Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eye makeup ideas

  • Makeup Tips To Get Soft Pretty Eyes

    There was a time when pretty ladies would make their men swoon just by batting their pretty little eyelids. However, the whole concept of being a 'pretty little thing' has gone out of fashion now.


  • Pre Fall Makeup Tips

    Fall makeup ideas won't be complete without the mention of eye shadow. 2012 fall brings back the smokey eyes. The trick is to use eye-catching and bold eye-shadows in addition to the normal smoky eyes. Experiment with teal, blue, silver and gray colors.


  • Helpful tips to buy the perfect holiday gifts

    Makeup is also a great gift; nail polish, eye shadow, lip gloss, makeup bags and brushes will most likely be well-received.



    Makeup artist/blogger Tanya Burr, also created a gorgeous festive look with MIC's Millie Mackintosh recently, to access the video you can visit Tanya's Youtube Channel or Millie's blog.


  • Make-up tips for the party season

    A little shimmer eye shadow dabbed on to your eyelids will open up your eyes and make them sparkle - the fine glitter in Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadows, £19.50, is really flattering. A highlighter pen such as the classic YSL Touche Éclat, £25, is ...


  • OPI, The Beauty Department And More To Follow On Pinterest This Week ...

    <a href="http://pinterest.com/tbdofficial/">The Beauty Department</a>: While The Beauty Department has tons of great boards (like "<a href="http://pinterest.


  • Chris Stamp

    But when Chris Stamp first set eyes on The Who (then called the High Numbers), he was still a small-time assistant director.


  • November Soundtrack Picks

    It's more than enough material to fill four CD's in this terrific box set salute to Schifrin's 80th birthday, hours in which styles slam into each other with no rhyme or reason other than to dazzle listeners with the kind of prolific creativity that ...


  • Grace Coddington Gives Inside Look at Vogue in Memoir

    ... of Vogue magazine. Although Anna Wintour, the magazine's editor in chief, appears at first to be the main subject, the film is hijacked by the feisty, grousing Ms. Coddington, Vogue's creative director, who is seen fighting hard for her own ideas ...


  • How I Learned to Love Neutral Makeup

    My love affair with makeup started in the early 2000s. Buying and applying makeup was a sport. I'd go to the makeup counter after school and lust over the colors, even though I couldn't afford a single one. I'd scour makeup forums for tips and ideas ...


  • Top ten holiday gifts from

    Makeover Lesson: Everyone needs new ideas occasionally. And why not start the new year with an updated look. Let the talented makeup artists of About Face guide you through a lesson with new tricks and tips to hide jowls, under eye circles, wrinkles, ...


  • Text Santa merchandise

    Here are some more ideas. Buy a Hat! The official Text Santa hat is available at your local Asda store. This year there are six eye-catching designs available to buy; a £1 Text Santa hat, a £2 flashing Text Santa hat, 3 different £1 hats for kids, and ...


  • 2012-11-26T23:52:00Z Scoreboard: Prep football The Billings Gazette

    Note: The Western and Eastern divisions make up the Red Team, while the North and South divisions make up the Blue Team.


  • 15 Expert Tips on Fashion and Beauty

    We love to hear from the experts because they always have so many ideas about expressing yourself through your personal style.


  • Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Elizabeth Taylor Inspired Cleopatra

    Watch our presenter Georgie Barrat get a Cleopatra makeover with tips on how to get that iconic eye makeup on point with the right shade of blue, whether you want to go up to the brows or not and that tricky dense eyeliner.


  • Review: Halo 4 (Campaign)

    Somehow, either through magic or science, they've managed to distil the best features of the previous games and combine them with their own fresh ideas. The first thing .... New additions to the game more than make up for a not so flawless AI, and for ...


  • The viral storm: the dawn of a new pandemic age | book review

    Several photographs added nothing of value to the story and at least one overtly detracted -- a blonde female scientist, surrounded by a small crowd of male admirers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, applying make-up whilst peering into a motorbike ...


  • The family-owned business: dream vs. reality

    The idea is simple; the problem, ever-present. People have dogs that produce waste that owners don't want to ... They range from behemoths like Walmart, Ford, Mars and Marriott to small businesses with less than 500 employees, which make up the vast ...


  • Last-minute Halloween makeup tips

    Kristi Beaman, owner of Studio B Salon, joined The Rhode Show to demonstrate application ideas to try just by going into your makeup bag. What was used on ... Child Model: Kitten- Using only black eyeliner, red lipstick, and white eye shadow. - Woman ...


  • Fear and the Fiscal Cliff

    Fear has been a part of our makeup since we began. It saves us when we have a sixth sense of danger ahead and the ... True strength in a relationship, and in politics, is shown in the capacity to look those fears straight in the eye, and to choose a ...


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