cliff." "So what we ...

  • Sen. Graham ready to 'violate' anti-tax pledge for 'fiscal cliff' deal

    Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday said he is ready to violate conservative activist Grover Norquist's anti-tax pledge to reach a deal to avoid the looming "fiscal cliff." "I will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country ...

  • Fiscal cliff negotiators are facing high hurdles

    For many economists, corporate leaders and politicians, it's unconscionable to let the government veer over the "fiscal cliff," which could drain $500 billion from the still-struggling economy next year. But even President Barack Obama says it could ...

  • Everything's on the table - and the line - during fiscal cliff negotiations

    (CNN) - Lawmakers from both the House and Senate said Sunday all options must be considered during fiscal cliff negotiations, as both parties work to try to avoid an economic crisis.

  • Stockholders should prepare for fiscal cliff

    The fiscal cliff is the one-two punch of tax increases and spending cuts set to kick in automatically on Jan. 1 unless a Congress can agree on a deal to minimize the damage that the $600 billion fiscal drag will inflict on the economy.

  • US Fiscal Cliff: No More than Juggling with Tax Expenditures By Henry D'Souza

    Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke coined the term "fiscal cliff" in 2012 and Robert Rubin, 1 who served under Clinton's two Administrations as Secretary of State, and was a Wall Street man explained that "fiscal cliff" referred to spending ...

  • US Spending, Investment Probably Cooled as Fiscal Cliff Stems Growth

    Consumer spending probably cooled in October and business investment dropped, showing how superstorm Sandy and the looming fiscal cliff are hindering U.S. growth at the end of 2012, economists said before reports this week. Household purchases rose ...

  • Can the US economy endure the fiscal cliff?

    Still, the U.S. economy faces some big headwinds. The fiscal cliff will occupy legislators and the president until the Christmas break.

  • Fiscal cliff, Europe in focus for coming week

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Negotiations by U.S. lawmakers on how to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff and a renewed interest in Europe will command the attention of investors in the coming week.

  • Trigger Mechanisms To Avoid the Fiscal Cliff? You're Kidding, Right?

    When he meets with Congressional leaders this Friday to begin discussions about avoiding the upcoming "fiscal cliff," the President should make crystal clear that America faces two big economic challenges ahead: getting the economy back on track, and ...

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