Wednesday, November 14, 2012


  • Fiscal Cliff Threatens Environmental Protections That Voters Supported

    Americans elected clean energy and clean air champions up and down the ticket last week. Even though oil, gas, and coal companies spent more than $270 million on campaign ads in the past two months, the majority of people rejected their dirty agenda.

  • Report calls for revitalized environmental board

    (AP) - Minnesota must fortify a languishing environmental oversight board and make it easier for the public to follow the review process, according recommendations in a new report produced for Gov.

  • Environmental agencies say soil poses slight risk

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) - Environmental specialists say lead contamination in a Chattanooga neighborhood poses only a slight danger to residents.

  • Environmental Chemicals May Hurt Chances of Pregnancy

    "This suggests that some environmental chemicals might be important for human reproduction, specifically the time it takes couples to get pregnant," said lead researcher Germaine Buck Louis, director of the division of epidemiology, statistics and ...

  • Oregon's Entrepreneur Environment Set to Explode

    In the aftermath of President Obama's historic reelection, the big discussion in Washington D.C. has already shifted to the elephant in the room: the looming battle in congress that will be fought on the precipice of a fiscal cliff.

  • Work slowed for Ecology & Environment, profit suffered

    A steep drop in work on energy-related projects caused Ecology & Environment to lose $946,000 during the fourth quarter, the Lancaster-based environmental services firm said today. The loss stemmed from a 17 percent decline in the company's revenues ...

  • Environment Committee Chair calls for halt to Talvivaara operations

    "Environmental emissions are unacceptable and cannot be justified, no matter what the economic situation of the company is," Korhonen noted, adding that Talvivaara was clearly responsible for compensating damage done.

  • Mangroves under threat from shrimp farms - UN

    Intact mangroves worth more than fish farms. * Mangroves support sealife, slow climate change. * Around a fifth of mangroves lost since 1980.

  • Don't sacrifice environment for GDP growth

    Pursuing GDP growth at the sake of the environment only creates temporary benefits, but will backfire in the long run, says an article on The Crystal, a newspaper based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

  • Global warming talk heats up, revisits carbon tax

    FILE - In this Monday, Jan. 15, 2007 file photo, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore speaks in front of a poster for his documentary film on global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth," during the Japanese premier in Tokyo.

  • Government online surveillance on rise in murky legal environment

    November 14, 2012 - CSO - Google reported Tuesday that government surveillance based on requests for user data is rising steadily worldwide, with the U.S.

  • Canadian dollar rises, risk environment improves

    The Canadian dollar was slightly higher Wednesday with traders willing to take on more risk amid an earnings report from tech bellwether Cisco Systems that showed U.S.

  • Water sales to US won't be on table in upcoming talks, environment minister ...

    Environment and Sustainable Resource Minister Diana McQueen made the comments as she reminded hundreds of locally elected leaders gathered at the Shaw Conference Centre for the Alberta Association of Municipal Counties and Districts convention ...

  • Rabbit indicates environment damage

    Rabbit indicates environment damage. Humans have a direct responsibility to protect the environment, especially when habitats have been destroyed by mankind, an environmental organisation has insisted. Cape Town High level clouds. Mild.

  • Environment the biggest challenge

    The concerns over environment, and the priority to be given to its preservation, were reflected in CPC General Secretary Hu Jintao's opening address to the 18th CPC Congress, where he put as much emphasis on ecological civilization and sustainable ...

  • 'End of story' for both wind farms and Tory green credentials

    Cameron has been canny until now, saying next to nothing on the environment and climate change and cancelling a planned major speech on the issue.

  • Feds: More Arctic oil spill research is needed

    Environmental groups and some Alaska Native groups have opposed offshore drilling in Alaska saying that oil and gas producers are ill-equipped to handle a spill in the Arctic.

  • Isles Tourism Contributes to Environmental Degradation

    TOURISM in Zanzibar contributes to more than 75 per cent of the Islands foreign earning, but environmentalists have raised concern over the role of tourist hotels on the issue of environmental conservation. Local leaders and Community Based ...

  • Newman government gives Planning and Environment Court power to award ...

    But community and green groups say the new legislation will make it harder to fight environmentally sensitive projects in court for fear of being hit with costs if they lose.

  • Spanish Ambassador Honoured for Environmental Protection

    Like the Minister of the Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, Pierre Hele, the Spanish Ambassador said Cameroon and Spain share a lot in common with regards to environmental resources as well as threats and should thus work ...

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