Monday, November 26, 2012

Fireman ed

  • Fireman Ed Quits: Jets Superfan Resigns, Cites Fan Behavior Not Mark Sanchez

    Fireman Ed, the Gang Green superfan who led the "J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!" chant during games in the Meadowlands, has hung up his helmet.

  • Fireman Ed resigns as Jets unofficial mascot

    2012 - In a great loss for bored cameramen, people too drunk to remember how to spell "jets" and producers of puff pieces for NFL pregame shows, New York Jets superfan Fireman Ed has resigned from his position as a guy who wears his fireman helmet ...

  • Fireman Ed hanging up his Jets helmet

    "Fireman" Ed Anzalone, known for leading the "J-E-T-S" chants at home games, announced he no longer will lead the chants at games or play the role of "Fireman Ed." The move is not because of the Jets' struggles, but because of increased confrontations ...

  • Fireman Ed quits as New York Jets' unofficial mascot

    In a guest column for Metro New York, Fireman Ed -- real name: Ed Anzalone -- explained that confrontations with fans at MetLife Stadium, not the Jets' epic struggles during a blowout loss to the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving night, led to his ...

  • 1 Jets fan 'Fireman Ed' flames out, announces retirement

    Ed Anzalone, better known as Fireman Ed, has announced that he is retiring his role as the face of Gang Green fandom. For years, Anzalone has attended every home game, often leading the fans in chants of "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.

  • Jets hit new low as superfan 'Fireman Ed' quits his beloved team for season

    The Jets' most attention-seeking fan, "Fireman Ed", aka former New York firefighter Ed Anzalone, used 275 words to do essentially the same thing.

  • Fireman Ed Stepping Down Speaks Volumes on Current State of J-E-T-S

    Fans of the New York Jets no doubt thought that they had finally, mercifully hit rock bottom during Thanksgiving night's humiliation at the hands of the hated New England Patriots, but it turns out there's even more humiliation.

  • Farewell to Fireman Ed

    "The stadium has become divided because of the quarterback controversy," the Fireman formerly known as Ed wrote.

  • Fireman Ed steps away from spotlight of being Jets' top fan

    Just call him Ed. Fireman Ed, the Jets' most high-profile fan who would turn up on gamedays in the Meadowlands wearing a fireman's hat and lead fans in the stadium in a cacophony of "J-E-T-S", has resigned.

  • Ed Anzalone quitting as 'Fireman Ed,' will remain Jets fan

    How bad has this season for the New York Jets? So bad that it convinced Ed Anzalone, aka "Fireman Ed," to step away from his post as a fan leader for the team.

  • Fireman Ed will no longer play team's mascot

    For 26 years now, Ed Anzalone has gotten transformed eight Sundays out of the year into "Fireman Ed," the most iconic football fan in the nation.

  • Fireman Ed to turn in his hat, pens resignation letter

    Somehow it made news on Thanksgiving when noted Jets fan Ed Anzalone -- you might know him better as Fireman Ed, the guy who leads the J-E-T-S chants -- left the Patriots destruction of New York before the end of the game.

  • Fireman Ed hanging up helmet

    Ed Anzalone -- the Jets' most recognizable fan -- said his decision to leave Thursday night's 49-19 blowout loss to New England at halftime had nothing to do with the lopsided score.

  • 'Fireman' Ed hangs up his hat

    In a guest column at the Metro, Ed Anzalone -- better known as "Fireman" Ed -- wrote that he is retiring his superfan persona and will no longer be leading the crowd in his trademark "J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS" chant -- the same chant that has delighted ...

  • Jets' "Fireman Ed" Resigns......From Something He Wasn't Hired To Be

    Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE. In maybe the funniest news around the mess that is the New York Jets franchise, unofficial mascot, and former Miami Dolphins fan, Fireman Ed has decided to "resign" from his "role" with the team. Edwin Anzalone has decided ...

  • Wizards fan breaks up with team, shows Fireman Ed how it's done

    The biggest story on this Monday after Thanksgiving (we refuse to call it "Cyber Monday," because seriously), at least according to our corner of the Internet, is Fireman Ed stepping away from his role as unofficial mascot of the New York Jets. Some ...

  • Has Fireman Ed had enough with the Jets?

    Simon Samano, USA TODAY SportsShare. Comments. 2012-11-23-jets-firemaned2. Fireman Ed, a fixture at Jets games, leads his signature "J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets Jets!

  • Ed Anzalone to Stop Attending Jets Games as 'Fireman Ed' Due to ...

    While it wasn't the unflattering score that caused Fireman Ed to leave the game, it seems like other Jets fans have extinguished the most passionate fan of a 4-7 team in history.

  • Unruly New York Jets Fans Even Managing to Run Off "Fireman Ed"

    Unruly New York Jets Fans Even Managing to Run Off "Fireman Ed". As a New Jersey born Georgian, I have my share of clashes of culture here in the south's empire state.

  • Fireman Ed Quits: Iconic Jets Fan Hangs Up His Helmet

    Fireman Ed quits, giving the New York Jets an odd punctuation to a disappointing season. For years, Fireman Ed has been the most visible - and vocal - Jets fan, leading the entire stadium in chants of J-E-T-S Jets!

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