Sunday, November 18, 2012

Extreme weather

  • Extreme Weather: The Maya and Us

    Sandy represented extreme weather conditions that crippled the emergency response facilities of the government-- nationally and locally.

  • Tread carefully in linking extreme weather to the climate crisis

    Many climate advocates hope that the recent bout of extreme weather will awaken Americans to the dangers of climate change.

  • Cuomo On Climate Change: 'Extreme Weather Is The New Normal'

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, reacting to the destruction caused by Superstorm Sandy, penned an op-ed in Thursday's Daily News calling for more preparedness in a "new age of extreme weather." Titled, "We Will Lead On Climate Change," Cuomo's ...

  • Extreme Weather Hits Poor, Middle Class in US the Hardest

    In affected areas of U.S. states hit by five or more extreme weather events in the last two years, the median annual household income was a bit over $48,000, or 7 percent below the national median, according to the report by the Center for American ...

  • Bureau of Meteorology under fire after a weekend of wild weather and storms in ...

    THE Federal Government was warned a year ago the Bureau of Meteorology was "at the limit of its human capacity" to provide an extreme weather forecasting and warning service. But it has so far provided less than $5 million in this year's Budget to ...

  • Extreme weather ends Europe's cheap-wine era

    In the U.K., the country's largest vineyard, Nyetimber, decided to totally scrap this year's harvest because of extreme weather conditions. That was the first time the vineyard has made the decision to skip a full-year's harvest and winemaker Cherie ...

  • Al Gore on Climate Change, Extreme Weather and Keystone XL

    I think it definitely is a time when more and more people are focused on the extreme weather that has disrupted so many lives.

  • The Best Defense Against Extreme Weather: Live in a Rich Country

    As cleanup and repair work begins in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the link between climate change and extreme weather events is back in the spotlight.

  • The Safest Place for Extreme Weather: Sustainable Stocks

    However, now's the time to heed warnings, get ahead of the market's turn toward more sustainable practices, and shelter your portfolio from extreme weather. No one weather event. As the debate over global warming and then climate change has developed ...

  • Heavy Weather: How Climate Destruction Harms Middle- and Lower-Income ...

    Unfortunately, Sandy is only the latest in a line of extreme weather events that severely afflicted Americans over the past two years.

  • Extreme weather preceded collapse of Maya civilization

    Decades of extreme weather crippled, and ultimately decimated, first the political culture and later the human population of the ancient Maya, according to a new study by an interdisciplinary team of researchers that includes two University of ...

  • Climate change report: Can US adapt to severe weather Alaskans call normal?

    As temperatures rise, there could be wetter winters in Europe and North America with more extreme weather events. Similar linkages are occurring elsewhere around the globe.

  • ABC News Extreme Weather Team Coverage of Hurricane Sandy on Monday ...

    With the ABC News Extreme Weather Team dispatched up and down the storm zone, ABC News will provide comprehensive coverage of Hurricane Sandy across all broadcasts and platforms.

  • Venice has the battle against extreme weather down to a fine art

    As climate change makes extreme weather more frequent, Venice looks less like a victim of the sea and more like an old survivor that can teach the rest of the world how to live with water.

  • Extreme weather 'new normal'

    Extreme weather sparked by climate change is "the new normal" and Superstorm Sandy that ravaged the US Northeast is a lesson the world must pursue more environmentally friendly policies, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.

  • NTSB final report: Plane broke up in-flight through storms in NE Mississippi

    WTVA reported Thursday that Tracy Shirley, III, 53, of New Castle, Okla. was piloting his single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza BE36 plane through Noxubee County, when he encountered severe weather during the late afternoon on May 31, according to the ...

  • Weather service confirms Sandy churned up record-high waves off NJ, NY coasts

    "It is safe to say that both National Data Buoy locations nearest Sandy Hook, achieved a recent record extreme sea state on top of and probably very close to the time of the record storm tide at Sandy Hook," the NWS said.

  • Extreme Weather Investing Author Has a Tip on How to Trade the Frankenstorm

    Larry Oxley was scheduled to appear this afternoon on Bloomberg Television to discuss his recent book, Extreme Weather and Financial Markets.

  • Extreme weather hits multiple locations

    Extreme weather has been less than extraordinary in recent years, but this past week has been a bit crazier than most would expect.

  • Extreme Weather Photos Of The Week

    Much of the contiguous U.S. is still experiencing drought, but conditions improved slightly in the past week. According to Reuters, about 62.39 percent of the lower 48 states were "experiencing at least 'moderate' drought as of Oct. 16, down from 63.55 ...

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