Monday, November 26, 2012

Fireman ed letter

  • Fireman Ed to turn in his hat, pens resignation letter

    Somehow it made news on Thanksgiving when noted Jets fan Ed Anzalone -- you might know him better as Fireman Ed, the guy who leads the J-E-T-S chants -- left the Patriots destruction of New York before the end of the game.

  • Even Fireman Have Quit Cheering for the Jets

    The Jets are so bad that Fireman Ed, a lonely old man who looks for acceptance by rooting for fully grown men louder than the rest of the lonely old men, has quit being an official rooter, because of the "nastiness" from other fans.

  • Guest Column: 'Fireman' Ed steps away, but not as fan

    Fireman Ed has been wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey this season instead of his usual No. 42. More about Jets · Fireman Ed will no longer play team's ... Send 100-word submissions to More about Jets , Fireman Ed , Ed Anzalone · Tweet ...

  • BRIEFLY: Nov. 24

    There are now bracelets for different professions, including nurses, doctors, policemen, firemen, expectant moms, teachers, mothers of children and infants, hospital workers and more.

  • OP-ED: 11 Days and 9 Letters

    The Fireman's Community Center was set up as a warming center, so residents could come in from the cold, have a hot cup of coffee and, in some instances, a meal.

  • This Week in Flagstaff History: Freight train boiler blowup killed three

    27, an eastbound extra freight train, exploded her boiler about 3 miles west of Ash Fork, killing Engineer Schroeder, Fireman Long and Head Brakeman Trapp. Their frightfully mangled bodies were found 200 yards away. The 56-ton Tarantuid-design ...

  • Selectmen Approve Purchase of New Fire Department Car

    First Selectman Ed Edelson opened by noting that the town's critical facilities had survived Hurricane Sandy without any major incident, aside from a temporary break in service at Pomperaug Woods and Heritage Village Water's sewage treatment plant.

  • BRIEFLY: Nov. 7

    Ed Hardy has been friends with Rinpoche since they met in July 2007 in Madison, Wis., at a teaching of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

  • UPDATE 6:30PM: Power Restoration Continues To Progress Slowly

    Vanity plates (or all letters) are considered odd. VOTING INFORMATION FROM THE SUMMIT CITY CLERK'S ... THE RED CROSS: Since "minute one" of this event, the New Jersey Crossroads Chapter of the American Red Cross, based in Summit has been involved in ...

  • BRIEFLY: Nov. 3

    Editorials · Opinion Columns · Letters · Jam Session · High School Sports · Youth Sports · Adult Sports · Patriots · NFL · Red Sox · Bruins · Celtics · College Football · College Basketball · Faith · Food & Dining · Gardening · Health & Support ...

  • BENNETT: Today Will Tell the Tale!

    This election reminds me of the Ed Rendell tenure. 7 out of 8 ..... He can finally show his flexibility toward the Russians, additional strongly worded letters to Iran until they launch a Nuc, Syria will dispense chemical weapons (wonder where they ...

  • Insurance Companies Must Show "Substantial Prejudice" to Deny Claims for a ...

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